Challenged in the Garden

  ~PHOTO:  by -Catorb

The Garden always inspires me.  I wanted to participate on several prompts. I am finding the challenge, to use other people's computers a creative, royal pain.  I am resorting to my old habits of writing in notebooks.  NO big deal, right?  Wrong, I can't read my words, I write fast and I type fast. My handwriting looks like a chicken tied a pen to his feet and did a dance. My son had a class cancelled, came home to work on computer. We keep bumping heads. I'm in his way; he is in mine. I finally resorted back to the bedroom, with my IPAD.  It is fun to trick my Muse into this new habits. She was fond of her routine, but when life throws you curve balls, you either get up to bat or sit on the bench. I refuse to be benched....  How do you deal with your creative curve balls? I'd love to hear your take, on working through your creative challenges. I am still working on Kenia's challenge.

Here is Mary's challenge.  She stated this works for her, when she has trouble writing.  Use the beginning of a poem or a couplet,  to write your own poem. If you use another poet's words, be sure to give credit.  I selected a poem by  Elizabeth Barrett Browning's , "The House of Clouds"~

I selected this couplet:

In the mutest of the house
I will have my chamber
Silence at the door shall use
Evening's light of amber,
Solemnizing every mood,
Softening in degree,--
Turning sadness into good,
As I turn the key

Here is my take on the poem:

Prayers unite time's dance
Evening's light of amber,
 the tidal flow
chambers of gray matter 
Holding heaven's gate
Soul's aperture 
Limbs of light extend
Shadows magnify 
walk through the valley
allows dark passages
to appear
stretch reaching rays of light
Hereafter hears a voice
Heart's symphony
it sings 
Softening in degree,--
Turning sadness into good,
As I turn the key

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Very nice, Ella!
I neither write nor type fast so it doesn't matter what I work on.
I loved this Ella. both the verses, wonderful to read.

Mary said…
Ella, what you did with the words of Browning's poem is beautiful, and I think Browning would be pleased.... I do hope that you will keep this technique in your bag of tricks for future use.

Life often throws me creative curve balls. Right now it is hard for me to find time to write with the new pup, as I am trying hard to train him (and quite well succeeding, but it takes time. I could not see myself writing by hand, as I do so much revising as I go. I also have an iPad, but I find it hard to compose poetry on it. Mostly I try to utilize early morning and later evening as much as possible!
M Pax said…
Beautiful, Ella. I have trouble using a different computer, too.

I usually use a piece of art as a prompt if I'm having trouble.
Wanda said…
I had a problem reading my own writing the other day. I love both verses. Great job. I pick up me some Naked Juice this weekend.
Carrie Burtt said…
Love what you did with the poem Ella....i can completely relate to the handwriting delimma....i do the same thing....i write fast, and a lot of times when I go back to my writing,....i cannot figure out what the heck I wrote!!
Laura said…
magnificent! I love this phrasing "Soul's aperture
Limbs of light extend" exquisite!
Lolamouse said…
I love your poem, and I was glad to be introduced to the original as well. I had to learn to write on a computer, as I always did my creative writing on paper. Now I can do it either way. Haven't tried anyone else's computer though. Don't know if that would work for me!
Ella said…
Hi Lola-It is a new experience for me.
All these damn boxes keep coming up. I am just use to my old ways, lol
It is great to be flexible...I'm working on it :D

Laura-Thank you had to add that camera lingo, ;D We do extend our soul's eye when we take photos. I am still working on mine. Yes, both soul and photos, lol

Carrie-Glad to know I am not alone. It seems I type as fast as the words flow through me. Writing on paper, frustrates me, unless it is a list. I can write that faster, than txt it.
It is an adjustment :D My husband keeps teasing me to put my lists in my phone. I can, but it is slow. I sometimes leave the list at home, but not the phone...augh :D

Wanda-I love the written word, just not mine ;D lol
What kind did you get? There are a few other ones I want to try...

Mary-Great idea, I love that! Thank you for sharing :D

Mary-I goofed, but I really enjoyed your challenge. I was so caught up in this poem. I had never read it...
Thank you :D

I do this too, morning and later in the evening. The time of my day when there is quiet. enJOY your new family member, he is a doll! So much fun, but I do understand! I'm planning a 16th birthday party. Some things never change. Her birthday is always a huge event, not in reality, really. She can't make up her Once she decides, all is well...till then...augh!

Yvonne-Thank you! I so hope you enjoyed your trip! I loved seeing the photos of you and Arlee! :D
Always nice to go back place like it~

Alex-I love that you are balanced either way. You are lucky...all of it works for you ;D
Kay L. Davies said…
Hi Ella — I thought I had left a comment yesterday, but found your page open on my desktop today, so I refreshed it, and there's nothing from me.
Loved your poem. On the days when I feel like one of those languishing invalids, I think of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
My handwriting has disintegrated into chicken scratch, and even when I'm trying to do it carefully, signing a birthday card or addressing an envelope, I make handwritten typos. Drives me crazy.
Plus I make typos on the keyboard all the time, after years of being a fast, clean typesetter for daily newspapers. I've actually had proofreaders bring something over to tell me "I had to read this twice because I couldn't find any errors." It was great to hear things like that, but now my typing is chicken scratch, too. LOL
I hate switching to my little computer when we travel, but it's made better by having a cordless mouse. I can NOT use that little fingerpad thingy.
Very interesting post you had yesterday, glad I finally caught up.