Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you and yours are having a sweet sentimental day!  Mine is more MacGuiverish.  I can't get my sewing machine to work. It acts like it has lock jaw. Hubby moved some cables and couldn't upload photos, till son came home from college and rescued me.  Now, that I think about it, most of my crafty endeavors end up with some kind of search and rescue, lol.

Here is a card, I received from my friend Vicki~ It was such a nice surprise; unexpected fun mail always adds a positive spin to one's day.  I love it; thank you!

Here are some of the things I have been making.  What do you love to get for Valentine's and what do you love to give?  I love the sentimental reminder of doing something special for someone. I think it shouldn't just be on this day. Whatever it is, I think fun and unexpected almost, always works~
I made romantic pouches to tuck a poem, a gift card and yes, chocolate! 
And I made a few notebooks.

Now I have that song, "Let my love open the door to your heart" in my head that can't be the title?!  It is probably called "My Love"... This version is more familiar~  Hope your day is filled with sentiment, fun, and lots of love!


Janet said…
Ella, you are such a lovely person, and the gifts you made are gorgeous. There is nothing as special as something hand-made. I wanted to involve the kids with my Valentine's supper, not just be something Mom does, so we each drew a name then had to write a little letter about why we appreciate and love this person.I told them to tuck the notes into their 'card boxes' (we keep all our cards:) and this would become a very special keepsake.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Ella said…
Janet-This is so lovely and touching!
We do something like this for Christmas! Your poem was magical...I loved it, so much~ You are so talented :D Thank you for stopping by~ Happy Valentine's Day!
Laurie Kolp said…
Ella- You are so gifted and very creative. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day, my friend.
Janet said…
You are also very kind:) Thank-you
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Today was so busy I forgot it was Valentine's Day - thanks for sharing yours, with the beautiful hand made Valentine art. Wow. The most romantic thing I did today was walk a dog. Hee hee. She appreciated it though.
Happy Love Day to you♥♥♥
Congrats on winning the painting class! You will love it! Love all the goodness you've been creating over here. Sending you hugs:)
Susie Clevenger said…
Wow, how creative...your art is fantastic!
Dorthe said…
Dear Ella, your love pouches are so very beautiful, and the notebook as well,I love the flowersprigs with the tiny ribbons,giving the lovely splash of colour.
Good your son is a great helper,and rescuer :)
kaykuala said…
So moving and so nice about it, Ella!The lady stuff are great and you gave time for it. How wonderful!

happy Valentines Day, hope it was nice for you yesterday. We have three nonworking days in Serbia, due to the State holiday (and the cold)so many people will have more time for cuddling and loving :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
You remind us that 'love' is a verb.. and actions mean more than words sometimes. What wonderful gifts of love these are.
Lolamouse said…
Your projects are great! You are so creative! Now I've got that song in my head too!
LTM said…
ooo, and Happy V'day to you, too! I love your beautiful creations. Here's hoping your sewing machine unlocks ... now! :D <3
Ella said…
Thank you everyone, I hope everyone felt appreciated and loved
Wanda said…
Unexpected sentiments are always nice. I received an unexpected call from my aunt and it really made my day.
Kay L. Davies said…
You are so multi-talented, Ella. Your creations are delightful.
Love and admiration,
Mary said…
Belated happy Valentines Day, Ella. You are amazing with your creativity.
You are just so creative! And doing things for the one you love is really special sometimes.
Ella said…
Alex-Thank you! We don't go big on Valentine's. It is more small tokens, sentimental thoughts~

You are on your count down, now...

Mary-Thank you for visiting me! I bet you had a wonderful day with your grandchildren :D

Kay-Thank you so much! Love n' admiration right back at you ;D xo

Wanda-Wonderful to be surprised like that! Those phone calls are the best! <3

Leigh-I figured it out, with a bit of help. It was another Lucy moment, lol <3 555

Lolamouse-I hope that is okay?! lol
I know I did, too for quite a while...hurry, play another song ;D

Kerry-Thank you, I loved your response, it was like receiving a special Valentine! @>-----

Dezzy-oooh, how romantic and fun!
There will be more babies in the Fall born this year ;D

Hank-The guy stuff was chocolates and trail mix type stuff! They were happy, too! Hope you had a special day!

Dorthe-You always are so good about splash of color! I'll be by to see what you are creating! Always magical to visit :D

Susie-Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful day of sentiment and chocolate, lol

Jenny-Thanks for visiting me! I will be by to see what lovely paintings you are making! I love how you shared your process! (((hugs)))

Sherry-You always crack me up! Your dog thought it was romantic~

Janet-Thank you for being so inspiring!

Laurie-I hope you did, too! Thank you~ I so need to catch up in the Imaginary Garden. I will visit soon :D