Playing with Dolls

Well, not exactly, but kind of.  I have been playing with putty  making some doll face molds.   This putty is Amazing, no really ;D.  YOU can make molds for food, soap, wax, and more; It is non-toxic.  Today, I just made the molds. Hopefully I can find where I hid the Paperclay and make the doll faces, tomorrow.  These are a few items I received for Christmas, but haven't had time to play. I thought this was going to be the week, I could find some creative time. I haven't had much luck lately.  Just do it, carve out a chunk of time or it will never happen. I thought life had resumed back to normal, not yet. My daughter is home this week. It is exam week at her high school. She has only one exam. It is tomorrow, Algebra II.  She went to the dentist with me yesterday. Today, I am fighting sinus issues again, but I'm functional. She was studying, while I ventured into the attic.  This doll was a gift to my daughter.  The type you tuck away and display on a shelf.  The molds look a little creepy...

I love how today my art had a sci fi edge. I finally caught up on "The Walking Dead" series.  I can't wait for it to come back on, Feb 12.  I thought for sure I would have a nightmare. No I did not, but my daughter did. She didn't even watch it, but she knew we were. I guess zombies were all around our house and she wanted us to set the grass on fire. Make a ring of fire around our home, burn the edges of our lawn. (her words) There might be a story in the works here.  My son is reading this book, "Day by Day Armageddon".  His impression so far, not very descriptive, kind of vague.

    More putty molds, the big baby one kind of creeps me out.
I like the little, delicate ones better.  What is your inner child into these days?  Somehow, I don't think anyone is going to say dolls or zombies!


Mary said…
Ella, I know how it is to have a time with no luck. I wish YOU a very lucky week. I hope with all my heart.
No, it wouldn't be dolls...
You really need to make time for creativity because you are so good at everything!
KarenG said…
Yes, very very creepy LOL. But how wonderful to have a hand made, hand molded doll!
Kay L. Davies said…
Yes, you are so multi-talented. I would never in a million years have thought about putty and dolls if it weren't for you. Fortunately, I seldom have nightmares any more now that I'm getting my sleep apnea regulated. Whew.
Good luck with finding time for projects. We are contemplating a kitchen reno, and I do all the research and planning and sketching (lines on graph paper) but my husband has the veto on expenses. LOL
MSBjaneB said…
The dolls are absolutely gorgeous. I loved the story about your daughter. I am a grownup and I am scared of that show :)
Dorthe said…
Ella, I have also been giving-not the material for making a mold, but a class, that JoAnna Pierotti is offering,on her blog- she sweetly gave me the class for christmas- and as we can`t get the Putty here, I will try with gum for mold making--but as you TIME have not been there-- Now your wonderful examples will maybe get me going.
Thanks for showing-hope to see some results when you finished them :)
Janelle said…
My family has been watching Dr. Who lately. We love going out of our ordinary reality for a little while. I have been painting a lot more this year, just learning and playing. I hope that you feel better soon.
Fireblossom said…
I actually do love dolls, though I haven't done anything like this. Closest I have come lately is to dig out a very odd ceramic rooster I bought in San Antonio. He is kind of an LSD-enhanced rooster, from Mexico. He is quite the exuberant fellow, and I placed him just to the left of my netbook, on my desk.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Very special, to be making a keepsake doll for your daughter. You are so talented, Ella! You could likely sell heritage type dolls for big money..........keep at it, your art deserves the time:)
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You are a very talented person Ella. loved the read.

Grace said…
I haven't done this but it looks interesting to do (as you can do anything with the molds). They creep me out though but if you find it a creative endeavor..then its fun ~
Wanda said…
Yep it does look a bit creepy.
Ella said…
Wanda-I so agree, rather creepy!

Grace-The putty is fun to use! I am only doing the faces. It reminds me of a horror movie at a wax museum.

Yvonne-Thank you, so are you! Another published poetry book, Congrats!!!

Sherry-It is an online class, which I was going to give credit to, when I finished a doll. I can't find the paper clay I bought.
We are only doing faces, then wire and fabric are the bodies. I only signed up for the Face class.(It was my Christmas gift). Thank you~

Fireblossom-This would count! My Mom use to collect roosters! She had so many, they were vibrant and colorful. I loved having them greet us in the morning. Our kitchen was filled with them! The living room was a safari, she collected elephants in there, lol.

Janelle-How fun! My son loves Dr. Who! I might have to give it another go and check it out~ Thank you, I am! I'll be by to visit, soon.

Dorthe-Wow,what a wonderful gift! I signed up late for the class. I received some $ for Christmas and love JoAnnA's art, so decided to jump in. I just started~ I look forward to your creations :D

MSBJaneB-Thank you, but the dolls I didn't make. I used their faces to make the molds for my art. I screamed and yelled, a lot! ;D

Kay-I signed up for a class, but I have an idea on how I want to do my doll. I hope it will be unique ;D I can't wait to hear more about your redesign! We need to do ours. Weekends we hit the home improvement stores and make our wish lists over coffee. My favorite cuppa doesn't taste quite the same without glancing at granite and terracotta tiles. I hope you can make it work! so exiciting!!!!

KarenG-I may go there, at some point. I kind of wanted to try my hand at faces. I have many ideas for the body. Faces are the hardest part ;D

Alex-You are too kind! In my dreams, Oh, well, I can still try~ I need to get new guitar strings. I'm craving my guitar these days. I know you can relate to this ;D

Mary-Thank you, I did find some luck in my mail box today! I will share later~ Thanks for sending me some luck; I hope with all my heart you have received some, too :D @>-----