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Okay, not really I have a good one about some giddy grown up moments, but my husband called and the battery in the truck died. So, I'm off to go bring jumper cables to him.  Also need to pick up daughter...

The battery isn't old...so ???!

I'll be back! Hope you and yours have a GREAT day....
Me, I'll catch up with you later, gator!

I'm back...

     After graduating from college, my first job was working as a Switchboard Operator at a hospital. The ER gang thought it would be fun to initiate me my first weekend at work.  It was slow, so they kept calling me to page people. People like Ben Dover(bend over), Burt Ender(bartender) and Anita Linjection(I need an injection), lol. 

     When my Mom started working at the bank, the girls told her she had to pick someone to be her bank boyfriend. It would only be confirmed if this person came to their line, after they made eye contact.
    I meant my Mom, once a week for lunch. Wednesday was the only week day I worked. I mainly worked the night shift, 3-11pm.  I went into the bank to pick her up. All the bank tellers were giggling.  "What is so funny?" I asked Mom.

     "Oh, Susan's bank boyfriend was just here."  He brought her some flowers, he picked outside the      bank.
      "Oh, so he picked bank flowers and brought them in."  I laugh.
      "Yes", they all say in unison. 
        "So Mom, who is your bank boyfriend?" I smiled.
         "Your mother picked, a tall, dark and handsome guy with a stash. We all like him." piped in Kim.
     Mom and I go to lunch and she talks more about the bank boyfriends and  how fun the crew is.

     Weekend comes and Mom wants to  BBQ. We are doing some outdoor projects. I am painting the fence. She wants sunflowers on it and she is working on painting some window boxes. She decides to light the grill. I run in to get the chicken and start a salad.  I go back out later with the seasoned salt, pepper and barbeque sauce. I hear Mom laughing. I see her boyfriend Nathan is in the yard. When I get through the breezeway, I see someone else is with him. Nathan introduces me, to his friend Walter.  They leave and my Mom is cracking up.  "What is so funny?"  I asked.

     She is still laughing, "My boyfriend brought my bank boyfriend to my house and they are coming back for dinner."

     "Huh?   Are  you kidding me?"  my eyes bugging wide.

     "Yes, they are good friends." she laughs.

      "Well, you will sure have fun on Monday explaining this one" I smirk.

 Did you ever get initiated at work?  Do you and your co-workers ever do anything zany?


Hope the rest of the G day goes better.

Happy Easter.
Cheryl Klarich said…
Goodness gracious!!!

You have a wonderful knack for making things sound like Great fun...

That is funny! Is that bonus points?
Bev said…
Love your post. Always enjoy the blogs that can make me laugh.

Stopping in via the A-Z blogging challenge.

Bev @ Blue Velvet Vincent
shelly said…
Bank boyfriends. Very funny. That must be better than having a stalker, right?
Mary said…
Ella, I love so much how you share the stuff of your daily life, plus also ask questions of your readers. YOU have a special gift!

Happy Easter to you!
Very funny. I had an elderly bank customer that would call me Tracy instead of Teresa. He did it so much that my fellow bank buds would call me Tracy in his presence.

Ella said…
Hi Mary-Thank you, I love to hear what others have to share! Happy Easter to you and yours!

Shelly-My Mom became head teller and she had to speak at security meetings. One day her subject was about keeping your money low in your draw. The crew was chatting, so she announced, "Yes you need to drop your draws" she got their attention.
They were quite the crew, lol

Bev-Glad you are back for another round. I remember you from last year! Hope life is good~

Alex-You are funny! lol I think it was more gratuitous~

Cheryl-Thank you, I try ;D

Yvonne-Thank you, it hasn't been dull.
Pa Ul said…
Grrr....interesting G
do check out my G at GAC a-z
Ella said…
Journaling Woman-You must of looked like a woman he knew named Tracy. I have had that happen to me. I was called Elaine or Elena a lot. HUH?!
Nice to meet you Teresa!

Pa UI- lol, I'm coming to visit you
Wanda said…
Looks like those ladies knew how to keep the work day interesting. Have a happy Easter.
Jennifer Lane said…
I got initiated on my college swim team but not at work so far. Sounds like your coworkers are fun! Ben Dover, hee hee.
Marjorie said…
Haha! Those are some great stories! The closest I've come to getting pranked by anyone is when my kids get a wild hair and try to "trick" mommy. It never works.
I love monopoly!

and my co-workers and I do cartwheels down the passage.
Monica said…
Happy Easter Ella!
Anonymous said…
I love your blog Ella and I must take the opportunity to say thank you for following my blog. Very kind of you!

I was initiated on a job once or twice. It was kind of embarrassing, though.

I hope you have a most pleasant Easter Sunday and be blessed.
kaykuala said…
Initiation at the office can be hilarious!, Ella! It happened a few times to others that I saw. It was all in good fun. Happy Easter Sunday!

Leovi said…
Me encanta tu sentido del humor, un delicioso GRRRR...
Leovi said…
I love your sense of humor, a delightful GRRRR .... Greetings and Happy Easter.
Hi Ella .. thankfully no!! Hope the van got fixed and is jumping around all over the place now .. GRRR - the initiating stories would make me very GRRRR .. and as Leovi says .. Greetings and Happy Easter - cheers Hilary
Leigh Covington said…
LOL! Those stories are too funny. I don't know if I ever got initiated, but me and the driver boys liked to play jokes on each other when I worked for an electrical company. We had so much fun. One day they were both out so I snuck outside to toilet paper the one guys truck. They pulled in while I was in the process - caught me - and toilet papered ME! It was hilarious. We had so much fun!