C is for Closet

Hubby wants half the Frog(Furnished Room Over Garage) so he can do gun reloading. He does wood working in the garage.  Anyway, I want my own space, so I took over a closet between the Frog and the attic.  It is tiny, but it is mine...other than the coats that hide my supplies.  I'm still working on it. I need to tidy it up and add a few more organizing tools. I am thinking shoe bags hanging in with the coats...not for shoes, but for crafting supplies :D

Yes, I know I'm cuckoo crafting in a closet, but I'm not D dull...oops  No, that is not my D word, lol
Off to hang the coats back up, to hide my secret closet! :D

When I think of C,  I also think of  Captain Alex.   He is the author of CassaStar and CassaFire.
He has many interests and has won many awards, with a following of nearly 1500 members!  Yes, he can lead ;D    He is also into music and gaming.  He leads us, on the first Wednesday of every month with his Insecure Writer's Support Group, not sure about this Wednesday, since we are in the A-Z blogging challenge. There might be some clever bloggers that come up with letter D post and apply it to writing.   It will resume back to it's schedule next month...you should check it out!


Jess said…
Enjoyed the post. This is my first time to particpate in the A to Z Challenge. I'm wondering how long I'll be able to stick with it. The month looks incredibly long! :) And I plan to check out the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Sounds like my kinda group!
Jess said…
Oh, and I forgot to say I like your closet! And wish I had a 'FROG.' I wouldn't want to share either!
Susan Roebuck said…
I came over to you from Alex's blog, Ella, so it's nice to meet you! I love your little closet - I can imagine big creations come out of it.
Ladysknight said…
Ribbit. I could do with a FROG too... for boardgames...
You craft your words well.
Glad to be here...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You have made it look so cute!
Aw, thank you Ella!
That is one tiny work room, but as you said, it's all yours.
Tracy said…
hah, I have a closet or at least part of one that I took over for my scrapbooking room :) Great C word! and nice meting you!
rch said…
glad you came out of the closet, aww sorry that was bad, C you!
Karen Walker said…
HI Ella, popped over from Alex. And yes, he's hosting the Insecure Writers Support Group and challenging us to work it into our A-Z posts. Oy.
Christine Rains said…
Such a cute closet, though!
Marta Szemik said…
Cute post. We all need our little space in life don't we:)
Thanks for the follow, Ella. I'm glad to do the same at your Edge.
Loved your C post.
I too was wondering what was happening about The Support Writers this month as it is quite a feat to be taking part in the challenge.

N. R. Williams said…
Hi Ella
Boy that closet is amazing.
Your closet crafting is beyond belief. Congrats to you on your ingenuity! Roland
ediFanoB said…
I came over from Alex' blog. Just want to say hello.

It doesn't matter how tiny it is. Most important is the fact that it is yours.
Mary said…
You have really made good use out of a small space. If anyone can make it work, you can. Enjoy.
Jen Chandler said…
Hi Ella! I just happened to jump over thanks to Captain Alex :D He's pretty awesome!

I love that you craft in a closet! Nice and cozy. And I noticed you read Somerset Life? I LOVE their magazines. They are all beautiful and inspiring.

Nice to meet you! Happy writing from a new follower,
Shelly said…
Your little area looks neat and tidy. And I've oftened thought about joining the Insecure Writer's Group.

Wow, that's great! New follower!

My C
Gina said…
It is all about making the most of the space, right? So I think it is a great idea to use the tiny closet as your crafting place!

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
From Diary of a Writer in Progress
Mama Zen said…
I turned a spare closet into my "office," too!
Loved this post! I don't know that I would want to craft in a closet, but I remember the little cubicle desks at the University library years ago, and I remember loving them - I could visually shut off the rest of the distractions around me and that was helpful for studying. Hmm. Maybe there's a close I couldn't convert to a writing space in my house.
Jocelyn Rish said…
Oooh, a crafting closet sounds divine. Right now my closets are so stuffed with junk, I'm perilously close to being featured on an episode of Hoarders!

Best of luck with the challenge,
M Pax said…
Nice space. Wherever you can find it. The shoe things for organizing sounds like a great idea.
Ella said…
Mary-Thank you! Can't hurt to try, lol Yes, I have a door on both sides and it is mine :D

Jocelyn-Closet hidden stuff is different than being a hoarder. They have it all over their living space... Thank you, you aren't a hoarder!

Tyrean-I know I could swap the sewing machine for a laptop...now I just need a lock ;D I hope you find a closet~

Mama Zen-I love it! Thanks for sharing~

Gina-I will still craft downstairs, where there is plenty of light. The family just won't have to deal with the sewing machine on the kitchen table. Weekends are usually a house full, so I can sneak away. My kids and their friends...they are old enough I can sneak away :D

Jaycee-Thank you :D I'll come by and visit you~

Shelly-Yes, do it! Tomorrow come by and check out the post. Basically you share about why you are insecure. Some of the authors share their insecurities or experiences! :D

Jen-YOU are good! lol Yes, happy writing to you! I love their inspired issues. Do you have a fav?

Mary-Thank you, you are sweet! I'm struggling to find time. Always setting up and putting things away. It gets old real fast...all that wasted time. I still need to rearrange my art bench and stuff, but now that I have my tiny nook, I feel empowered! Thank you :D

ediFanoB-Thank you! Yes, that is the main thing! Hello to you, too

Roland-Thank you! Now, I just need to hang those coats back up! ;D

NR Williams-Thank you! I still will craft elsewhere, but I'm always hearing complaints about the kitchen table. Now, everyone will be asleep and I still can craft ;D

Yvonne-I know right, everyone coming up with a D.. It won't be dull. ;D Thank you!
I am dealing with a poetry prompt each week during this month. I am happy I'm the Think Tank girl...guess who controls the prompt, me. Guess who is going to align it to the letter...ME, lol
Kristin said…
"C" for Cute!! I LOVE it! xoxo
Ella said…
Kristin-How are you? Thank you and it's mine :D

Rawknrobyn-You are funny, thank you!

Marta-Thank you, yes, even teeny, tiny, lol

Christine- ;D Thank you!

Karen-I went back and looked..you are right! Whoa there is going to be a lot of similar D post...

rch-lol, you are funny! Yeah,I'm in the rare group going in, :D

Tracy-Thank you nice to meet a fellow closet crafter lol

Alex-Thank you!!! For now...I better keep it under wraps. The dog might want it, lol

Sherry-Thank you! It is a good start! Couldn't get the shoe bags I wanted...I have seen them, but no luck today! :D

Ladysknight-We use to have games up stairs, but there isn't any heat in this room! We have central air, but not in this space. A window AC unit, with lots of hornets coming in and a bat. Yeah, the FROG is really a Toad with warts...
Kids found out, now hubby's turn!

Susan-Nice to meet you! Thank you, I sure do hope so~ :D

Jess-Thank you, yes, I guess I will go take over half of the garage! :D Yes, you should check it out! Tomorrow though will be unique with all the D posts, lol
You can do it, just one letter at a time! :D
It's exciting to have a secret, personal space!

This is me, Duncan D. Horne, visiting you from the A-Z challenge, wishing you all the best throughout April and beyond.

Duncan In Kuantan
Ella said…
Thank you Duncan! I wish you the best...it is an unique challenge!
I look forward to visiting you and everyone! :D
Joyce Sully said…
Oh dear. Yes, that looks just about like my writing space. Mine is a chunk taken out of my (already tiny) bedroom and I think the dimensions are just about the same as your closet. We'll call it C for cozy, shall we, rather than confined, claustrophobic, or cramped?

Looking forward to more from you for the A to Z Challenge.
Anonymous said…
I recently lost my man cave to the girls. Its pink now. Yeeeesh! I can understand why your hubby wants half the FROG.
Hey Ella. I'm so excited that you sew. I shall be asking you quite a bit of advise. Starting with what's the best stitch to use for tyiding up the edges of fabric that you,re making into a garment for example.
I'm still in search of sewing space at our new house, right now I'm parked in a conner of the lounge (unattractive) but I'm seriously thinking of carpeting putting carpet on part of the garage....lol.
Good luck with the Challenge. I love your space because the operative word is YOUR.
C.M.Brown said…
Hi Ella, dropping in from Insecure writer's Challenge, but am also taking part in A-Z CCarolynBrown-Bookshallenge, nice to meet you. I cannot believe you have a closet for a sewing room, you definately need more space!
Cassam said…
How lovely to havea little space to call your own, I want a frog.
Amanda Trought said…
I love the closet, and as you say its your own. Its funny how it's not until you start using something no one wanted that everyone begins to find a use for it:D