A is for Astounded


I'm astounded, I'm on my third round of the A-Z blogging challenge. Our founder Arlee Bird has
enlisted a team and there are many tips. The focus this year is fun!  I think I am going to attempt, an art journal. I am a bit challenged today, with everyone home, but this is a beginning and we all improve as we go, right?!   

We all have desires to achieve, dreams to go for... What are your aspirations?  There is still time to join.  My first year, I discovered this challenge on letter G. I found a quick way to catch up.  I went to the garden section and did a combo post. I could of done the whole alphabet there, but didn't want to play that way.   My ambition...my latest one is to get the cover of one of the magazines, I submit art to.  I know pretty ambitious, but why not.  Now I have to get my ambition aligned with action.  What is your ambition?  Care to share... C'mon I did ;D

 So here's to an astounding challenge!  Maybe I should have picked amazing?!  ;D


Melissa Bradley said…
That is a great ambition and goal. I know you will accomplish getting that cover. You are far too talented not to shine on there. :)

We are off to a super challenge this year.
Arlee Bird said…
Astounding, amazing--it all works. Now over 1600 signed up. What have we done? I can't stay up like this every night.

Have a great time, Ella.

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out
Twitter: @AprilA2Z
Hi Ella .. I love this art-work .. what a great idea .. I know you'll produce some lovely things - I'll be a-watching .. cheers Hilary
Wonderful amazing post Ella.
Good luck with the challenge.

Rosalind Adam said…
All the best with your ambition. I guess mine is to get more children's picture books published but I'm spending all my writing time on A to Z right now so...

Mary said…
Good luck with your challenge, Ella. It is a worthy one, and I am sure you are up to it. My ambition is to complete NaPoWriMo, a similar challenge....whatever gets us writing is a good thing!
Wanda said…
What creative art work my friend and who says that your goal is too ambitious.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You can so totally nail that cover! Wow, 1600 signed up? That makes for a lot of visiting and commenting:)But sounds like fun.
Shannon King said…
Your post was Awesomely Astounding and Amazing...blessings
Jo Murray said…
Love that A-Z... so clever!
Bonnie Gwyn said…
1600? Fantastic! Aspirations ... to finally finish editing one of my novels and get it out to the public. :) Good luck!
baygirl32 said…
An Astounding challenge indeed!

my ambition for this challenge is to visit 25 new blogs a day - ambitious indeed

happy A to Z
Reb Alexander said…
Good luck, I love your blog!
Great idea for the challenge. I look forward to seeing more of your posts :)
Nancy Claeys said…
What a great theme! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog -- unfortunately, I will likely not be able to continue the A-Z Challenge due to time constraints, but I hope we can continue to connect.

Have a wonderful week, Ella. :)
KarenG said…
Hi Ella, I look forward to your very cool art journal ideas!
Welcome to the A-Z! Love your post. :D


A to Z co-host
Ella said…
Hello everyone we are off to a great start, don't you think :D

Elizabeth-Thank you! I loved your photos of Utah. I had trouble commenting...I'll stop back by! :D

Karen G-I decided on endeavors, but still artistic in nature~ Thank you

Nancy-I am sorry to hear that! I will stop by and visit you again!
Hope you are okay!

Jack-I look forward to your posts :D

Reb-Good luck to you! Thank you~ :D

baygal-I love your name :D I grew up by the bay in Maine!

Bonnie-I so hope your dream comes true :D

Hi Jo-Thank you! You should join~
I love you art :D

Shannon-Blessings to you! I remember you from last year~ Glad you are back :D

Sherry-Yeah,what was I thinking?! lol You are suppose to have fun, 10 new blogs a day is my goal. More when time permits :D

Wanda-I love your voice~ Thank you!

Mary-We should celebrate at the end~! I think I need a T-shirt for A-Z and the bike tour, ;D Good Luck to you Mary and I so agree, whatever gets our wheels spinning is good~

Rosalind-Oh, that sounds wonderful!
How fun~ I'll be by to visit!

Yvonne-Good Luck to you! I know you will do well, you always do :D

Hilary-I'll be by soon! I love all the unique facets you share! :D

Lee-I know, but the theme is fun, do your best and get some rest :D

Melissa-We are off to a great start! Thank you, I loved what Alex said about you~ I am trying to figure out which one of your books, I want to read soon~ :D
Glad you are on this journey~
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, love the goal, and I am looking forward to seeing you on the cover! It's been great to see you florish over the year and see some of the lovely images you have contributed to one of my favourite magazines! You are definitely an inspiration! Blessings, Amandax
Christine Rains said…
That's so cool! Great start to the Challenge. New follower here thanks to Alex. :)