Imaginary Garden prompt

Laurie at the Imaginary Garden has prompted us to write a poem using the word ethereal. We can choose to write it as a metaphor, allegory or just use the word.

Mother stitches me a gown of tie dye yellow and endless blue for day
she also made me a dress in my favorite colors
a billowy dream of violet with mauve accents
I look good in red, too
my skirt twirls and outlines my shape
my arms embrace low lying clouds
sometimes gray suits my mood
when my mind is in a haze

Mother says my beauty awakens many
It extends outward, like my golden hair
she says I cascade highlighted hope
I wake the morning dew
She says I'm brilliant, her little star
Hope of my work will soon be reflected in snowdrops, robins singing
and green soldiers standing tall waiting to be assigned their next duty

As time dances I spin,
ethereal threads of  the day reappear
I surrender to twilight's yawn
my golden hair drapes down
you might find some later in your dreams

My Mother picks velvet for my sister's gown
Deep cobalt blue with rhinestones accents
She will dance into the night
Her gown fits snug
It has Hollywood appeal
My sisters pale luminous face
Geisha full, glows
She radiates passion and promise

We are twins, but nothing alike
She thinks she is the oldest
she welcomes Night owls and bats to encompass her
Poets write about her beauty
I'm jealous how many swoon when she appears
My day is yawns, roosters crowing and time clocks
but Mom says it is my beauty that is enjoyed most
Celebrations and a Cirque are named after me

One day a rite of passage will emerge
we won't submit to the others one way
we will join each other hand in hand until we merge into one
It will be a rare debut, on stage together
we will be be photographed
and forever documented
many will come to see our rare performance
Hope you can come


Ella said…
I wanted to add this photo is taken by joker84.
Look for more inspiration here:
Laurie Kolp said…
Oh, Ella- This is so very clever, beautifully written. You're right on with the prompt. Thanks for participating!!
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is just gorgeous - the interplay of day and night so cleverly portrayed with some sumptuous imagery.
Mama Zen said…
What a clever piece! Gorgeous imagery!
WinterWrites said…
I adored reading your wonderful write!
Herotomost said…
Beautiful and real and so vibrant with color and emotion...this could be a short story....great stuff.
Mary said…
Very intricate and complex ethereal write here. And the picture goes beautifully with your words!
M Pax said…
What achingly beautiful words. I love this poem, Ella. Have a great weekend.
Susie Clevenger said…
I love this!! How creative to write of the and night...imagery was beautiful...great piece!
Kay L. Davies said…
Day and night, sun and moon...ethereal twins! What a wonderful idea, Ella, a perfect response to the prompt. I enjoyed this a lot.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Color and texture and billowy dreams - such beauty here! What a lovely poem!!!
Marian said…
wow, such vibrant images! beautiful.
Grace said…
this is a beautiful dance of nature and colours ~

gorgeous details of their ethereal beauty ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautifully done. And, as always, your site has a new look and is beautiful to the eye.
Janet said…
So fantastic! I will not dull it with my babble, but to say thank-you~

LOVE 'ethereal threads of day appear'...
I love things ethereal and love the pic you've chosen for the post :)
Wendy Ewurum said…
Ella I could read this over and over again. It was not until the the second last stanza that you were writing of the moon and sun. I hope you'll allow me to feature it on one of my Poetry Fridays. Thank you this is delightful.
Pk Hrezo said…
Love your use of colors. And ethereal is one of my fave words.

That pic is outstanding too!
Scarlett Clay said…
That is such a cool image, I'll have to check that out, thanks for the link. Love your ethereal thoughts and imagery in this had a lot of mystery to it as I read it, made me want to know more!
What a wonderful story you told with this. Beautifully done.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z
Daydreamertoo said…
Very clever and yes, ethereal weave. A lovely piece of prose.
Kristin said…
You take me away . . . I love this - and your poem about your childhood home below as well. You always move me, my talented friend! xoxo
Anonymous said…
beautifully written, a sensual feast. I love the way you've woven color into the very fabric of your poem
Susan Fields said…
Very nice! Thanks for sharing - I really enjoyed that.
Li said…
Love the way you ended it - "Hope you can come" !
Ella said…
Li-Thank you! Eclipses are so magical aren't they :D

Susan-Thanks for visiting me!

Zongrik-Thank you; I will be by to see what you have been up to~

Mad Kane-Thank you, it means a lot~

turtlememoir-Thank you, now if I could only photography it ;D

Liza-Thank you ;D

Kristin-Thank you and your view amazes me! xo

Daydreamertoo-Thank you! I will be by...I am sure I have missed some wonderful reflections!

Shannon-Thank you! How fun you are a co-host! I'm looking forward to it~

Scarlett-Thank you, that means a lot to me! @>----

Pk Herzo-Thank you! It is a wonderful word ;D

Wendy-Yes, thank you, you can feature me~ So are so sweet and thank you for considering me~

Dezzy-Yes, it is a beautiful word and can mean so much~ :D

Janet-I love your words...Thank you!

Sherry-Thank you! I do like to change it up~ :D

Grace-Thank you for stopping by and your comments mean so much~

Thank you Marian, it was a fun prompt! I hope to do to play catch up!

Thank you Alex! :D

Mary Ann-Thank you, I have been enjoying your beautiful words and photos... Amazing!

Kay-Thank you! It was fun to felt like a dream like state. Didn't help I only had 4 hrs sleep... ;D Sleepwriting, I guess is what it was~
Ella said…
Susie-Thank you! I have always been fascinated by twins~

MPax-So happy you stopped by! I know you love the magic of the sky :D

Herotomost,WinteWrites, Mama Zen-Thank you, I can't wait to read your poems! :D

Kerry-Lack of sleep, helped me write this one. Thank you so much~

Laurie-Great prompt, I really enjoyed it! Thank you~