I is for Inspiration

     Where do you find inspiration? Do you wait for it to come knocking on your door?  Do you gather bits and pieces of it, through your day?   Do you write down snippets to use at a later date, when time permits?!

     I think inspiration is everywhere.  Most of the time my Muse teases me and the ideas come. I'm intrigued and decide to allow it to happen, but usually it ends up in journals waiting for me to find time to play.  Sometimes is irritates me and comes at the worst possible moment.  Yesterday was like that. The internet kept going down and my house kept filling up. Daughter and I had planned to go on the big birthday shopping trip, but hubby said, he would be home early to register car. We decided to wait and go today, by the time the car was done. It was too late to go. She can drive the car, but not the truck. I mainly drive this huge black beast with a cap on the back.  I think of people trying to relate personality traits by what we drive. I mean an impression ;D.  And no my dog does not resemble me. 

Daughter is on spring vacation. Son didn't have college yesterday and hubby was home. I had intentions to finish a challenge, but  the house was literally rocking. Son playing techno tunes, then he would switch to metal. Daughter is singing loud n' proud to Adele and my head is not in the game to gather insight.   I go outside to escape the loud and plant some more seeds.   Daughter and I had planted quite a bit earlier in the day.  Son was changing his fish tank.  My kids start discussing my POE art.  I told them I have an artistic license, my art, my interpretation.  What influences and inspires you?  


Hi - stopping in from the A-Z challenge.

I get inspiration from everywhere, and from daydreams. Bus journeys are great for letting my mind wander, especially the 20 minutes journey into town. Most of the time I don't even realise I'm daydreaming, until someone tries to talk to me!
Inspiration always strikes when I have paper but no pen.
Jolie du Pre said…
As a full-time writer, I don't get out much. LOL! My inspiration is usually born from my over-active imagination.
Inspiration always strikes me when I'm lying in bed about to go to sleep. I've taken to keeping a notebook and pencil by my bedside. :D
Susan Roebuck said…
Hi Ella! Inspiration gets me usually when I'm out for a nice long walk by myself. But sometimes I can see a picture, or hear some music that gets the old juices going
Emily R. King said…
I find gardening cathartic. Sometimes it takes doing something menial to give my brain a minute to enjoy life. Then when I'm back at the computer, the ideas flow. Downtime does wonders for my Muse. :)
Mama Zen said…
Inspiration usually strikes me at the most inconvenient times, too. It is so frustrating to have this "great" idea and not be able to do anything with it!
Lynne Moncrieff said…
Isn't that the fun of life, that inspiration can literally strike at any moment of the day.
I do find that when I am tucked up in bed, thoughts appear and I need to jot them down so I keep a notebook at my bedside. Sometimes they do not come to fruition and other times that little notation is the springboard for something fun.
Have a wonderful day.
Hey, but you got to spend the day with your family. Bet there was some inspiration in that.
Mary Ann Potter said…
I'm rarely without pencil and paper, and when I watch special things on tv, I take notes. Really. The other night I watched the rest of Great Expectations on Masterpiece Theater and wrote two pages of ideas and phrase that came to me. Remember that I was a high school English teacher for 37 years; those old habits have come in handy for my creative ventures!
Cheryl Klarich said…
Color makes me happy! Yarn, magazines with beautiful photos. I'm pretty "low art"... I think I draw the line at paintings on velvet, though!

Your life sounds a bit like mine. Kids in college, driving... drama!
A wonderful I post, enjoyed the read. Inspiration for me comes from music, my family and mother nature.

What a lovely image! Inspiration is everywhere, really. I find it in a simple sunset, an idea, a thought, music...



A to Z co-host
Mary said…
I do find inspiration everywhere. From prompts. From reading other poets. From my own life. I think a person just has to be open; and inspiration will come. It is hard sometimes to be inspired with lots of distraction of other people around. I grant you that. When I have grandkids around, my muse sometimes hides.
Ella said…
Mary-I think my Muse is shy around my family, but she will have to get over it :D I do understand...
I so agree it is everywhere and it is always amazing to find gems in unexpected places~

Elizabeth-I can't take credit, but it is pretty! I totally agree with you~ :D

Yvonne-All wonderful ways to be inspired! Great list~

Cheryl-lol, on velvet...
Yes, drama...no shortage insight, for awhile ;D

Mary Ann-I do that sometimes myself. I haven't seen this interpretation. I did see the updated movie one. I watched it with my daughter. She loved it~

Alex-Yes,over all it was nice!~ Thanks for reminding me :D
It was just the timing was a bit off, but unexpected gifts are like that. I just had a challenge to finish. I set it aside and was up late, finishing it up. My family does inspire me. My kids really took an interest in this challenge(POE).

Hi Lynne-You are right! I woke up the other morning with a poem in my head. It is funny, how it strikes, we have to be prepared! :D

Mama Zen-That is me! I am trying to be better about taking notes and typing up details, so later I can go back and read it and hope it springs up more insight and ideas! WE have to find a way to capture it ;D

Emily-I think you are onto something. It causes different parts of our brain to relax and then bam, the ideas wake up ;D
Thanks for sharing~
Ella said…
Susan-aahh, yes long walks do help!
Yes, all of these are great springboards :D

Jaycee-Yes, we have to be ready, when it arrives! Night time huh,...so your Muse is a Night Owl?!

Jolie-I'm impressed! I do think my memories conjure up a lot of inspiration for me~ :D

Heather-If you have a cell phone you can take notes or get an App so you can! It helps...

Annalisa-Your daydreams sounds pretty awesome! :D Start writing them down~
Cynthia said…
I get inspiration from everything- my experiences, my dreams, and just asking myself "What if" questions. Sometimes I also get ideas while I'm just doing the dishes.
Suze said…
What a nice slice-of-life piece. I love 'home hubbub.'
Ella said…
Suze-I love your comment ;D
Thank you~

Cynthia-I think it is those moments of ordinary that are brains find a way to move us ;D
Amanda Trought said…
When the house is heaving I have to choose a creative activity that can accomodate the noise, my lot are home for the holidays so I am working on a variety of projects at the moment. The garden is a welcomed retreat, planting some honeysuckle at the moment:) looking forward to seeing your 'poe art' in one of my favourite publications! Blessings, Amanda
Ella said…
Amanda-You are so cute! I love honeysuckle. My grandmother grew it. She had a bush that would attack us before we turned the corner to Cottage ST. It really was named that. Quaint summer homes by the sea, my great grandfather built most of them. My Poe is funny and different!~ You are sweet...I don't know about that, but thank you!
I am sending you some growing wishes to stretch your creative wings and be inspired by your garden! I can smell the honeysuckle now...wonderful! xo