I've got the Music in me

Don't we all?!   Doesn't music cause you to time travel back. I selected the prompt  #90 Music, for Poets United this week.   I grew up listening to my Dad's favorites, Johnny Cash and Herb Albert n' The Tijuana Brass, then he moved on to Waylon and Willie and the boys. Mom was more hip, she loved Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles.  My Mom played the Eagles album, till I wanted to scream, talk about reverse psychology.

Dad threatened to blow up the radio station I listened to, lol. He did not like my racket. He was teasing me. Then we agreed on this song, Classical Gas.  I love so many different type of music, classical,(actually my Dad use to play this song on the guitar, more Spanish) Jazz, head banging mental, Rock, Indie, Folk, Soul, not so much a country fan, I do appreciate Opera, but it isn't my thing. I loved this song, can you guess why?  Yes, the drums  I wish my grandfather could have seen this performance...mind blowing Neil Peart! :D   This is my latest fav.(warning some off language). What kind of music is your favorite?   Hard isn't it, to narrow it down ;D

 My father played the guitar, his Mom n' sister the piano, and his Dad played the drums. My grandfather use to be a band leader. If he heard parade music on TV, he would get up and march in the living room.  He was a true drummer, always drumming out a tune. I wanted to play the drums, but my father discouraged it. No, my grandfather no longer had a drum kit, but he did teach me to pound out Papa,Mama on my knees.  Secretly, I still want a drum kit.  My brother did end up playing drums..so I had a few opportunities.  I would of loved to had lessons. He taught me a little bit, in between his lessons and playing every sport on the planet.  I know jazz beat and rock.  I play the guitar.  Some day I will get my drums, it might be an App on the IPAD 3. No, I don't have it yet, but it probably is my best bet.  I won't be disturbing the peace, like my Dad use to do with his guitar parties.

Music is a garment we choose to wear
sometimes a windswept cloak
its destination unknown
like twilight
it's movement sways
 shadows of the past

Sometimes it weaves threads 
of  warmth
and color in our heart's home
remaining in rooms of our childhood
spirit to dance
I hope

Sometimes it is a net
cast out
catching treasured thoughts
of souls 
too soon

Sometimes it is a painful
dark descent 
a hallway you
 want to take

winds of change 
in your portal
 chambered dreams

the key is a doorway of
invisible magic
golden dust 
sprinkled with
riptides of longing
for faded youth
one minute
stitched well
a joy to wear


Mary said…
I like so many different kinds of music. I love Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga. I like R.E.M., Neil Diamond, Leonard Cohen. I like Iz, the Hawaiian. I like Bluegrass. The Beatles. Judy Collins. Simon and Garfunkle. So many that he would be a very long list. One kind of music I am not a great fan of is jazz...but maybe I just haven't heard the RIGHT jazz.
Ella said…
Hi Mary-I know I like all you mentioned, too. I couldn't list them all...I was just having early memories of what was playing at my house! Fun to think about, isn't it!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, I love it when you look back like this.,.....it takes me way back too. Hmmm....maybe I will blog a bit about music tonight..........I dont think a poem will happen, but you have put me in a reminiscent mood.
nene said…
My world of music enjoyment and appreciative is quite expansive. Usually, I will listen to anything all over the world; Love Latin love music, African beat, Jazz, classical, opera, 'etc, etc, etc' (from King and I).
The only type of expression that I have a less than ambitious interest is 'rap' without melody.
Otherwise put some music on and give me a plate of tacitos con frijoles, aros con pollo and tortillas de mais and I'm content.

Viva la vida!!!!!
Dorthe said…
Dear Ella, I was very touched by your poem- and could feel as if it was written just for me- as musisic is all that for me-if I ever would have had the gifts of yours to express myself.
Thankyou dear for your sweet comments to me- I so apreciate your kind words.I hope your weekend will be filled with beautiful music and joy.
I love all sorts of music from classical to Daniel O Donnell.
Was taught classical music as a child but though I went to the modern in the 60s my love for the classic never wavered.
Enjoyed your post and such a wonderful poem.

rch said…
Well I play in a band, need I say more. Some of the most intense memories I have are associated with and often recalled because of music, and I like how you captured this , along with many other meanings, thanks.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Anything Motown but especially The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops. Anything by Ricky Nelson who died so tragically back in 1985. (I still celebrate his birthday every May 8; he'd be 72 this year.)
Andrea Bocelli. Josh Groban.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Music and poetry are so indelibly linked, one hardly know when one ends and the other begins.
Heaven said…
I clicked on those links...whew...some hard core music there. I like music that are more soothing and gentle like your words here....but there is definitely a connection when the muse is music ~
Peart would blow any musician's mind!
Francis said…
There is so much great talent out there. I came across an online music competition where people upload their videos. There are entries from all over the world, and some of them are amazing. Check it out at www.makeastar.com
Anonymous said…
you construct a lot of things that music can be, but i like that it's a garment, in general.
Anonymous said…
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