Ruffled Feathers

I went to court today, for the  third time since November.  I was a witness for a reckless driving case. I am the only witness. Every time I go, nothing happens...  It feels like a side show circus. I even saw one gal, with fingernails like in the show Dexter. Yes, I feel like I need to soothe my ruffled feathers, a wasted day.  I being the Thursday gal at Poets United, posted a prompt #88 Feather.  YOU should visit, lots of inspiration between photos and poetry!  Stop by and check it out~

Here is my take on my prompt ;D

patterns of human. by ~stickbugs

 The wrinkles reminded me of you see what I mean?

Frozen moments float
gravity falls in lunar dust
time's wrinkle folding
graceful sheer wings stroke
Galileo's beguiling dance


 Dark trailing edges
silent wings stroke beguile
swooping talons dig
quicksilver moon winks and nods
intuitive vane says go North

The Feather by ~SnowDwarf

Immortal ashes
between fingers of sheer light
skeletal strings fall
dance of gold and crimson glows
horizon wrinkles time's plan

"Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time." ~ Jean Paul




Janet said…
I need to make a confession, Ella. My feather's are a teeny-weeny bit green with envy as I wonder what it would be like to be able to think and write like this! I'm still working my 'feather' thoughts through.

Your life reads like a story book! you are an amazing gift to all who have the blessing of being touched by you and your words.

Kay L. Davies said…
Beautifully done, Ella.
Dreadful for you having to spend your time hanging around in a courtroom, but I truly believe good people must be willing to step forward to help, or the whole system of justice, in your country and in mine, might grind to a halt.
I say this, though, having never been in the position you're in, being a witness, a juror, etc., so I am, perhaps, not really entitled to an opinion.
So...I can offer sympathy, if not actual empathy or understanding, okay?
Mystic_Mom said…
Ella - your poetry is music to my eyes! Lovely to read and an experience too...really well done.
Anonymous said…
beautiful images and imagery, Ella - I see you're on a tanka roll :)
Netty said…
Wonderful words to go with your great photographs. Enjoy the weekend, x
shelly said…
Well, the courts always move slow. It's all the crappy paperwork and verbal jargin.

But your poetry is beautiful.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautiful beautiful poems, kiddo. And, as always, a GREAT prompt! You are so good at this!
Teresa said…
Beautiful poetry to go with the pictures.
kaykuala said…
Great write Ella! Got to give it to you. Not many would do what you did. Many just wouldn't bother because of the hassles.

Flowing words that match the photos so well! And sorry about the court stuff. Hope you're done with it soon.
Tarang Sinha said…
Really nice! Especially the last one & Lovely images:)
Hi Ella .. time wasting is so frustrating for all concerned. But as the others have said - wonderful imagery here from your words, with great pictures to match ..

Enjoy the weekend .. cheers Hilary
Daydreamertoo said…
Feathers mean a great deal to me (as you read) Yes, would be lovely to hear your thoughts on what you'd commented. :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
Each tanka is splendid. I love the motif of the feather and how you returned again to the wrinkles in the final lines.
Arlee Bird said…
I'm not a fan of court, but how strange it must be to be a witness.

Your metaphors and imagery in this poetry has elegant beauty. Subtle yet stunning.

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Marian said…
wow, go tanka! very nice, Ella. beautiful photos, naturally :)
Karen said…
An inspiring trio Ella!
Grace said…
Very nice tanka set...see once you get the form, you keep them rolling...I like time's wrinkle folding and immortal ashes...great images ~

And thanks for the picture and book very pretty. I got them all in one piece. Thank you ~
Hannah said…
I'm in love with the look of your blog!! It is gorgeous and your words are so graceful and unique!

I enjoyed each of your tanka and images, very nicely done. I see the resemblance, too, in the feather to the hand.

I wrote to your prompt 88 yesterday, I spent the better part of the afternoon, tripping down memory lane. Great fun! Thank you.
Ella said…
I will be back to comment! Thank you Hannah, I am still dealing with thundershowers. I get online; I get off...augh!
I am happy your had a great trip :D
Thank you~

I will comments in the morning and make my rounds! I know when this storm will strike, around 3am. It has been thundering since 5pm!
rch said…
These are really good, very original phrasing, I think I like the last one best.
Renee said…
Hi Ella, Sorry about the court thing...again. Your poetry hasn't suffered at all. It is so beautiful and the photos are perfect.

Thank you for posting such a beautiful poetry prompt.....

I feel so lucky when I see a feather, especially one simply fluttering to the ground. I feel that it is a sign from my mother...

Mother's Day here on Sunday :)

Margaret said…
...a near fatal car crash avoided somehow.. a car going down a one way street FAST at me and my children... he swerved into our lane and just missed us by a few inches... it happened SO fast I had not time to react until AFTER it happened....

"Immortal ashes
between fingers of sheer light"

I really liked the above but all your words are beautiful and photos!
Ella said…
Margaret-I am so sorry to hear this, but so happy you and your family are okay! I always shake scary~
Thank you!

Eileen-YOU are welcome! :D How touching and beautiful yours was~
I love this imagine you paint! I believe it truly is!
Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope you find a feather today~

Hi Renee-I am so behind..I'll be by to visit you! Hope you are doing well and have been busy creating magic! I look forward to seeing your art in the next issue :D Thank you~

rch-Thank you so much! Fun to write these...they are addictive after you get the hang of it~

We went to a high school talent show! Adele songs were popular! Our neighbor won 2nd prize...she should have won 1st! I tried to get my daughter to enter she won't...but I have another idea ;D
First the guitar strings and some practice...

Hannah-I love that you went down memory lane! Thank you~ :D I hope you had a wonderful time revisiting~ I will stop by and see what you have been up to!
Ella said…
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Ella said…
Grace-I am so happy to hear you received them; YOU are welcome :D

Karen-Thank you so much~

Marian-lol, love "go tanka" are funny~

Lee-Thank you! I think there could be a book in this, but not sure I'm up for it. It is draining to go, so much crazy all in one room!

Kerry-Thank you, I didn't plan it but it was a good way to tie them together! Thanks for noticing :D

Bren-I can't thank you enough for all you have shared with me. I will email you more soon! YOU have such a gracious spirit~

Hilary-Thank you! I so enjoyed the wonderful cheery post on your blog!
Just wonderful... :D

Tarang-Thank you so much! I will be by to see what you have been up to :D

Alex-Thank you! I will be glad, too~ I could of used a Ninja ;D

Hank-I don't know I guess I was in the mood for a challenge! Thank you~

Teresa-Thank you so much! :D

Sherry-I'm enjoying being the Thursday girl~ I am sure I will get tired, but so far, so good~
Thank you!

Shelly-Yes, too slow! There is always a bit of comedy and drama~
More drama...augh~ Thank you!

Netty-Thank you! I am enjoying your art :D

turtlememoir-I saw a turtle today and thought of you~ Thank you ;D

Thank you Mystic Mom! Loved your photos :D

Kay-Thank you! I was a witness that so far has not been called..?!
I did my duty being a good citizen...thank you for your kind words~

Janet-I'm amazed! You are so talented~ I love your poetry...
I have had an odd life, to be honest. I have had a lot of pain, but I am trying to see the good in it~ Thank you so much for your kind words! @>----- I was stunned~