Birthday Celebration

It was my hubby's birthday today!  He had today off, I was surprised.  We seem to be having a run on Peeps at my house. Two March birthdays, daughter n'  hubby and a Peep invasion....I couldn't resist decorating his cake. He wanted a Bundt cake. I couldn't find the mix we had when we were growing up, a Chocolate Macaroon creation. I did mange to combine 2 cake mixes,  cream of coconut and flaked coconut, to come up with a similar cake.  Sort of!

Here is a peek:

Tomorrow, I will be back to comment on the prompt at Poets United and play catch up!
This heat wave is killing my Tour de Pants...only logged 15mls on my bike. I was suppose to do 25, it is so hot!  Hope you are staying cool...  Want some cake?


Janet said…
M-m-m-m! Looks yummy.I love coco-nut anything! This is a very popular Birthday-day!

I'm sure it is very hot where you was sweltering in Ontario today!
Hi Ella .. Happy Birthday to both daughter and hubby ..

Gosh - sounds very warm .. it's beautiful here - but way too warm for Spring ..

Enjoy the week and good luck with the cycling ...cheers Hilary
Happy birthday to bothe husband and daughter, it is sunny here but comfortable, when I was in Spain last week-end it was sorching.

Have a good day,
Mary said…
Your cake looks yummy. You really make a celebration extra special! It was hot here too, but not as hot as the two days before. Loved every degree of it. And...I remember that chocolate macaroon bundt cake you talked about as well!
And the cake looks great! You guys enjoy the day and happy birthday to your husband.
Janelle said…
The cake looks delicious. I would take some for breakfast! I get slammed in May with birthdays, but at least that gives me a little wile to get ready.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, I love birthdays. Your cake creation looks wonderful, especially with the Peep and egg decoration. Have a simply delightful day!
nene said…
Hmmm, Hmmm, love chocolate and cocoanut, but disdain people that are young celebrating birthdays.
Ba humbug :p !!!!!
Ella said…
Nene-46 isn't young! ;D I know I love this combo, too~ lol

Mary Ann Potter-Hubby knew I was having a photo moment when I tossed the Peep on his cake ;D Thank you!

Janelle-There is plenty! :D
Yes, hubby had a piece for breakfast, lol May is a busy month, for us, too~

Alex-Thank you! I'll be by...can't wait to hear what movie you are seeing this weekend ;D Taking pizza with you?! lol

Mary-They had other flavors, but this one was the BEST! lol I love that you remember~ Thank you :D

Yvonne-Sounds wonderful! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and vacation~ I'll be by to visit~

Hilary-Thank you! Yes, it is surprising we seem to have skipped a season?! :D I will stop by to visit! Cheers to you~

Janet-Is someone in your family having a birthday? Yes, it is a busy month! Thank you~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Chocolate maccaroon? Be still, my heart! I didnt know there was such a thing. The cake for your hubby is ADORABLE! When did you find time to bake a cake? hee hee! You are such a great wife and mother. I have been in blogger hell, what a tekky nightmare. Am frazzled and more than a little freaked.
Happy B-day to the hubs :) The cake looks charming :)
Ella said…
Thanks Dezzy! What have you been cooking up? I will have to get on FB and see :D

Sherry-I am sorry to hear about blogger hell. Techy nightmares suck the wind out of you! I hope it has ended~ I would try to mail you cake, but I don't think it would make it through...
Wanda said…
Oh that cake looks super cute.