The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I have written this post 3 times and then decided not to share. Then I thought it might help someone else. I always have said I would share the good, bad and ugly. I am not sure when I made this statement, but my bet was during the A-Z blogging challenge. Some of those letters, would make Clint wince, more than he already does.

I haven't been feeling well, so I went to the Dr.   Bottom line, I heard a sentence that shocked me. Then the next minute the writer in me, said, what an awful sentence.  The only thing worse would be an AND in the middle instead of OR. When you have thyroid diseases, there are many symptoms, sinus issues, UTI's, carpal tunnel, etc.  When this happens, I go to Dr. and get tested.   I know I'm off,  if more than one symptom is rearing it's ugly head.  I go; the Dr.  finally comes into the room,  his words are: "It is either a kidney stone OR cancer."  I'm in feels like someone shot me.   

He checks me further. I ask on my way out, "do you think it is a kidney stone?"

He responds shaking his head and muttering "no". 

I had cancer, back in July 2010. I was lucky it was caught in time. I had  a surgical procedure, since then, no issues.  I have to go back for more labs, I had to go to court, the next day.  I get a Dr.'s note, but it is for sitting near an exit, not an excuse. I'm in pain; I don't want to go. The accident was reckless and no one else involved. I have a subpoena and have to attend. Time goes on.  My family thinks I have ovarian cancer and there is a lot of crying and hugs.

 I go back to Dr. to find out about my labs. I have a severe bladder infection!  I still have to be tested further for cancer, at end of this month.  The pharmacist is chatty and she tells me she had a really bad infection once. She had to give up this soda, she was drinking. I'm drinking the same stuff!  I thank her, get my meds and go home. I call my Mom, hubby had gone with me to appointment.  She said, "I didn't know you were drinking that. "Your brother was drinking that and had to give it up."  

 I stopped drinking soda, for 2 years.  This Christmas was especially busy. My kids had a lot of cookie orders. I started drinking it again.  So, just because someone throws scary words at you, don't fully except them, until more tests are done.  My thyroid is off, too.  I can imagine Clint asking me, "Do I feel lucky?" 

"Yes, I do!"


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh wow, kiddo. I'm glad you shared this, so we can all support you through. Yes, reserve judgment till after the next tests. Interesting about that soda. We need to know what not to buy - you might email me privately, okay? I SO HOPE AND PRAY it is not cancer. But, if it is, make your doctor move fast - demand a referral etc......go in fighting it. And keep us in the loop so we can be there for you, okay? We're here for you, kiddo.
Kay L. Davies said…
Ditto what Sherry said. Any time you want to vent, you know my e-mail address.
I've survived many a health scare and am still here, so I can relate. So can Sherry.
Love and hugs,
M Pax said…
Gees, Ella. Will keep you in my thoughts. I hope it's just the soda and nothing more.

What a crappy week that way. My dad says yesterday his brother had a massive stroke [passed last night] and then my father says he has cancer.

So, I hope you don't have it. Take care of yourself.
shelly said…
I vented last week about my issues. It makes us real to our readers. I don't always like to read about writing. I like knowing about real people.
Mary said…
Ella, This is very scary. Thank you for being honest and sharing your fears here. I have found a lot of support when I have been honest, even when it was very hard. I THANK you for your words here, as this will enable me as well to keep you in my prayers. I think feeling lucky is a good sign. Blessings to you, and prayers!
Janet said…
Thank-you Ella for letting yourself be vulnerable. I bought a frame that says If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it~ I was going to give it to a friend whose husband is diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He is 47! He is also waiting on test results. I will keep you in thoughts and prayer, but think positive! Infections can have symptoms for so many other things, and it turns out to be an infection.

Love you,
Hugs and Prayers~
Ella said…
Janet-Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing! Thank you I will keep you n' yours and your friend! Being positive helps~ xo

Mary-Thank you! I never would consider myself a positive person. Blogging changed me! Thank you for your kindness~ Blessings to you n' yours~

Shelly-I will come visit! I know I was on the fence about it. I guess I wanted people to know why I wasn't visiting. My blog seems different to me~ I'm sorry you are having issues! My thoughts n' prayers are with you!

Mary-I am so sorry for your loss! I will add your Dad to my prayers~
I hope he will be fine! Thank you!

Kay-Thank you; I know I have had more than my share! I am glad you are still sharing your wit n' humor and talent with the world! I'll email you soon~ xo

Sherry-Thanks for being you! It is hard to worry n' wonder, but it doesn't do any good. Off to work on our challenge and put my mind elsewhere! I'll be in touch~