B is for Body


 I like this one, you can go here and have T-shirts made with inspiring cycling quotes. I have to earn mine...

Yikes, time to get BUSY!

It should be about the Bike, but Lance Armstrong already determined it isn't ;D
I'm going to change my challenge, yes, I should save that for letter C day. I selected art journal, but I can tell, between family, my Tour de Pants and other artistic endeavors, I will bonk. Bonk as in the glycogen will be drained out of me.  Artistic endeavors, not journal... that's the new plan. Besides wait till you see what I am making. It is for letter P; hint Poe.  I have ridden 191 miles since March 22nd.  My legs and butt have renamed my bike, it rhymes with witch and starts with B. The first day was tough hottest day of the year, so far and hubby's birthday. I knew I could indulge in a slice of his cake and be okay. I take insulin, so I really do know about bonking-low glycogen.

Here is my contribution for letter B.  A few days ago on Toads site, Fireblossom asked us to write a poem about our body.  Then another challenge on Sunday involving photos by the talented Laura Hegfield.  I decided to combine the two. Here is Laura's photo that inspired this poem!

twisted muse seeks 
charlie horses ride
knot for the weary
 muscles taunt 
and tired
in pain's promise
 seeped deep
in a cadence
inner light
bone tired


Mary said…
Enjoy biking!
Tracy said…
Have fun! I love biking however, my 'butt' often goes numb! :)
My butt goes numb too! I wish I could find the perfect seat for biking. It's something that I really enjoy and the weather is so perfect right now too.

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Sherry Blue Sky said…
Hee hee. I used to love riding my bike - not a stationary one, out into the country............now I cant sit on one or I would topple over....I would love one of those tricycles for adults, if ever I could find one.......there are country roads out here that would be great to ride along.
bruce said…
biking is a big thin around my 'hood...

now i prefer to walk, but i used to be able to ride...those days are gone...

enjoy it!
Get some exercise for me!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh that's really good, Ella. I love what you saw in Laura's photo and how your idea has developed from many different sources this morning.
eep! wish i knew how to ride bikes. *sigh*


A to Z co-host
shelly said…
Cute poem!

I can;t ride a bike......not even an excercising bike.

Loved the verse, great B for the challenge.

Susan Kane said…
Love the poem! Peddle on!
rch said…
I can't wait to get out my bike and work my flabby body, good one Ella.
Be sure to stop by tomorrow Ella...
Laura said…
Beautiful dear Ella! Love this "rhythm
inner light"

I'm so happy this image inspired this wonderful poem for you!
"twisted muse" -- I love that!
Happy cycling. xox
Jamie Gibbs said…
I've not ridden a bike in years. I'm a proud user of the Shoelace Expressway, but it would be nice to get back on the bike again after so long away.

Jamie Gibbs
Fellow A-Z Buddy
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Kela McClelland said…
Nice poem.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
Laura said…
Great poem - and what a gorgeous pic too!
Popped over from Alex's
Huntress said…
Absolutely stunning.
Amanda Trought said…
Beautiful poem, great to hear you've taken to the bike...'you go girl' and work off the cake - was it delicious - is there any left???!, was it one of your creations? Would love to see your art journals, but also looking forward to your artistic endevors:)!
Ella said…
Hi Amanda-Been thinking about you and wondering how you are? I am working on a couple of challenges.
I want to do an art journal, too...
I am thinking about trying a challenge, called, "out of the book"
it is in the latest Somerset Memories issue. Have you seen it?
The cake was good...I'll save you an
Easter egg instead :D
Tracy Jo said…
Hi Ella! I found you on Alex's blog today. :-) Great poem and awesome job on the biking! Happy A-Zing!
I used that same bicycle quote last week! I'm feeling energized from your blog today.

Play off the Page
Donna K. Weaver said…
I love bicycling. Your poetry is awesome. I suck at it and admire it when others can do it. Well done.
Ella said…
It is nice to meet all you newbies!
I think the challenge is going well...
I'll be back to comment, off to cycle a bit...

Thank you for stopping by! :D
Nice to meet you~
Margaret said…
The first few lines are so creative and unique and I am in awe! My attention was grabbed immediately... thanks for the ride :)
Ella said…
Margaret-You are welcome, lol
for the ride, ;D YOU are fun~
Thank you....

Donna-Thank you! Hint: go to the paint section of a home improvement store..look at the color of paint!
Lots of inspiration there :D

Mary-Wow, that is neat..I'll be by to visit!

Tracy Jo-Thank you! I'll stop by and see what you are up to :D

Huntress-Thank you; I love your name ;D

Laura-Thank you! Alex has so many friends :D It was nice of him to mention me...what a Nice Captain, I mean Ninja, lol

Kela-Thank you! Ooh, love your beautiful flower photo...

Jamie-I have been on that express system :D It works! Thanks for stopping by~ You are funny!
Ella said…
Colette-Thank you, I love your latest tags, so pretty! :D

Laura-Thank you for use of your stunning photo and all the inspiration on your blog~ Glad we met!

Alex-Oh, Captain...I will ;D

rch-Loved your recent blog post!
Your grandson is adorable :D

Susan-Thank you! Yes, it is about the journey, ;D

Yvonne-Thank you! My Mom can't either...balance issues. She tried and broke her thumb. BUT you can swing :D

Shelly-Thank you! :D

Elizabeth-You can still learn... :D

Kerry-Thank you, yes, I combined many thoughts...lol Looking forward to your challenge! :D

Alex-I did, I will ;D

Bruce-I love to walk, too BUT, I am finding when the neighborhood is a buzz, it is best to bike.
Then I don't have to stop and put up with the neighborhood gossip. It isn't my thang. I can ride by and wave on my bike ;D

Sherry-I can see you on one! That would be cool and a big basket on the back for flowers and nature finds! :D

Ro-I hear you! Do they even make such a seat? :D

Tracy-Ro and I have the same problem ;D

Mary-Thank you, enJOY walking your furry family :D