Hanging out in the Garden

I've been hanging out a lot in the garden lately!  My good friend, Sherry(her other name is Wise Toad,not Old) challenged me to a poetry prompt.  Here is Sherry's prompt:  Old Toad's challenge was rather all-encompassing: "Ella, " she croaked, "write a poem based on a quote, that is meaningful to you.  It should touch upon your wish to follow your art, as far as it will lead you." Then Old Toad fell over onto her lily pad, for a little snooze.

Stop over and visit the garden, to see how my journey went. Serendipity is a clue  ;D

I will share the results, of the quote.  You have to visit the garden, if you want to know more.

Evening walk 
enveloped in solitude
gray thoughts spiraling
serenaded in blue 
chilled, you look up to heaven's theater
a falling star make her debut
do you listen?

A dove glides her tilted wings
towards spring's silver threaded light
a bleached white feather 
flutters to your feet
do you listen?

Fair eyed daisies sway in meadow's brow
four leaf clover peers at you
 it bows and nods
a brisk shower
washes earth clean
watercolor view rises
do you listen?  

Along a pebbled beach
a rare pink shell glistens in the
 bay's blue tidal pool
it's tangled in seaweed 
and tiny snails
do you listen? 

Maple leaf stretches to bask in glory
red passion reaches for gold
her dismount twirls 
in graceful flair
 she lands
heart shape
do you listen?

Pristine cold lace falls gently
 on your lashes
iridescent geometry
6 sided perfection
no two
do you listen?

Listen to your grace
the strings
 of your heart
 sacred door
divine gifts
When you listen~

Do you listen?  Do you follow your heart and the signs that nature gives you?  Do you?


Enjoyed your poem Ella, nature is always speaking despite the din of man made noise, I listen. Peace
Anonymous said…
I do when I take my 4.5 mile walks around the lake. Life slows down enough to do so.
Mary said…
Nature gives us so many beautiful sounds to enjoy. This morning when I was outside I was amazed when I heard the sounds of geese heading north this morning. Truly this is VERY early in my opinion; but what a lovely sound it was, as it means spring truly is on its way.
Beautiful, Ella. I do listen. =D
That is beautiful, Ella!
You really need to gather your beautiful poems into a book.
Wanda said…
Wow, beautiful Ellie.
Jinksy said…
I hope my eyes always listen for me! LOL ♥
Daydreamertoo said…
There is always so much nature has to tell us, if we use our eyes and ears. So busy in the rat race, we've mostly all forgotten what it means to live life now.
This is beautiful and, thanks for the lovely comment on mine.
Ella said…
Daydreamertoo-Thank you for coming by :D It is true, it is a busy race~

Jinksy-You are cute! I know they do~
You paint, you write, you listen~

Wanda-Thank you! I will be by soon to see what you have been up to!

Alex-I'm going to do just that :D
Thank you!

RaShelle-Yes, I believe you do~

Mary-I'm so glad you are tuning in! The frogs started croaking mid day yesterday, another great sign~

Stephen-I always think of walking as moving meditation! YOU do listen~

Donna-Thanks for visiting! I agree we sometimes have to tune noise out to truly here! :D