Poem Sketching

I had to write a prompt for "The Imaginary Garden"  I found this book, a couple of days ago and knew  I must share this book.  It is a book called "Writing Poetry From The Inside Out: Finding Your Voice Through the Craft of Poetry" by Sandford Lyne. He talks about how artist sketch, before they paint and how poets should do the same, before they write.
Play with words that is.  He mentions using a journal as a "Writer's Studio"  filling it with words, ideas, quotes, other poet's poems that inspire and clipping from magazines. Whatever stirs your soul and you like, put in your space, I mean journal.  He shares an exercise called "Poem sketching" It involves word groups.  You can see more of the details here.


The morning-light show by ~jchanders

 word groups I used:  barefoot, words, breath, fingers;  pond, waves, queen, dragonfly.
I substituted commands for words and nymphs for dragonflies.

Amber sunrise
wakes silent pond
her translucent fingers stretch, tickle
and wake soon playful nymphs
they flirt and pump their wings
in the liquid resin light

Emerald Queen waves as Amber's fingers reach
her forest floor
into her heart's bareroots
She commands starlets n' sparrows to perform
soon she will tiptoe barefoot
into morning's dew
and surrender to the waves
 Uriel's shore
You will see your Queen's breath mist 
swirl and fog your day.

I found this photo after I wrote the poem. It captures the tone of my poem.  Later this week I will share another exercise from this book!  I was going to add another exercise, on this post, but we have company stopping by!
More later....


Mary Ann potter said…
I am enthralled by this poem. Truly. So gorgeous, full of beautiful images, swirling my day with this. 8-) Wow.
Ella said…
I felt that way about yours Mary Ann!
I could see the whole image in my mind's eye! :D Thank you~
Kerry O'Connor said…
Both pictures are utterly breath-taking and you have woven your words into a delightful dance of the morning light. Exquisite.
It's wonderful, Ella!
I bet that idea would work for any writer.
hedgewitch said…
Lovely picture to complement your word image of dawn and mist personified. Loved the colors in both. Thanks for this cool prompt, too--I had a lot of fun with it.
Lovely poem full of imagery. A pleasure to read.

Scarlett Clay said…
You know, this is something I might actually be able to do, a way to get started writing something, I love this idea and the whole concept. Thanks for sharing this!And that photo does go with the poem, perfectly.
Kateri said…
Your poem is breathtaking...and the pictures you chose to go with it are stunning. Thanks for a great prompt.
Laurie Kolp said…
Ella- This is such a great exercise for us... and I love your poem. Thank you!
Mary Mansfield said…
Beautiful poem! Love the phrase "liquid resin light"
Fireblossom said…
I am quite often naturally fogged!
nene said…
Your painting with words marry well with the pics you inserted.
Your lovely syntax inspires me to do a morning walk.

good luck on your endeavor with the culinary path.

Thank you for sharing
Margaret said…
To think of sunrise as "her translucent fingers stretch, tickle" is truly awesome. Thanks for this prompt and I MUST get that book! Looking forward to the next exercise. ;)
Teresa said…
This is a wonderful exercise, and it sounds like a great book. I love your poem, and the picture really does fit perfectly.
Daydreamertoo said…
I could almost see the dance of fairies and nymphs in this. Lovely, the picture was just the icing on the cake!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a feast of words and images......I so love fairies.....I truly think I used to write better when I wrote my poems by hand.....a different connection from keyboards but keyboards are faster. Thanks for this, kiddo........
Anonymous said…
This is just lovely, Ella! I adore nymph and fairy poetry. :) Here is my favorite section:

"her translucent fingers stretch, tickle
and wake soon playful nymphs
they flirt and pump their wings
in the liquid resin light"

Herotomost said…
I really want my day fogged like that...wow, that was some creation form a just a few little words. And the pics...looovveeely...lol. Great job!
Mystic_Mom said…
Wonderful exercise, great images and a really well written poem. Wonderfully done.
Heaven said…
I like the amber sunrise, the heart's bareroots and Queen's breath mist....Sorry to miss your prompt over at RT..busy day at the office.

I always catch up though with your prompt over at PU ~

Cheers ~
Arlee Bird said…
the Morning Light Show photo is amazing and your poem is a worthy accompaniment.

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Ella said…
Lee-Thank you :D I wrote the poem first and then found the photo. Yes, it is an amazing pic~

Heaven-No worries! Life happens like that~ Mine is upside down lately. I'm just trying to keep afloat...get to it when you can!

Mystic Mom-Thank you! The book is great, you would love it~

Herotomost-Thank you, yes I want a day, just like the photo! :D
I'll come see what you have been up to~

Shawna-Thank you! I enjoyed reading your poem, so much magic in your view :D

Sherry-Try it! It does have magic elements, I agree! Whatever works best, right!

Bren-Thank you! I am so glad I found it :D

Teresa-Thank you! There is so much talent over at this site:

Margaret-Thank you :D I can't wait to read more. It has magical qualities! ;D

Nene-I love that I inspired you~
I'm not sure about the culinary path. I think I have to rearrange that dream, but thank you!

Dezzy-I love elfish! Thank you ;D

Fireblossom-Yes, we all have days like that! Sometimes it is a good escape :D

Mary-Thank you! I had fun writing it~ :D

Laurie-I still want to try your perspective poem. I might apply the idea to another prompt! It was very clever of you~ Thank you~
Ella said…
Kateri-Thank you so much! It was so amazing to find the photo! ;D

Scarlett-Thank you! Yes, give it a try. It is fun, I hope you like it

Yvonne-Thank you! I will be by to see what magic you have been up to :D

Hedgewitch-I am so glad you liked it~ This book has so many amazing prompts! I :D

Alex-I think it could work! Worth a try, right! Thank you~

Kerry-Thank you! I enjoyed sharing this prompt~ I might use this book again ;D
Susie Clevenger said…
Such beautiful photographs. Your poem has me seeing the magic in an amber sunrise and emerald queen..
Hannah said…
A treasury of words and images, Ella!! I love what you've done with them! I used some of the same, cool to see how different things can look. Excellent!
Ella said…
Hi Susie-I am glad your daughter is okay! I'll be by to visit you~

Hannah-Oh, really...I'll be by! I can't wait to read more of this book! It is amazing(I think that is my new fav word) ;D