I received mail recently, that stunned me. The first one was from  eCollege Finder. I was told I was nominated for a Top Writing Blog. I had to read this email 3 times. I was stunned and thought for sure they had the wrong Ella.  I also received a letter, via snail mail regarding the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, the same day.  It was in regards to a publication called, "Shambhala Sun".   The letter expresses, "Our emotions and perceptions are like seeds in the garden of our minds-and mindfulness is like cool water." It goes on to talk about the seeds of joy and how we must water them. It also mentions how we all are deeply interconnected. "No one can be one's self alone"~ Thich Nhat Hanh

To accept this honor, I had to answer 2 questions and email them back.  I would like to personally say THANK YOU, to the special someone that nominated me. Words can't express, how I feel, felt when I read, I was being considered.  Thank you!!!  And thank you to those who comment and share your lives, your thoughts and view!

Blogging is a gift, it is sad so many don't realize this potential. I am referring to those who don't blog. They do not understand the profound connections that can be made, the friendships that develop and the sense of camaraderie.  Just like Thich Nhat Hanh said, "No one can be one's self alone"~    Thank you to all who blog, who take the time to share their daily lives. You fill my world with more sunshine!

The first question kind of stumped me for a bit.  How would you describe your blog to readers?

My voice is about finding beauty in the everyday. We all can relate to the black n’ white moments of life, but there is joy to be found in the gray. I’m so not the Pollyanna type. Blogging is helping me to find the ripples of light, in my daily life.

What advice can you offer students aiming to improve their writing acumen?

On this journey called life, we have to keep learning, keep moving towards our dreams, our goals. Your view is unique. Yes, we all share experiences, but remember to use your voice.  The essence of your authenticity is what sets you apart!   

Remember though: 
"No one can be one's self alone" ~Thich Nhat Hanh


Blogging is indeed a gift! One with so many rewards.
Janet said…
Blogging for me is a journey of highs and lows, but one I have never regretted. Congratulations. I am so happy that someone recognized your beautiful talents with this award!
Jessica Bell said…
I hate to burst your bubble, but me and pretty much every other writing blog got this email :( It's a very very smart scam to get back links to their site. I'm not saying your blog isn't worth every award out there, because it is!!! :o) But if you check, you'll see that there is no writing category in last year's 'awards', either ... :o(
Ella said…
Thanks Jessica for the truth! I did notice this and wondered if it was a new category~ Oh, well, I thought it was too good to be true, lol~
You are sweet! Hope life is going well, for you~

Janet-Thank you, I understand that!
We all have lows, but it is so nice to read the highs :D

Alex-Yes, it is! a great gift :D
Jessica Bell said…
I reacted the same way as you until someone burst my bubble. So you're not alone! :o) hehehe
Stephen Tremp said…
Great quote! Not sure how I would describe my blog as I've tried many times to find that one amazing line. Seems I answer the same question different ways every time.
Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, my dear Ella, I'm so sorry it turned out this way. I agree, you are entitled to awards, but to have it turn out to be a scam is so sad.
I have to wonder how they got your snail mail address, too. Be safe, please.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Congratulations, Ella. Your blog is an inspiration to many.
Susan Roebuck said…
Well, award or not, it is a beautiful blog. So well done!
Ella said…
I will be back to comment. I did email them and I was rest assured this is legit. Two hundred emails were sent out and 75 accepted the nomination. I want to believe it is true! Thank you for your comments and concern~ I will be back to add further comments!
shelly said…
Well, congrats! Ans yes, blogging is a gift. It keeps us artsy folks connected.
Hi Ella .. that's great news - well done .. and as Alex says .. blogging is a great benefit - bubbles or no bubbles ..

Blogging itself has so much to offer ..

Cheers Hilary
Caledonia Lass said…
You don't need an award to know you and your blog are loved! ;) It is a gift, one I cherish.
Mary said…
Ella, it could very well be a scam but your blog is award worthy nonetheless. It is authentic and from your heart. And deserving of recognition.
I have made many friends through blogging many have fallen by the wayside but others are a real tonic for me when days are not so good.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love how very time I come in here you have redecorated in such beautiful ways....Love the look today, the teabag in the mug, the photos down the page. Beautiful, Ellie. I LOVE Shambhala Sun - their magazine is really wonderful and is the only one I read. Thich Nhat Hanh is a wonder too.

Love your description of blogging as a way to find ripples of light in your life....lovely.
Georgie Horn said…
oh how exciting. I don't have much of a blog...but it's MINE!
Melissa Bradley said…
Wide words for sure. And your blog deserves every award out there. :)
Carrie Burtt said…
Your blogging voice is beautiful a singing Celine Dion! You certainly are deserving of any awards that come your way!!
Kristin said…
Oh Ella! That is AWESOME! And so well deserved!! I love your answers, and totally agree with you! Bravo, well done, xoxoxo
Also - were you published again? Is the new photo on the top (stamping) a new mag? So happppy for your success my sweet friend!
Wanda said…
Congrats to you Ella. I love how you answered the questions. You have such a beautiful way with words my friend.
big congrats, my dear, well deserved!
Marcie said…
Oh..Ella - so good to meet you and read your words that so resonate with my own thoughts. And - yes - blogging is the gift of connection!! Congrats on being nominated for this award!
Ella said…
I ll comment in the has been a long day.
Victoria said…
I love the vision of looking for ripples of light. Much better than silver linings despite the rising price of sterling.
Ella said…
Victoria-So glad I met you! YOU have a great sense of humor! :D Thank you~

Marcie-I think we are on similar wave lengths! I love your blog and
Thank you!

Dezzy-Thank you, I'm up against some heavy hitters! It is just nice to even be considered ;D

Wanda-Thank you! As do you my friend :D

Kristin-Thank you! Yes, I was...I will post more about it later. I can say I screamed 4 times, lol

Carrie-You are too kind! I'll be by...I have missed your beautiful voice. I can sing, but no Celine, lol.

Melissa-Congrats to you! I see you are on the list :D Thank you, I probably need to be in a different slot. They haven't invented it yet, lol Good Luck~

Georgie-Tis not true! WE can chose to share at any time different aspects of our lives. I like all the fun at your blog. It reminds me of when my Dad was alive. Some day,I will get brave and share my accent! You can all have a good laugh on me~ ;D

Sherry-Thank you; I am going to look for it, next time I hit the bookstore. I glanced at their website online. I love the calming, peaceful feeling, so not my world, lol Your blog has that style, too!

Yvonne-I like that, a tonic for your soul! You have a great voice, keep sharing!

Mary-Thank you! Authentic was my word for last year, I haven't picked one for this year. I might have to be a warrior this year and still fight for my dream~

Caledonia-You are too kind, but Thank you! I look forward to your journey, as well :D

Hilary-Yeah, I like bubbles! Thank you, I'm fine either way~ At least it isn't a Raspberry Award!

Shelly-Yes, well said and we have to find each other! It took me a long time to find my people ;D
Thank you!

Susan-Thank you so much :D ,it means a lot!

Kerry-Thank you, I need to find my way back to the garden. I have missed all of you!

Kay-It is fine! I'm good~ Thank you for your concern :D

Stephen-I agree with you! If you asked me next week, I might have a different answer. It evolves...
Thank you :D

Jessica-It is nice to know I'm in good company! :D Good Luck~

Janet-Thanks again! You are sweet~

Alex-Congrats I see you on this list! Good Luck Captain~ :D

If I missed anyone who is on the list! I wish you the best and Good Luck!
Scarlett Clay said…
Oh yes!! I see a book in the future too! and I'm not step at a time, keep walking out your dreams. :)
Elizabeth said…
GREAT Post....beautiful gift.

Old follower.

I am stopping by from the Top Writing Blog competition.

Just wanted to say hello. This is a great way to find new blogs and visit ones you haven't visited in a while. :)

Elizabeth - Silver's Reviews
Ella said…
Elizabeth-congrats on being nominated!
I know, right.
I want to visit them all ; )
I ll be b to visit
Good luck

Scarlett-thank you, keeping working on yours! : )
Ella said…
Thank you Scarlett, that means a lot!
I just got one of those emails and I figured it was some kind of a scam/hoax. I did a search and see you received one as well (mine said it was for gardening).