Interview and Tagged

 Sherry from STARDREAMING with Sherry Blue Sky asked me if she could interview me for Poets United. I hesitated, I have had an unique journey so far, odd would best describe it.   She kept sending me encouraging emails, how fun it will be.  She is a rig and does a wonderful job with the interviews. Some how she gets stuff out of you that no one else would. How does she do this?  It is because she is brilliant at it!   Today I am featured in the Life of a Poet segment. Thank you Sherry I am still in awe of  your process and all I confessed to you! ;D

Carrie from Hope Whispers tagged me~   Her questions are fun and insightful. Here are the rules:

The Rules Are:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 11 fun facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 11 more to ask the ones you tag.
4. Tag however many bloggers you wish.
5. Let them know they are tagged.
6. Have fun!!

 I am bent funny, because I am lighting candles.  My daughter's party was a big hit, especially the cake pops.   She wanted her regular cake with her family and cake pops for her party. This is why I am lighting peeps.  There were a few extras the girls had to blow them up in the microwave. The girls were great. They all are welcome in my home, anytime!

 11 fun facts about me:

1.  I love to be mischievous in grocery stores...I sometimes will hide poems and take photos.  I love to surprise people.

2. I craft like I LOVE LUCY...many of you already know this, lol

3.  I snuck a pizza, not a slice, but a whole pizza into a movie theater once. It was funny, you could hear everyone whisper I smell 

4. I don't act my age. My inner child is probably younger than my kids, who are 23 and 16 ;D

5. I hide craft supplies in my tea pots and tin collection...ssssh, don't tell...

6. I create unique ice cream flavors...I so wanted to work for Ben n' Jerry. I like vanilla bean ice cream with hot peppers. Eat some ice cream chase it with a pepper.

7.  Funny my neighbors are named  Ben n' Jerry.  My brother, Chip's neighbor use to be  Dale..  Chip n' Dale...tee,hee   His real name is Clifford; his childhood nickname is Chip.  Now he lives near Monty...I wonder if he "let's him make a deal".

8. I get carded every time I buy wine.

9.   I have an endless supply of free Botox;  it is called soy allergy.  Every time I ingest too much.  I get facial swelling and hives..I guess it makes me look younger...this is why probably I get carded  #8, lol

10.  I made a fitness plan called, " Tour de Pants"  yes, Lance Armstrong inspired me.  It involves my indoor and outdoor bike and a lot of spinning.  I am going to start another soon.
11.  I scare easily... After the Season finale of  The Walking Dead...I was scared to go outside.
Wasn't it good...   :D    Can't wait for season three~

And now for my 11 questions:
Carrie selected these 

1.  What is your funniest embarrassing moment?
2. What inspires you most to write a story or poem.
3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go?
4.  Is there a series on T.V. that you always record so you will not miss it?
5. How would you finish this sentence? "the love of my life is______".
6. What do you imagine heaven to be like?
7.  What is your first memory as a very small child?
8. How old were you when you wrote your first poem?
9.  If you could go on a vacation today, who would you take with you and why?
10. Is there a food that you just cannot eat?
11.  Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

1. This would be sneaking pizza into the theater. I caused quite a stir. My friend and I worked at the theater and we had missed dinner.
2. Memories inspire me to write stories and poems.  I have lots and lots!  
3. I would love to go to Paris, Italy and Greece. I have always wanted to go to Australia.  I want to cuddle a Koala. I know they have sharp claws. I will have to buy some padded sleeves.
4. The Walking Dead is my latest addiction. Season finale was Sunday, it was something. Now, Touch will be the show I will watch.
5. The love of my life is....ooh, good question!   I guess I would say creating, no words... Creating with words ;D   Husband is the obvious answer...yes he is my LOML.
6. Heaven is seeing my lost loved ones once again! Then we could remake all of those crazy home movies~
7. My first memory ever is dancing in the crib.
8. I would say 9 yrs old is when I wrote my first poem.
9. Today, now.. I'll take my family. I would love to share the wonders of Australia with them.
10. I can't eat soy. I have an allergic reaction. I get anxiety, hives and facial swelling. I call it free    Botox.
11.Besides seeing my children born,  I survived DKA, bs 1380.  I have two birthdays, one in May the other in June.

Now here are a few friends I would like to share the fun with
(I understand if there is anyone not wanting to jump on the worries....just want you to know you are considered for the fun.)
Wanda     The Watered Soul
Leigh      That's Write

My questions are:

1. What is your favorite movie genre?  
2. If you could have your life made into a movie, which actor would play you?  Why?
3. Do you believe in magic? 
4. What is your favorite movie treat?
5. Where do you create?  Elaborate a bit.
6. What is your favorite noise?
7. Share something that you would love to do, but haven't yet.
8. Do you have a favorite song?
9. Who is your favorite author or authors?
10. Do you believe in ghosts?
11. Do you wish on falling stars?

If you care to comment...why not pick a question and tell me the answer! I would love to hear some of your answers :D


Carrie Burtt said…
Yay....I made it here first! I just got on the computre at the perfect time! I just love your answers Ella! You are quite a hoot! I would love to go to a movie with you. Your crafty talents and the poet in your heart make you such a fun person. I cannot believe your kids are that old now. I thought that you were the mother of younger children for some reason...i guess it is because you seem so wonderfully young. I am looking forward to seeing the show Touch as well. I understand also all too well DKA....i cannot believe your blood sugar is step son is a juvenile diabetic and once is was 900. It is a miracle you are alive, and I am sure God has a lot of wonderful things planned for you. I agree about your heaven answer as well....i always imagine seeing loved ones that I miss so much. That is the greatest gift of heaven to me. Thank you so much Ella for are a wonderful sport, and a blessing to know in the bloggosphere. I look forward to reading about your amazing life and beautiful words for years to I am off to read your Poets United interview. :-)
sunny said…
like your post ella,visit mine blog too,iwant to share something:)
i want to answer that question:
If you could have your life made into a movie, which actress would play you? Why?
you asked about the actress,i want to tell you that if i have provided with that oportunity to played a role,Ella i want to play a role of Gregory Peck(late),you asked about actress but i want to act as a male guy,and Ella to be very honest i am good in it:)and you ask that why?because he is my favourite actor,i like his movie "To Kill A mocking bird"and other actor from Pakistan is Mohammad Ali(late),he was also a lend of film world,Aand i like his movie(NUKAR).
Angela Felsted said…
Love the birthday candles on the cake! You are crafty and clever, and I too like to be mischievous at the grocery store. ;)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Okay, I never do these things, but your questions are so good, I started answering them in my mind, so I may be back!!!! (Are you after my job? hee hee)My first memory is in a crib too - I was bitten by a mouse. Yikes!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, what fun to read this! Life is supposed to be fun and full of joy! Now I see that yours is! 8-)

Love those marshmallow Peeps, by the way. 8-)
Laurie Kolp said…
How fun to read these answers and learn more about you. I can't wait to read your interview!
Wanda said…
Enjoyed reading your answer Ella. When I get a free moment I will try to answer the questions. Hope your week is going well. And those cake pops are cute :)
You get carded - that is awesome! Once in a great while, I still get carded as well. (Really? Do you not see the grey?) And if you know how to sneak in a whole pizza, I'm taking you to the movies next time.
Amanda Trought said…
You are such a blessing Ella, be glad to participate:) loved your answers and looking forward to reading your interview. I chickened out of watching the walking dead, saw only the first two episodes of season 1 that was enough to scare me off! Saw Touch recently, quite a good programme though think they may have peaked too soon....with the storyline. Off to answer some of the questions:D
Hart Johnson said…
Ha! Love your answers! I love how playful you are--I think THAT is what keeps you looking young enough to be carded a lot.

I've never seen cake-pops--what a fun idea. They'd be great for a school party or something.
Daydreamertoo said…
Lovely, lovely, lovely :)
Daydreamertoo said…
Oh, and, I too am a 'Walking Dead' addict. I thought the ending was a little bit over the top. But, I was so shocked at the one before this one when they killed off Shane. I guess they have a good reason for doing it but, I thought the tension between Rick, his wife, and Shane was dynamite. Maybe they needed Rick to become the bad *ss for whatever happens next season. The 'other' gang are still out there and who saved Amanda..
We are getting 'Touch' here too. Starts on Thursday this week :)
Becky Shander said…
It all looks like so much fun...the cake pops, the questions and answers...all very cool. And the question I pick is "do you believe in ghosts"? No, but I believe in you suppose they're the same?
M Pax said…
I love the peeps on the cake. Looks like a fun party.

It's nice to learn more about you. I scare easy, too. So much so, I can't watch anything with zombies in it. I'd go around town wacking everbody, just in case they were a zombie.
Heaven said…
Looks like a fun party with that cake....I will await your interview...Sherry is amazing as an interviewer.

We rarely watch movies at theaters now but eating the whole pizza - wow~

Fun getting to know a little bit more about you ~
LTM said…
Ahh! Tagged! I bet I can do this on Monday. As for The Walking Dead, girl! I'm not watching that show either. And free botox! Look out. But I can see why you get carded, pretty thing. And I think your crafts are lovely!

Fun stuff~ :o) <3 555
Kay L. Davies said…
Favorite movie treat?
We haven't been to a movie in years, but I used to love those multi-colored Licorice Goodies until I ate a large box of them and made myself violently ill. (I was 30-something at the time. Sigh. No brains.)
Popcorn always smells so good at a movie theater, doesn't it?
it's true, nobody would believe that you have a 23 year old kid!
Susie Clevenger said…
I love your answers. What is life if we cannot find the humor in it? I will answer the questions soon and i will let you know when I have posted them. Yesterday was a tough day..we took my daughter for a bone marrow test..I am believing for good results March 27th! any way I am trying to get my mind back on writing.
Old Ollie said…
Glad Sherry was on your case. You two are key anchors in this poet community.

Thanks for all you do Ella!
Ella said…
Thank you Ollie! Sherry is amazing; I'm new to being the Thursday girl, but I love it!

Susie-No hurry! I'm sorry to hear this~ I hope and pray for good results! Sending you and your daughter my thoughts and prayers!
Don't do it, skip it and go enjoy your daughter! (((Hugs)))

Dezzy-Thank you, you are sweet! :D

Kay-I'm a popcorn freak! I love licorice, too... Sorry to hear it made you sick~

Leigh-You always are so kind! You are the pretty one, with those gorgeous curls...I'm jealous! I have Indian hair ;D
Thank you! 555 <3

Heaven-It was a medium pizza and I had help! I worked at the theater and the other workers and I hadn't had dinner! Still I wish I had bought a lot of them! We could of sold pizza in the theater, lol
I had the keys that night, the Boss was out of town...
Sherry is amazing! :D

MPAX-I can't watch those blood SAW movies. In fact sometime I will try to get on the computer, while my hubby n' daughter are watching stuff and the musical score drives me out of the room. lol I can handle Zombies, most of the time!
Glad you are prepared! Me, I am tossing them chocolate, cures me when I'm a Zombie ;D Thanks!

Becky-It would be nice if they were at least cousins! I like the idea of it~ Thank you!

Bren-Oh,I'm glad you know what I am talking about! You mean Andrea, she is a tough one! I would of liked the triangle to last longer, too! Season 3 is going to be interesting, with Rick. You know they are going to be in a prison next season! I was shocked about Shane, too~ Thank you :D

Hart-Thank you! I do think it helps, can't hurt... If you go to Bakerella blog she has a ton of ideas on Cake Pops~ Some really adorable ones...big hit at the party! Let them make their own...

Amanda-You are so sweet! I look forward to your answers~ I started the first season and wasn't sure. Then tried again and got hooked~
Thank you!

Alex-It was in reality probably medium sized and I had a big tote bag ;D I have gray hair, too! I don't have a lot, is coming! Thank you! My son is at the midnight showing of "The Hunger Games" what a great movie to sneak a pizza in for. lol
Ella said…
Wanda-Thank you! No hurry, I hope you are having a great week :D
Yes, they enjoyed making them~

Laurie-Thank you! Sherry is amazing, quite the process! I thought I had a good idea and yet, she surprised me~

Mary Ann-I try, I have had my share of pain, but I know life is short!
Thank you!

Sherry-You are funny! I can't fill your shoes, but it would be fun to interview you :D Yikes, a mouse...

Angela-We will have to compare notes ;D Thank you, I bet I could learn some tricks from you, lol
Ella said…
Sunny-Gregory Peck is one handsome actor! You have great taste~ I will be by to visit! Great choice :D

Carrie-I am so glad you were first! How appropriate! I loved your questions~ You always inspire me, with your poems! Your blog is always filled with wonder~ You look,so young to be a grandmother! I hope your Step son is doing okay, it is a difficult disease~ I hope we are right about heaven~ Thanks for being you! Thank you~
Anonymous said…
Chip's neighbor is actually Monty, not Dale.
Ella said…
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