Photo Challenge

Kerry of Toads gives us a chance to prepare, for our Sunday photo challenge. She posted on Saturday at noon CST,  to allow extra time for the creative process to unfold.  This week's featured artist is Shanyn Silinski.  Her photos are stunning...I knew when I saw the sunflower, where I had to go...
You can also visit and see Shanyn's talent on her two blogs:   Sunflower Shan and Mystic Mom

 © Shanyn Silinski

Sun's touching light 
weathered sparks 
against an electric blue sky
igniting golden radiance
surrounding the Italian earth
dance of divine proportion
 black oiled cresta
in a sea of stars
Fibonacci's vision extends
 half tones revealed
as invisible strings 
stretch and bond
 grateful legs remain

Thank you Shanyn!  I watched a pilot show this week called "Touch".  It will premiere 3/18 at 6:30pm
EST.  I highly recommend it; it gave me chills up and down my spine.  I guess  you could say I was
"touched".  It was in an awe inspiring way~  If you get a chance check it out 1+1=3

I have been tagged by Carrie of Hope Whispers.  I will try to post this on Monday.  Friday was thundershowers and power outages...augh!  I now have to take my daughter to a school function, but I will be back to catch up. I need to visit and comment, weather permitting! I miss all of you~


Heaven said…
I like the sun's touching light and dance of divine proportion ~

Have a lovely day ~
Mary said…
You have used beautiful words in your poem. I love 'electric blue sky' and 'golden rdiance' and have brought that photograph to life!
You find the most amazing words to use, Ella.
Netty said…
Beautiful words for a beautiful photograph. x
shelly said…
One word describes your poetry. Beautiful.

You've been tagged, too? Oh boy!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
It is all a "dance of divine proportion", kiddo, even when it feels like rushing! Great poetic response to the photo.
Lolamouse said…
Fibonacci series are always so amazing and poetic (especially for math!) Lovely photo and image. Looking forward to delving into this!
Mama Zen said…
Really gorgeous imagery!
Herotomost said…
The Italian earth...I love that. The swirl of art and math, this is a lovely painting and great take on the challenge.
Mary Mansfield said…
The opening to this poem just takes my breath away!
Susie Clevenger said…
This is beautiful...You did a great job in "this dance of diving proportion."
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is very creative - I like that you dropped us into the sunflower fields of Italy.
Zoe Francesca said…
Very lyrical, it calls to something deep within me - that divine proportion I guess. :) Love the way you linked the swirl of maths and art in the sunflower. Just beautiful!
Marian said…
interesting! makes me go, hmmmm.
Mystic_Mom said…
If the sunflower was in the dark it would turn to your poem for the light it reflects! Lovely write, truly enjoyable. Thanks for joining in!
Fireblossom said…
I wonder if this little flower knows it is having poetry written for it...
I'd love to swim in the sea of stars
Shawna said…
The sound in this is absolutely gorgeous! Love this:

weathered sparks"
Wendy Ewurum said…
I appreciate you talent Ella. It's beautiful. Thank you
Anonymous said…
Its that time of year to plant the sunflowers. My kids are excited about it. Have a great week!
Kay L. Davies said…
Delightful, Ella. I love the first four lines especially, but it is all lovely.
Scarlett Clay said…
Beautiful photo and your poem is rythmic and so visual, I love it. Looked at the 'Touch' site, looks really interesting, I want to check it out! The only new shows I've been catching are episodes of 'Shaun the Sheep' that my kids think is so funny.I think I'm ready for a 'grown-up' show about now. :)
Mary Ann Potter said…
The sun, the Italian earth, the sheer beauty of this poem!!!
Daydreamertoo said…
Fabulous imagery. The sunflower cannot be about anything other than the sun can it? I'm sure it was created to give us the sun upon earth.
A beautiful write.
Carrie Burtt said…
Touching light....what a beautiful thought...this is a glorious poem Ella! So glad you are going to participate in the continuam....i look forward to reading your post. Hope you have a great week! :-)
Margaret said…
I seldom if ever equate math with such beauty... but underneath most beauty, it is there, isn't it? Very nice poem.
Ella said…
Margaret-I know me either, but it is there! Amazing huh :D Thank you~

Carrie-I have to run to get my daughter,but I am working on it! I so enjoyed yours~ :D Thank you :D

Daydreamertoo-It was created to give us many gifts, insight, beauty, math, sunflower oil and seeds for us and the birds~ A great gift~ Thank you!

Laurie-I'm still working on your prompt..I am writing about my husband Navy medals...Thank you!

Thank you Mary Ann! :D I so wish I could go to Italy~

Scarlett-I hope you did...I think it re airs tonight?! It was an amazing show! Shaun sounds cute, but I do remember needing adult themed shows and grown up talk, too! Thank you~

Thank you Kay, yes, I found the rest hard to write. It is hard to express the math part, for me~

Stephen-I loved yours and Hilary's post about Stephen Hawking...I wasn't able to respond..I will stop by and again and see if I can!
Yes, it is the time of magic :D Hope you and your kids have fun planting~

Wendy-Thank you! Oh, I'll be by to visit! I hope you are doing well~

Shawna-Thank you! It does lend itself to magic...I love sunflowers~

Dezzy-Me, too..which kind are you talking about? The Hollywood variety or the celestial

Fireblossom-You know it does! ;D

Mystic Mom-That was so poetic and beautiful! Thank you so much~ :D

Marian-Hope you watch "Touched" more hmmmmm!

Zoe-It is so not like me...Math and I use to be best friend, lol
Thank you, there is real math in this gem and plenty of beauty~

Kerry-It is nice to travel with poetry ;D Thank you~ I enjoyed my journey on the train you shared~

Thank you Susie! It was during laundry moments...I know you can so relate ;D

Mary-Thank you so much @>-----
I'm touched you liked it~

Herotomost-Thank you...I will be by to see what magic you have stirred! :D

Thank you Mama Zen! I enjoyed your take on the prompt, too~

Lolamouse-I'm looking forward to your take~ Thank you! :D

Sherry-Yes, lots of golden ratios being held up this
more like divine interruptions :D

Shelly-You, too?! lol Thank you~
I'll be by, soon!

Netty-I know her photos are stunning! Thank you~

Alex-Thank you, I picked words like flowers... I know sometimes they will be sweet and other times...yikes! lol

Mary-Thank you! I do think of these gems being so vibrant and bright against their blue canvas~

Heaven-Thank you! I will have to work on my math addition ;D
Old Ollie said…
Ella said…
Thank you Ollie! I really enjoyed your wisdom~ I will stop by more often...
Laura Maria said…
Your words do credit to the stunning image! I love the line "grateful legs stand proud".
P.S. your interview with Sherry was really great!
Ella said…
Thank you Laura~ It is amazing what that woman can get you to talk about, lol! Thank you so much :D