Wacky Wednesday

 I am hyper today!  I saw a beautiful blue bird on my back deck, no luck getting a photo. A crazy squirrel on the front, climbed in my window box and was sniffing my pansies. Then my dog was digging up the back yard...but I did notice the buds on the trees are starting to bloom!
Being hyper isn't helping me. I am disjointed and all over the place. I am working on a poem, taking photos for my store, and  doing some spring cleaning.  Soon I will  list some items I am ready to part with.. (some crafty books and magazines) I'm working on the prompt for tomorrow's Think Tank Thursday.  Yes, it is the first Wednesday in the month and time for Alex's Insecure Writer's Support Group.

Insecurity surrounds anyone who is creative, it is how we choose to deal with it that matters most. I recently read the Editor's Letter by Christen Olivarez, in the current Mar/April issue of Somerset Studio.  She mentions to stop and listen with your head and heart.  She also talks about a book she recently picked up, "The Right to Write" by Julia Cameron.   Julia says, "Art(yes, writing) is not about thinking something up. It's the opposite-getting something down." 

She goes onto comparing writing to sex.  "It feels good, whether you do it well or not."  Then she goes into performance anxiety taking the fun out of it. What is important is having fun and being comfortable. Wow, I didn't connect the sex and writing thing did you?  It makes perfect sense...I don't own the book, yet or I would share more. Hubby talks about writing a book regarding  his Navy experiences. I can't wait for him to sit down and give it a go!  I'm not laughing; I'm not~

So I guess blogging is like exposing ourselves.  We are naked in the eyes of those of you, who know the rules and we are still finding our way. This would mean authors are no longer naked and the rest of us are like the Emperor with no clothes.  Off to find some clothes, I mean grammar!

 I have another post today....I'll be back!  I want to share something I received in the mail and a poem~
I told you, I was hyper, but I didn't know I was naked....   What do you need to work on, in regards to your writing?


If sex was all about performance, we'd probably all be in trouble!
And please share some of that hyper energy with me. I'm starting to feel a bit drained...
septembermom said…
I know all about that nervous energy! You're so right about that creative insecurity. Looking forward to your next post.
Ella said…
Alex-Do you like Iced Coffee? I think it is just the weather and my cold is finally going away! I know allergies, next :D

Hi Septembermom-Yes, I wear that outfit more than I care to comment...
Time to change the wardrobe ;D
I'll be by and see what you are up to!
Oh dear Ella if writing and sex is connected I'm certainly in trouble. No man in my life perhaps that is why my poems and blog could have more variety as suggested to me today.

Heaven said…
We have a kind of spring day today, so I am really happy and bright today. And no, I can't equate sex with writing...two different energy level there.

Have a great day ~
Kay L. Davies said…
I remember sex.
I still write, though.
Bright sunshine although a cold wind here today. We made a deal for my kitchen reno, so I'm hoping for some of your energy. I'm ever so excited, but I think I should have a nap. Hard to live with the two extremes at the same time, as I'm sure you know.
I envy you those blossoms. Fortunately, our yard is still frozen enough to keep Lindy from digging. Soon, however, it will be diggable and she'll be at it.
Liza said…
Julia Cameron is amazing. Have you done The Artist's Way? It's hard work but really inspirational.
Ella said…
Liza-I have done a third of the book. I so need to finish~ Yes, it is hard work, but rewarding, so far :D Thanks for stopping by~

Kay-Yes, I can relate to the extremes. I have moved so much, shuffled my world...I am happy to see 4 seasons in one place :D
Oh, Kay it will be wonderful! I'm excited for YOU! I see a few things I want to redo at my house. Iced coffee was my secret today...lol It was warm enough outside to enjoy it~ Lindy is so fun! We have moles in our yard on and off. Buster, my beagle did dig up a turtle once. I caught him tossing it about with his snout, like a football. I saved the poor thing. Sending you some energy and a hug :D

Heaven-I agree with you! I would never put those two together~ I gather the author just wanted to grab the reader's attention~ Your day sounds lovely~

Yvonne-No worries, author wrote it for shock value, I suspect. Poetry comes from one's soul, third eye draws us into what we want to see further! :D
Dorthe said…
I read that letter, and agreed...but I so know that hyper anxiety , and the feeling of doing a bit here-a bit there--nothing really done!!!!
To forget one self- and just "put down" dosen`t happtn every day !!!
Hugs to you dear Ella
Ella said…
Thanks Dorthe hugs to you
anthony stemke said…
I've noticed buds on my peach, plum and nectarine trees, and the bradford pear tree is loaded with flowers; I suppose because of the mild winter, the complete opposite of last years brutally freezing winter.
I think comparing writing to sex is apt.