Think Tank Thursday's prompt # 83 was provided by yours truly.  I need to turn a corner, live on the edge, take a leap of faith in regards to doing more art. I have had fear and I need to just get over, move on. Yeah, I know...tough to do. I have thought about it for awhile. I need to face the music. I need to say yes and try to open some new doors.  What have you said yes to, since we have turned the calendar to 2012? 
Yes to crafting my life
Here's to blue fingers, glue n’ paint in my hair
tiny flecks of glitter on my face
Yes, to words growing green thoughts
blooming with tickled pink fun
Yes to strumming strings and the gift of music
Yes to torn fabric,beeswax, and hot glue
Yes to making wheels of intent
into a compass rose
yes to dyeing tea filters with food color
wearing paint splattered clothes
Yes, to guerrilla poetry
bending in odd places to
take photos
and people's stares
Yes, to imagination's journey
filled with hope and
love's fragile blooms
tucked in memory's pillow
between vintage pages of
Yes, to dancing in parking lots
racing carts at big,box stores
Yes, to drumming out a tune n'
singing like a loon
Yes to God's whispers
listening to your destiny
and doing it, no matter what
Yes to life~

Yes, I wanted to add more!
Are you saying yes?


Janet said…
Yes and YES! You make me want to live large! I really loved this post Ella, Thank-you for the wonderful prompt! Say yes to life and no to fear...I need to read this again, there is so much reckless beauty here!
Mary said…
Ella, you thought of a great prompt, and I loved how you wrote to it. I loved all of the things you are saying yes to this year. Beautifully expressed.
A wonderful motivational post Ella. Thank you,

Lolamouse said…
YES I am! This really rang true for me. I just bought myself a bunch of paints and other art toys and have been playing like a preschooler-such fun! Good for us!
Wanda said…
Yes, indeed I am. Beautiful Ellie.
Ella said…
Wanda-Thanks! We have to keep trying new things, Yes?! :D

Lolamouse-Yes,here's to the inner child, we must keep her/him alive!
Good for us! enJOY~

Yvonne-Thank you so much~ It means a lot! :D

Mary-Thank you, it came fast. I have had an odd week. I need to remain positive! Thank you Mary!

Janet-Yes,live large, do what you love! Everyone around you will be happier! Okay, reality check there will be one of two Debbie Downers. For them, glue and glitter, lol
I'm still working on it...Thank you Janet! Off to bake, hope I can channel my Inner Lucy~
Lisa said…
I say yes to all of these...especially singing like a loon. Love it!

I want to see you racing a shopping cart down an aisle!
Ella said…
Alex-If I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I will challenge you to a race, lol I'm better at driving a car, though. I live near some back roads, where some of Nascar's greats used to test their wings. I tend to have a heavy foot ;D

Lisa-Yes, I wish I could hear you!
I practiced last night ;D
rch said…
Affirmative!! :-D
Kat Mortensen said…
I like the term, "face the music". I think it sounds positive, doesn't it?

"God's whispers" is a good phrase. Mind if I hold onto that (in my heart)?
here's to all of that :) Except for God thingy, at least for moi :)
Nice pic, is that soap or something edible?
Kay L. Davies said…
Ella, you are both wonderful and amazing, or vice versa.
Luv, K
Daydreamertoo said…
Yes, yes, yes and YES!
Do it and live it and make you heart smile :)
Ah Ella... I had not read your poem until now but we were sure on the same wavelength... except yours were bluer and clearer and far more appealing.... YES!
ninotaziz said…
Oh yes, Ella. I just told Sherry how this is such a cornerstone in my life.

I am with you and wish both of us the best of luck on our leap on faith!
Scarlett Clay said…
I love each and every line of this, YES!! I agree one thousand percent, go for it! Like you, I just want to say yes to doing what I love. :)
Ella said…
Scarlett-Your blog says you are on your way! I love all the art you are sharing! Bravo~

Ninotaziz-Yes, we need to take a leap of faith and do what we love.
I'm on the edge of that corner ;D
You are not alone~ (((hugs)))

PKP-Yes, we were! I found a few other poems that shared a similar view~ I really enjoyed yours! I wouldn't say that...

Daydreamertoo-YES, I am going to...I do see a few warriors I need to fight, Fear n' Doubt. YES, I will fight :D I hope you do the same!

Kay-YOU must be my Fairy Godmother, you always say the right thing! If I was yours, I'd give you the kitchen of your dreams and YES, we both know the other one! (((Hugs))) <3

Dezzy-Thanks, no not soap, candy!
They are orange, banana, grape and bubble gum flavor. This year they added ice cream flavors, too~
They have cute little sayings

Kat-YES, you can hold them in your heart and your mind! You are sweet~

rch-YES, thank you ;D
Heaven said…
I really enjoyed your prompt Ella.

I say YES and go for it ~

Life is wonderful to be pat and tidy ~
Other Mary said…
Oh YES! Great poem, and thanks too for a great prompt!
Dave King said…
Yes, to guerrilla poetry
bending in odd places to
take photos
and people's stares

Fantastic this - and giggle-worthy to boot!

Thanks for the smile.
Becky Shander said…
Yes, glad to see your heart is open to doing it...whatever "it" may be. Do what you will bring you joy.
Old Ollie said…
We don't say "yes" like this enough.
LTM said…
ahh, love this! Especially this part:

Yes to God's whispers
listening to your destiny
and doing it, no matter what
Yes to life~

awesome. :o) <3
yes.. i love your header
Ella said…
Hi Lisa-Thank you ;D

Leigh-Yes, we have to listen!
Thank you 555 <3

Ollie-Yes, we should :D

Becky-Yes, I know you understand about the heart being open! :D

Dave-It is nice to know I made you smile :D We all need to release that inner child, every once in awhile!

OtherMary-Thank you! Yes, I am glad you enjoyed it! ;D

Heaven-Thank you! I hope you enjoy life and say "Yes" when you want to~ :D

Sorry I am very late but....

I love your positivity and yes to all your desires..
I too like yes to God's whispers. Necessary at times of great worry, for me..

Best wishes, Eileen
Susan Kane said…
Saying "YES!" is hard, but I always find out that life is better it. Just have to find that balance.
Melissa Bradley said…
Saying yes in spite of the fear is one of the hardest things to do. I am hoping to finally start letting my other creative thoughts out in terms of painting and drawing.

I love this poem, it made me smile and gave me some hope for my own artistic endeavors. :)
Ella said…
Melissa-It is true! I would love to see your other artistic endeavors, when you are ready! I'm still shy about some things. It take time to get a bit more brave ;D

Susan-Balance, yes, you are so right!
It helps us cope, with all the change, too! Thanks for stopping by~

Eileen-I am sorry for your worries~ I have a few, too! I hope yes helps you and opens new doors