D is for Diary


Maybe I should of picked D is for doubt?!  Today is the first Wednesday, in the month and time for
another installment of Alex's IWSG. You can sign up here > Insecure Writer's Support Group.  I wonder how many of us, from the A to Z challenge will pick the same D word ?!   Do you keep a diary or journal?

Do you keep a diary or journal?  It is a great place to gather info, insight, and dump your daily thoughts.  I have started one, but am guilty of the writing on anything. Yes, I have written on napkins, notes on the cell, notes on the IPAD,  and notes on snail mail. Yeah, I'm bad.  I did buy a binder, with folders and I added a pencil pouch with a zipper to keep my napkin thoughts. You never know, their might be a dazzling gem on that piece of paper. I have been caught taking photos of magazine articles using my cell phone. If  I see a word dance off a page, a sentence that makes me go wow, I snap a photo of it.  My handwriting is terrible, sometimes I can't read it, photos work for me.  Yes, you have probably seen someone like me doing this in your local book store, lol.  Writing opens a door, the more we write,  the more we discover, unearth. 

Do you know who said,"write what you know"?  Do you journal I mean keep a diary? 


Lady's Knight said…
A diary is essential (or something to keep it fresh)
I too snap pictures of almost anything

thanks for your visit
M.J. Fifield said…
I have several notebooks I keep around to scribble down story ideas but I don't have a more traditional diary/journal where I chronicle days or feelings or dreams or anything like that.

I've tried to keep one. It just never seems to take.
Anonymous said…
I scribble wherever I find paper and pen(cil)... and later, struggle to decode. ;) And I'm a journal writer from way back.
I rarely journal. Yet, I can certainly see how it could help to clear my head. Most of my writing it devoted to my novel. Pouring my energy into it is cathartic. Perhaps I'll try journaling when my book is complete.
When I'm troubled over something I write it down. It makes me feel better.
Wanda said…
Oh yes, I have kept a diary every since I was a little girl. But now I like to call them journals, although I do not do it daily.
I've only kept a journal when traveling, so I can remember where I have been. Like your idea of taking snapshots though. And the iPad just so happens to have a camera...
Christine Rains said…
Good D post. I kept a journal for years and years. Now I have precious little time and that time has gone to blogging.
Rosalind Adam said…
I go through phases. Sometimes I'm writing in my journal all the time. Other times I hardly touch it but during those times I know I'm losing lots of great ideas. It's just hard to be consistently enthusiastic.
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Cheryl Klarich said…
"I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train."- Oscar Wilde

I write on anything and am ALWAYS leaving home without my notebook.
septembermom said…
It is something that I always intend to do. I think that writing a journal is such a necessary exercise for writers and thinkers alike.
I used to keep a diary but gave up a few years back.
Loved your D post.

I journal online now, but I religiously wrote 2 pages a day in a journal for 7 years...before I discovered Live Journal. I still have a quite a collection of journals amassed that I sometimes go back and read...and cringe at.

Happy Hump Day!
My D
Susan Roebuck said…
I kept a diary as a child (one of these days I'll go and look them out). I do keep a notebook by the bed because sometimes I get an idea in the middle of the night!
Scarlett Clay said…
Hey there, just stopping by to see what you're up too and I forgot the A to Z challenge had started! Love that photo. I think my blog is the closest I'll get to a journal, but it's been a huge source of comfort and emotional release in the last year. I've written on my hand and napkins, too...we gotta get our thoughts down quick before they fly off :)
Jess said…
Love this post. I wish I could keep a journal. I've tried but I don't have any follow-thru when it comes to doing it. That's originally why I started blogging. Hubby was in Scotland for a year and I blogged daily secretly. Then I told a friend and she outed me. :)
Ella said…
I'll be back...We are under the threat of severe weather. We had it earlier this evening. I had to run daughter to store to get boyfriend an Easter gift. I asked earlier...
"No, we aren't exchanging"....
I ought to know better, lol

Now back and it is start to get bad!
I'll be back...
I've been writing in my journal for ages. Yes, write what we know--research is awesome isn't it? ;)


A to Z co-host
Ella said…
Hi Elizabeth-It is isn't it! I doodle and draw up ideas in mine and list words I love! Thanks for stopping by~

Jess-I do think blogging is a journal! Oooh, busted, big time...

Scarlett-I love that you have written on your hand, too :D
Yes, I do think of blogs as our journals reflecting our lives. We share not knowing how many ripples we make in the pond...

Susan-How fun a journal near your bed...do you write about your dreams, too?! My childhood diaries are long gone. How fun to journey back...

Jaycee-I hope you look back...you will see how much you have improved! :D

Yvonne-We do journal online :D
I think that counts~

Septembermom-I think it helps us capture later ideas, like placing photos in an album. It is a way to stir one's memories or ideas...I need to do it more. Thanks for sharing :D

Cheryl-I love that you do and that quote is amazing! I love quotes..thanks for sharing!
I have a purse full of notes on magazine subscription cards...lol

Rosalind-Blogging helps, reading helps, art dates help! :D

Christine-I am glad you are blogging! ;D

Alex-Travel journals are fun to keep and read! Yes, I am so jealous of you and your IPAD3! ;D
I'm using my cell phone, for now...

Wanda-Wow, how amazing! I gave up writing in a diary, when an old boyfriend busted mine open. Not cool~ I write now more quotes, ideas, words and I sketch. You will have so much fun looking back!

Debra-I agree it is a release, a way to vent. It frees us~
Ella said…
Andrea-Good luck with the book! I have thought about writing about a character that journals..now I would have to do it ;D

turtlememoir-I too have this problem. I can't read my writing...typing is sooo much better! :D We need special decoder rings.

MJ-Whatever works right, because that is what we will use/do!

Lady'sKnight-It is nice to know I'm not alone ;D Thanks for sharing!
Nicole said…
Nah, I have no idea who said "write what you know" but I read that phrase often on the web, in books and in magazines. I stopped keeping a diary years ago but I used to have a few of them. One was a regular journal booklet and another diary that I had was one of those pre-made diary books that they sell in the store, where the pages have titled sections for photos, question and answer sections and blank lines for diary entries.

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Ella said…
I break the rules with me...
Thanks for sharing Nicole!
I googled it...it is a mystery who for sure said, "write what you know"!
Thanks for sharing!
Amanda Trought said…
I've been keeping a diary for years. Then stopped for a while until I found my voice again reading the 'Artists Way' about 10 years ago. I keep a art journal but there is nothing I love better than to just write streams of thoughts. Got a few books on the go at the moment:)