Inner/Outer Poem for Imaginary Garden

Sleeping beauty nods her head
surrenders to the day's ease
her thirst quenched as dusty gold
ribbons wink in her direction
blue notes of the symphony soon play
she will waltz in cascaded thoughts
the hum of bees and gently breeze will
sway her dreams
her yearnings a rite of passage
her fragile petals open
her charms make one swoon
as her posture bows and breaks
she will droop and fade
her legacy leaves lingering
memories entrenched in her
beguiling perfume
her family remains to 
finish the dance
Winter's embrace will gather
 at first frost
her hips are now ripe and soft
like tiny ruby jewels plucked 
n' steeped to make new memories
warm with extra spice~ 

 I did a prompt over at the Garden today!  The exercise is to write a poem about your inner and outer world. Gather and collect words to reflect both worlds and create a poem.  If you have a chance stop by~


Anonymous said…
My imaginary garden always turns out better than the real one.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Why do I feel so much like your rose? hee hee. Lovely, Ella.........your words, as always, captivate.
Mary said…
I see this as a cycle of life poem. Petals open. With time they droop and fade, but the flower leaves her legacy which warms those who follow as they savor her memory in the middle of winter. Beautiful writing, Ella.
Kay L. Davies said…
Wonderfully done, dear Ella.
Anonymous said…
Lovely ending, "warm with extra spice."

"Winter's embrace will gather
at first frost her hips" ... I liked reading this as if winter is gathering her hips, rather than connecting "hips" with the next bit about being ripe and soft.
Karen said…
A lovely poem, and I do love rose hip tea!
Laurie Kolp said…
Lovely, Ella... especially - waltz in cascaded thoughts.
Ella said…
Thank you Mama Zen! :D

Laurie-I enjoyed yours, but it made me sad~

Karen-Thank you! I know I wanted tea after I wrote it :D

Rosemarymint-I had it the other way and changed it! Thanks for noticing~

Kay-Thank you! You must be so excited about your kitchen :D

Mary-Thank you Mary! I did want it to be that way~ I'm happy you noticed :D

Sherry-You are funny! I'm drooping a bit after today~lol
Thank you~

Stephen-Mine, too ;D At least that one is gorgeous!
Wonderful post, my imaginary garden stays in my mind, the real one is a different matter altogether.

Daydreamertoo said…
Beautiful. My most fav flower is a rose.
Your prose is so filled with lovely images Ella.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is a gorgeous, many-layered poem. You have captured the lusciousness of the rose, and its transience too.
hedgewitch said…
I love rosehip tea, roses, and the way they dance in the wind, and here in your poem. Thanks for the very cool prompt, Ella.
E.J. Wesley said…
Very beautiful. Favorite part:

she will droop and fade
her legacy leaves lingering
memories entrenched in her

Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my blog! : )
Anonymous said… gorgeous as the rose itself, your reverie on its journey
So pretty is your poem. I can smell the picture from here!

A to Z co-host
Peggy said…
Nice prompt, Ella. I like your poem too--the inside and the outside definitely play off each other. I like both kinds of gardens, imaginary and real! Luckily I like in a garden friendly place.
Susie Clevenger said…
I try and deny I am in the "wilting" stage...a beautiful poem of blossom to dried bloom
Herotomost said…
Perfectly matched to season and challenge. What a wonderful poem. Whenever I see the words Snow White I immediately thin about Beach Blanket Babylong in San Fran...has nothing to do with your poem, just one of those things. Beautiful writing.
Perle said…
I feel it. Thanks for the poetic visit to your garden.
Anonymous said…
A very pretty poem! Thanks for the prompt and the example. K.
Mystic_Mom said…
This is very nicely done, finely crafted and leaves an echo on the mind, much like the scent of a rose.