I am inspired by a photo book I received for Christmas. So, I have been taking a lot of pics. I received an odd txt this morning.  "We know it is U  we see the flash ;D"   Kids at the bus stop with my daughter texted me.  I hung a primitive bird feeder up and was taking photos. So, the neighborhood is onto me, as long as the birds aren't, I'm okay!

Photo 2(The stunning view nature provides)

" If wishes were fishes we'd all be throwing nets. If wishes were horses we'd all ride"~Douglas Horton 

I was thinking about wishing I could convey the mood I feel, when I see something. Taking photos to document, share the visual poetry, but pictures mean different things to different people.  Here are a few I took this morning.  What kind of photos do you like?  Do you like landscapes, poetic shots, nature, and etc.?   What draws your eye to look again? Is it a mood or does the image stir a memory?

Photo 3( Morning sun electrifying our Earth)

I jotted down thoughts for the New Year's poem, I found it difficult.  Maybe it has something to do with no time alone. I haven't been alone for three weeks; I am a loner type.  I start to get uneasy, edgy. I need my time alone to create.  My family doesn't get me; it's fine.  I just get uptight, when the house is loud and full. It's fine when I'm not creating. I enjoy them and all the zany zingers, laughs and fun filled moments. When I am creating, I need time to reflect.  My hubby gets up around 5am, my son might go to bed at 3am, he is on college break and is a gamer. The house is almost always a constant hum. I wish for more time to indulge in, but don't we all.  Time to pause, reflect, plan, plot and dream. Time to write, create and make things that whisper to us happen.  I know we have to manage, make use of the time we have.  Isn't it nice to know we have a brand, new year to attempt to make some of our wishes come true!   I wish you good luck in all of your endeavors!  If you see a gal taking pics of odd things, it is probably me!

    Photo 4( Time out for serenitea)  Goal 1000 gifts, that I already have.

 Son is home from Jury Duty; I'll be back with my poem :D


Carrie Burtt said…
Photos are a visiual poetry....Happy New Year to you Ella.....i look forward to seeing your photography and reading your words throughout the new year! :-)
I'm not much for mass confusion either!
Write a poem with each photo to convey your mood.
Although they are beautiful on their own.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
These photos are incredibly beautiful. I would so love to see a red bird like that at my feeder. We just have junkos, sparrows and blue jays. I hope in the new year that in the quiet hours when kids are at school and hubby working, you can do your art and writing uninterrupted. Me time is important, especially for creative folk.
Photos are lovely ways of making living stained glass windows of our lives. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. Only the best for you and yours this 2012! Roland
Mary said…
I like taking pictures of unusual things sometime too, or things from a different perspective. I agree that photography can be poetry. I also know how you feel about needing a quiet home to write. It isn't easy when others are around, hard to concentrate. But so true that we have to make use of the time we have.
Anonymous said…
Photos do say a thousand words. I love visuals. Japanese poetry and water colors of nature go so well together. Ph, and Happy New Year to you and yours!
As the song says "If a picture paints a thousand words". Loved the pics.

today was the first day I have been alone in weeks... but hubby came home 1/2 a day... so only 4 hours alone.. LOL.. I think it's so funny they sent you a text.. about your flash... I am so in to cardinals right now.. I so want to go to a ceramic class and make some cardinal... vases or cups....
Lolamouse said…
I get you, Ella! I'm an introvert at heart and also crave that alone time to create and recharge. My husband doesn't get it either.
Ella said…
Lolamouse-It is so nice to know I'm not alone in my view~ Thanks so much for sharing! (((hugs)))

Lisa-Me too, I had 4 hrs. It was funny, they think I'm odd n' quirky!
I don't think they appreciate the view. :D They call me artist, this explains it all(to them)lol~
If you can't, buy some paper clay and make some. You can paint them or check out this book at the bookstore.
Sometimes we have to use what we have on hand, till we can do otherwise!

Yvonne-Thank you so much...they really do don't they! :D

Stephen-Ooh, so pretty, you have great taste! :D Thank you Happy New Year to you n' yours, too~

Mary-It is timing; I just wish my muse would learn to settle for those moments, far and few between~

Roland-This was beautiful and so poetic! Are you a poet, too?!
I will be back to visit! You have a lot to view! Wishing you the best of 2012~

Sherry-I tend to get antsy if I don't get it. I am finding taking a few photos quiets my Muse till I can find or make the time! Thank you~ I wish the cardinal would visit you! :D

Alex-Thank you Alex, it is a grand idea. I just might do that sometime~ :D I can have noise, but it has to be from music or machines. (my choice)lol

Carrie-I so enjoyed your post! You have that wonderful quality you mentioned about your girls! Happy New Year to you~ Thank you!
anthony stemke said…
Photos are visual poetry, your No.3was very interesting.
Ella said…
Anthony-I fixed it...yeah, kind of unique, I must say a black page with no entry. (not what I was going for)lol