Think Tank Thursday # 87-Moon

I'm the Thursday girl, as Sherry calls me, for Poets United.  Every Thursday I post a poetic prompt. I was lead to this one ;D  Tonight there will be a full moon.  I did hesitate to post it. Poets write about the moon.  I haven't, but there are so many ways to interpret Lunar's light. I figured why not...

Pale Geisha swims
 to the edge of the midnight canvas
her limbs caress the sacred sea
time for her painting lesson
with ripples of enlightenment
her fingertips spread illuminated light
it runs, drips and pools
 along the ink washed landscape of
Pine Soot and Sumi Blue ink

Four gentlemen watch
her technique
 it's fluid rhythm
her life's work
Sometimes  her art hangs in the 7th house

She paints with opaque essence
a translucent blend 
which reflects all 
of her cousins' beauty
across the Mica stars

Another self portrait
it changes
with her many moods
this time she used
her sister's suggestion
 she is world renowned 
her own signature style

the moon by ~Odenphotography


Janet said…
'it runs, drips and pools
along the ink washed landscape of
Pine Soot and Sumi Blue ink' Gorgeous! Every bit of it:)
Most poets don't write about the moon the way you do, Ella! You really do paint with words.
Lolamouse said…
The moon painting a self portrait? Love it! I had to check out your link also-now there's something else I want to buy! I'm going to have to shred my Visa card!
Lorna Cahall said…
Love writing about the moon. Such a deep connection
Netty said…
Beautiful words and loving your photo. x
Mary Ann Potter said…
I loved it - the creation of a painting in such a unique way. Swimming to the edge, mica stars, all of it working so beautifully!
Mystic_Mom said…
How amazingly creative this is...wonderfully done!
Daydreamertoo said…
Being Cancerian star sign, I've always been pulled by the moon and water. Long before I even knew a bit about what star signs were all about.
The moon does have a lot of mystique and such majesty about her, doesn't she?
I read a few days ago that the race is on against the Chinese getting there and starting to 'mine' the moon. This fills me full of dread and sorrow because, humans haven't done a very good job of taking care of this planet in the past 200 or so years, what chance does the moon have of not being destroyed and the delicate balance that keeps it all in place ..tipped.
Your prose is lovely and so fitting for how beautiful she is. :)
Kay L. Davies said…
A beautiful poem, Ella. I love it.
Heaven said…
Beautiful..I specially like:

along the ink washed landscape of
Pine Soot and Sumi Blue ink
Karen said…
Moonlight described to a T -"opaque essence". A lovely poem for pondering.
As always your poems are most imagiative, Wonderful to read.

Lisa said…
Thank god you posted it! It's lovely xx
Janet said…
One more comment...even if you don't paint...check out the link! the paint color names are poetry!
Ella said…
Janet-I know I want them :D
I won a painting class starts in April. I use to my teens.
I know are the names pretty!

Lisa-Thank you so much! I'll be by to see how you have been ;D

Yvonne-Thank you, this means a lot!
I loved your A-Z T-shirt and your big smile. You look great~

Karen-Thank you! I kind of stumbled into the paint part. Then thought why not... :D

Heaven-Thank you, I wanted to chose something different to exude Lunar's beauty~ The four gentleman are North, South, East and West :D

Kay-Thank you so much~ I will be by to see what you have conjured up! I hope you are doing well~((hugs))

Daydreamertoo-It is cause for concern! I can't is such a delicate balance. I don't understand the way the world is turning out these days...makes me sad, too! Thanks for sharing~

Mystic Mom-I love your name ;D
Thank you so much...

Mary Ann-Thank you, I wanted to do something different! I figured paint would push the image in a different way :D

Netty-Thank you so much! Not my photo, but there are listings underneath... There are more on Poets United! I know amazing right!

Lorna-Yes,you are so right! We do have a deep connection to the moon... It is amazing how much :D

Lolamouse-I know right! lol
Thank you...there is another kind of paint I want, begins with a B, but couldn't find it. It has the sheer, vibrant, luminous quality.
The names are amazing, too :D
I don't own any of the paints I linked, but I want to!

Alex-Thank you that was so sweet of you to say~ I am going to work on that book. Computer is up and working well, but hubby got a new keyboard. Now, I don't type as fast... :( No, it is great! Just need some time to adjust...

Janet-Thank you I wanted to leave a feeling of paint pooling and blurring together. I use to paint...long, long ago ;D Time to try again!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the wonderful prompts!!!
Your poem takes me to many places... thank you
Kerry O'Connor said…
As you say, many poems have been written about the moon, but I do not recall ever seeing the moon compared to a geisha's face. That image has such immediate impact because it is just so right. I love the references to inks and pigments too.
Wanda said…
Amazing imagery in this one Ellie.
M Pax said…
I love the way you use words, Ella. Absolutely beautiful.
Gina said…
WOW! Very nice! I'll keep popping up to read more of your sweet rhythm.

From Diary of a Writer in Progress
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I SO LOVE THIS POEM!!!!! Sorry to be so late coming by, I lose track of my daze, hee hee. I LOVE your take on the prompt and the picture - a Geisha. How original. Love the "ink washed landscape" and the Sumi blue ink. And, especially "sometimes her art hangs in the 7th house".

Wow, kiddo. Fantastic writing!!!!
Scarlett Clay said…
I love the words and references to art in this poem, it's perfect for the theme...looove that photo!
rch said…
I love the artist approach so artfully done ;-)
Ella said…
rch-Thank you! I enjoyed the idea of painting it, so I went in that direction~

Scarlett-I know isn't the photo incredible! Thank you :D

Sherry-Yes, I had to put the 7th I know have that song in my head, "The Age of Aquarius", lol
Thank you~ No need to be sorry...I've been in that daze, lately ;D

Gina-Thank you; I'll be by to visit you! I'm behind, but I'll get there :D

MPAX-Thank you; I had a feeling you might appreciate my celestial view ;D

Wanda-Thank you; I'll be playing catch up tomorrow. Daughter's b-day party was this weekend. Long story, but I was locked out of my vehicle, on Friday! I'm still recovering from all the crazy and fun~

Kerry-Thank you! I know I can see it, but I am not sure why I went in this direction. I started thinking of paint and this is where my muse went~ :D

Knightsheart-Thank you! It was fun to read all the amazing poems. I am still working my way through them! :D
Wonderful writing! =)
Becky Shander said…
Deep, playful...beautiful.
Ella said…
Becky-Thank you, I want to get paint and paint this scene ;D

Systematic Weasel-Thank you so much ;D I will stop by and see what you have been up to!

I have a full moon story to share, soon. What a daymare and nightdream!
Susie Clevenger said…
I love the moon and its art. It always inspires me. I love how your pale Geisha painted this one.
Ella said…
Thank you Susie! ;D She is one inspiring muse, that moon!
Anonymous said…
the dance of the geisha is one painting after another in time

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