2012 Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed ringing in the New Year!  I am glad to have a fresh start. It kind of feels like a blank page, with the potential to fill it with reflection, gifts, hopes, dreams and wishes.  Do you make resolutions?  I use to, but by Valentine's I have to begin again. I lose my focus a bit, cabin fever usually has gotten the best of me or a seasonal virus.  This year I just want to do more, try a lot of new things here and in my life. What about you?

I received an ornament from my friend, Vicki.  I thought it was so poetic and magical. She mailed me these charms tucked inside, with this note.  Thank you, I love it~

For you:

an angel to watch over you...
A crane for hope...
A heart for love...
A key to open doors...
Stars for wishing...

I loved what she made me, it is so special!  I would like to extend these charms to you, for this year!

And(below) this would be a nice gift for the New Year, too...  One can dream!

* Later, I will share a few other wonderful gifts!
   Happy New  Year~
   I will be back with a poem. Mary prompted us to write a poem reflecting the past year and ringing in a new one~ 


That was a thoughtful gift!
No resolutions, just goals. Two big ones for this year - successful book launch and complete third and final book.
Here's to renewed spirits, Ella!
Wanda said…
Happy New Year Ellie. Thanks for extending these charms to us. May 2012 be your best year yet!
Kay L. Davies said…
What lovely charms and wishes, Ella. What a special friend you have!
I think you're right about the resolutions. I've never made any I was able to keep. Why do we do that to ourselves? Such a waste of time and energy, when all we need to do is meet the opportunities one day at a time.
Wishing you health and happiness,
Luv, K
Unknown said…
Happy New Year and here is to all the possibilities in the universe. I have resolutions, but mostly I just want to start living my life the way I should have a long time ago before catastrophic illness, deaths and other things happened. I want to get on my road again. Hopefully I will.

What beautiful gifts you have received. Your friend is a bright spirit for sure. :)
Ella said…
Melissa-I so can relate to your comments! This is exactly how I feel, a death, alcoholism(not me), all detoured me. Then add marrying a sailor and Type 1 diabetes(1380 bs). Who is the one that gets lost at sea...me! Yes, Cheers to getting back on track, to the road we were meant to be on~ xo

Kay-Thank you, yes, it was so insightful, thoughtful and poetic! I love that, meet the opportunities of day, well said!
I wish you the same, it is a daily battle~xo

Wanda-Cheers! Yes, to the best year, yet! I hope life is treating you well! I'm toasting you ;D

Alex-Yes, it was~ I love your goals. I am so happy to hear a 3rd book! Congrats, you can do it~
Cheers to renewed spirits and a successful New Year! I know a Ninja like you, will make it look effortless~(I know it is not) ;D
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Alway a beautiful new image to enjoy on your site.......love the gift from your friend, very special indeed. Happy New Year, Ellie.
What a lovely post!

Happy new year!
Mary said…
What a beautiful gift your friend gave to you, and how lovely of you to pass it on to us.

Trying new things is a good resolution. I will think on that.
Hi Ella .. Happy New Year - and how lovely to have special things made - charms and poems to be remembered in the days and years ahead. Just wonderful - cheers Hilary
What a lovely gift and a kind thought, I have not mae any resolutions like Alex just goals.

Happy New Year,
Beautiful ornament! Yes, I love that whole fresh start idea of the new year.
Unknown said…
This is a lovely post Ella. I adore that charm gift from your friend. I made resolutions and will do my best to stick to them this year.
Jennifer said…
What a beautiful new years gift. That is def something to keep tucked into our hearts.

I do not make any resolutions, I never seem to stick to them. But one of my traditions is choosing a word for the year. One word I want to focus on and then taking part as that word manifest itself. Last year I choose love. This year I am still not sure of my word, but I think it may be fly.

I also write down all of my dreams, including some of the wildest ones ~ like traveling to Bora Bora. It is nice to let my mind go and dream anything at all. It is even cooler to read back past list and see which of those things that I thought were wild dreams come true.

Wishing you a year filled with laughter and love as you continue on your journey. xoxo
Miranda Hardy said…
Very nice gift. Hope you have a fantastic year.
Happy New Year Ella! I love that "blank page" feeling too. :) I don't really do "resolutions"... more like "Hopes" or "Wishes" for the new year. I know it is basically the same, but that word resolution makes it feel so formal. lol. I hope your 2012 is a fantastic year!
Vicki said…
Hello! Happy New Year. Resolutions never work because people try to make drastic changes. I say take baby steps and treasure each little accomplishment throughout the year. Minor changes are the ones that stick.
LTM said…
those charms and that note are absolutely GORGEOUS! As is your beautiful star in the banner. I hope your holidays were divine, restful, and inspiring. And here's hoping us all the best for 2012! No resolutions necessary~ :o) <3
Jules said…
Happy New Year Ella! I'm right there with you on doing and experiencing more. May 2012 be our year. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
M Pax said…
I love your new header, Ella. And the gift is really special. What a great friend.

Wishing you all success on all the possibilities swirling on the start of this new year.

Happy 2012!
septembermom said…
What a lovely gift! Happy New Year!!
Ella said…
Septembermom-Happy New Year to you n' yours! I loved your gorgeous photo~

M Pax-Thank you; I knew you would love anything to do with stars ;D
Wishing you all the success and magic of new beginnings! Happy New Year!

Jules-Don't forget TP and vodka, essential for ghostbusting, lol
Happy New Year!

Leigh-Thank you I hope yours was filled with magic and stirred your heart! Happy New Year, yes the best for 2012...Cheers!

Vicki-I love your view! I know baby steps work~ Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

Jen-I love you renamed resolutions, so less threatening and more fun! Happy New Year~

Miranda-Thank you; same to you!
Happy New Year~

Jennifer-Nice to see you stop by~
Your blog is filled with so many wonderful views! I'm happy for you~
Hope the journey of 2012 is all you wish it to be and more! Happy New Year~
Ella said…
Wendy-I so hope your achieve them!
Thank you; Happy New Year~

KarenG-Yes,me too! I think fresh snow might arrive tomorrow ;D
Happy New Year!

Yvonne-Goals are great! Happy New Year to you n' yours~

Hilary-Cheers to you and Happy New Year! Yes, we all need to treasure those memories~

Mary-Yes, it is good to try new things, test the waters a bit!
Happy New Year to you n' yours~
Still working on your prompt :D

Madeleine-Thank you and I hope you are off to a great start! Happy New Year~

Sherry-Happy New Year! I hope you will seriously work on that Lulu book :D