Assemblage and more...

Today I had to do a poetry prompt at the Imaginary Garden.  I chose to share another artist's view. Annie Lockhart has taken gathered objects and assembled them into "Objects of Reflection".  I was intrigued, when I saw her art inspired poetry.  She gathers inspiration from flea markets, yard sales, antique store, and more.  Her magic involves glue, Liquid Nails(clear), wire and more.  She uses her intuition to form her pieces, then takes these symbols, and writes poetry.

 I thought this would make an interesting prompt.  I don't have the material to make one, right now. I do hope to gather the necessary elements, the glue and wire and will give it a try. I did create two smaller ones. One uses a whisk and the other I just clipped up with tiny clothespins.  Here is my first attempt:

 I hung pearls and snowflakes from my ceiling fan. One after Christmas find, an ornament with 3 frosted butterflies and a fake crystal on the end. I draped turquoise silk around the butterflies, to reflect the endless blue winter sky.  

Crystalline dust lends magic to undisturbed thought
Soul protects frosted memories
Cocoon dreams tucked in fluffy white blanket
Butterfly kisses lend faith to transformation
Gentle wings lightly lift off
to endure change
Snowflake’s view unique
brilliance arrives
in journey

The other part of the exercise is to make a list, gather a few of your favorite items. A list of 10+ items, then jot down what they symbolize and write a poem.

blue bird-hope
anchor-my soul
feather-my heritage, my plumage
nest-move(I know, sounds horrible, but I have moved a lot)
bird-soar, journey
Admit one ticket-my talent, gift
dried rose-where I grew up
shell-home(guess from being tossed about by the sea, I married a sailor)
Red Cardinal-family that is deceased
green cloth-reflects my view
key-what is essential
whisk-I bent it into hearts(stirred)

Blue bird moves my anchor
from house filled with red feathers
Tatting memories stir my longings for
timeworn, gray wharf and rosy view
green ticket, my key to soar
dreams nested
in an endless sea of detours
heart bends as lost dreams haunt me
Nautilus' journey cryptic
uncharted venture won't tarnish
my house key

Give it a try! You might be a poet and didn't even know it~(my father said this all the time)

It is the first Wednesday of  2012. Every first Wednesday of the month is another installment of  IWSG. Alex Cavanaugh is an author, Ninja, rocker and brain child behind this unique gathering.  It is a wonderful support group mixed with writers who have been published and those who are insecure and losing focus. There is wisdom and support in this insecure gathering. Come by and check it out. YOU can make some new friends and learn you aren't alone in this process.  For me, insecurity comes in waves. I feel good  about I wrote, than an hour later,  I wonder, "What was I thinking?"  I think we have to keep surfing in uncharted waters, to learn,  to develop our sea legs and become better. I am looking into a creative writing course and I need to refresh my grammar. I apologize to those of you who see the errors of my ways!  I know I am weak and need to work on my skills, but it is a process.  A great mind expressed:  we need to learn the rules, then break them.  I am breaking them and don't know it...not cool!
                              “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”
                                                                                         ― Dalai Lama XIV

So, go surf, swim and sink, but once down you will rise back up and find another way!  It takes practice and rules to get us back on track! 


Mama Zen said…
Beautiful response to the Toad prompt!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Your creative mind and eye for detail makes this the perfect writing exercise for you. I love your "blue winter" mobile, and the words are just so very uplifting.
Thank you for introducing us to the art of assemblage.
ah what a brilliant response to your own equally well researched and written prompt! I loved your list and found this one so intriguing - "Admit one ticket-my talent, gift" - the whole idea - the admit one - ah it had me spinning off. and I thought the resulting poem was great too! how artistic a piece this was - your little creation (pictured) is so creative too! nice work!
quite creative, Ella
Ella, no one else is as beautiful with words as you are.
And your physical prompt is much better than the other picture - thus, your words are eloquent and beautiful to match.
Wonderful words, a joy to read.

Wanda said…
I just love the phrases you use like..butterfly kisses lend faith to transformation
Wow. I am so completely impressed with what you created here. Not just the project itself but the gorgeous poem that accompanied it. Like a beautiful breath of the freshest of air.
Liza said…
Fun ideas for prompts for poetry and art. Great job.
Hannah Pratt said…
Love the blue bird with only *one* ticket. Admit one. As if one lover not many. *Or that is what it means to me anyway. It could mean something entirely different to someone else.
Grace said…
Very creative weaving all the things...the endless sea of detours speaks to me.

Lovely post ~ I will see if my muse can take me on this journey ~
Laurie Kolp said…
Ella- I really loved this exercise. Thanks for always stirring our creative juices. Your poem is lovely. I especially like "Tatting memories."
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, love the assemblage and your words like music to my ears, its always a blessing reading your posts. I might just drop by the IWSG I think its a great idea and you all seem very supportive. (My inner critic has been shouting very loud these past few months and I am choosing to ignore her). You stay blessed, Amandax
Mary said…
This is stunning; both the assemblange and the poetry that resulted, Ella.
shelly said…
Very interesting way to write poetry. But I believe all creative people including writers use a degree of intuition.
Jules said…
WOW, Ms. Ella, all I can say WOW! But your talents don't surprise me, they astound me! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Scarlett Clay said…
You know, I could spend days exploring these ideas, I love them all, espcially love seeing the objects you gathered...Your poems are inspiring, full of lovely words and word pictures. I SO want some frosted butterflies!!
I've been teaching grammar (homeschooling) for 11 years and I still don't know all the rules! I do know that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. You are a great writer!! Happy New Year!!

Kay L. Davies said…
What an interesting prompt you presented for us, Ella. I only wish I'd been able to enthuse properly. Making a list was completely beyond me.
I'll tell you how rotten I feel—yesterday my husband finally said I could look into new kitchen cabinets. And I couldn't get up the energy to work on that today, either, after 10 years of wanting to overhaul the kitchen.
Tomorrow, however, is another day. Friday is the day to wash the dog (with doggie spray-cleaner — I'm not putting a 75-lb. Golden into my bathtub in January, even we have had unseasonably mild weather.
hedgewitch said…
Very fun, both to look at and to read. You put your creativity in charge and it didn't let you down.
Marian said…
very nice, ella!
okay, i did not follow the rules at all.
maybe i have to go back to the drawing board :)
Lilly said…
i'd say you did a marvelous job with this challenge! and that arrangement of yours with the shell and the red cardinal and the anchor and so on...splendidly expressive!
Ella said…
Lilly-Thank you, It was fun, but I so wanted to make one like in the book. Once I get the supplies I will attempt it~ I am glad you joined in...yours was beautiful~

Marian-No, but it was good and fun!
I loved it and how you made us feel like we were in such a small space! I think we need to rename that room, lol

Hedgewitch-Thank you; I enjoyed yours as well~ Thanks for giving it a go! I found it intriguing~

Kay-I am sorry your don't feel well! I hope today is better for you~ Maybe you were in shock...
Good luck with Lindy; you are smart! Hope your feel better (((hugs)))

Scarlett-Thank you, you are so kind! I think no matter what we chose to do, we never stop learning~ You are a great teacher and a wonderful Mom~ I love the subjects you teach, especially art :D

Jules-Thank you, but I could do better, if I had some wire and liquid nails. Hey, maybe we could chase ghosts with those supplies, lol YOU are being kind~

Shelly-My intuition agrees with you ;D Thank you~ :D

Mary-Thank you; I'm sorry you couldn't do it. It is fine, perhaps another time~ It might be neat to make a shrine type one of Hawaii and your beautiful memories, when the time is right!

Amanda-Oh, I would love it if you joined us! I will be by to visit!
I bet you have been making some amazing creations~ Yes, ignore the inner critic! She is self doubt talking, don't listen (((hugs)))
Mark Noce said…
Neat poetic exercises! Cool blog:)
Ella said…
Laurie-It was a fated find. I had no idea there was poetry in the book.
I am glad you like it~ Thank you!

Grace-I hope your muse agrees! I think you will enjoy the process. The list really helps write the poem. Okay, it helps a bit ;D
Thank you~

Hannah-No, that wasn't what I was thinking. I do like and share your view. I was thinking ticket as our gifts/talent(s). Our destined path, in life. When we use that ticket our spirit soars. For me it also is symbolic of my childhood. I practically grew up in a movie theater. My parents met at a theater.He the projectionist; she the candy girl. My first job was selling tickets. Later they co-managed a Drive In theater.

Liza-Thank you! I love your name~
I wanted to name my daughter Elizabeth and call her Liza. Is that your real name? You are kind~

Cathy-Thank you, I'm stunned, but love what you said! :D

Wanda-I just love butterfly kisses, reminds me of my childhood~
Thank you so much~

Yvonne-Thank you, I will be by. I am behind in blogging! I have to go pick up my daughter, but I will be back to visit you~

Alex-You made me blush; thank you Captain! I think that is the best compliment I have received in blogosphere! ;D Sincerely thank you~

Dezzy-Thank you; it is an interesting book! I'll be by I need my movie fix ;D

OT-Thank you, I am glad you find the list idea intriguing! I really found the whole book inspiring! I am happy I made you rethink the Admit One. It did kind of look like aspiring to get into Heaven, bird soaring. No, it was about using our gift(s)/talents to open doors and move us to achieve our passion, hopes n' dreams! Thank you~ I wish you would try the prompt ;D

Kerry-Thank you; your site is making me push myself. I am finding new ways to express myself. I look forward to a great year in the garden! Thank you for all you do~ :D

Mama Zen-Thank you; I feel like I should offer you some tea and we could reflect. I loved your interview! I will be by to comment~
Ella said…
Hi Mark-Thank you, didn't see you before. Nice to meet you~
Damon said…
what a greaaat post love your blog =) follow
Susie Clevenger said…
Wow...your "assemblage" of items and words is beautiful!!
Melissa Bradley said…
I always love coming here because you always inspire me to think in new ways. Thank you! The poems were beautiful, thank you for sharing your inspirations. And I have my cardinal hanging in my window along with my blue Christmas lights, which I decided to leave up for the rest of the year because I love the glow.
Margaret said…
Amazingly creative and I LOVE your wire whisk art.

I could connect with "endless sea of detours". Excellent response to this whole challenge!
Brianna said…
During Christmas I really got crafty! My writing time was swallowed up with time spent on decorating and making decorations; you've inspired me with a great way to combine the two! Thank you! Your words and your art are truly beautiful!
Happy New Year!
Ella said…
Hi Brianna-Thank you, I am glad you made the time to allow your muse to indulge! I think we need to alter out creative paths sometimes. I bet everything was lovely! Happy New Year to you, too~ It is fun, you will love it :D

Margaret-Thank you; I think we all have had a few of those! :D

Melissa-Oh, that sounds so beautiful! I love the combo, thanks for sharing! I love this, we should all have more inspiration around us! Thank you~

Susie-Thank you; I can't wait to get supplies and really give it a go!

Damon-Thank you so much; I will be by to visit you! :D
hey girl... I always get inspired when I come by... I love the idea of a taco party... and movies. I also am glad you are keeping us informed of the "teen" scene.. I have no idea what skyrim is but I intent to find out.
I usually feel like you in Jan, feb... march... I am sorry to hear that the month itself is bad news... from the past.. I think I have seasonal light disorder.. every winter... i feel hohum.. and NOT bored...
I feel good.. this week.. I am focused on a art class I am taking, a detox I am doing. and a 4 hour a week job.. thus far....
I want that book 1000 gifts by Ann so much.. I saw it in Anthropology... and I wanted it then... ARe you taking 1,000 pictures of gifts? you have gotten....