My attempt at catching up....K, L,M, N

I have not quit the challenge. I have had a sinus infection.. I felt like a morning glory at high noon. The pollen, the heat all made me droop.  My head was killing me.... I know it doesn't exist, but it feels like a sinus migraine.   I had to lay low, no blogging, no writing, no fun!   I am better so here is my lame attempt at playing catch up.  

 K is for Key, L is for Lock, M is for Muse and N is for Nurture/Nature. I hope my poem connects the threaded thoughts I have rambling in my brain.  I have missed all of YOU! I will be playing catch up for a few days...  I had a relapse, when hubby opened up the whole house. I could instantly feel my face swelling up.  He closed the house up and put the AC on.  A few friends suggested, a Neti pot. I will look into getting one. I guess it is also called yoga for your nose.

I love this photo. I found it over at deviantART   This shot was taken by by ~MizPersnicket~ 
I love this one, too :D


Under lock and key by ~Fading-Sunlight

 So here is my attempt to tie the threads of all the letter days I have missed, K, L, M, N:

Tapestry of ancient earth
lures you to wander in
 tangled with
 rambling brambles
morning dew's tea
steeped in filtered sun
 her honeysuckle perfume
wakes your mood

Winds of change
 will appear
in a gift of
cornflower blue
a quilt
stitched with

Green ink mixed 
quenched words
pours out of your hands
into faded brown envelopes
beeswax sealed secrets
to unlock
Muse's voice

Lost in thought
I climb towards the sun
twisting, turning 
as branches of the strong oak
embrace me
I reach a nestled creature
a lone black bird
he flies away
I watch and know
I must follow
I must fly
I see a
 wrought iron gate
can I unlock
find my
tucked among the soul
 of fragile
parched leaves
cascading towards the light
whispering in the wind
pitter pattered rain
and rainbowed
soon we will
with fireflies
and glow among
 Moonflower's blooms
we will be green
not with envy
but with






First I hope you are much better, not a pleasant thing to have.

I most certainy enjoyed your post and thought the poem awesome.

Take care.
Sorry the sinuses have been kicking your butt! I blame the sudden increase in heat, which always messes with my head. Hope the nose yoga works. (Two words I never thought I'd use in a sentence together!)
nene said…
This was a lovely piece. It seems to be written in reflection of your missing the liberty you so much appreciated while incarcerated in that dormant stage while infirmed.

It flowed 'sinuously'. Ha! a little play in word, get it sinuous vs sinuses. Hope you didn't find this too insensitive. Just trying to create some levity.

Hope your feeling better. 8-)
Ella said…
Nene-I loved always make me smile! :D I am much better, thank you! I have to run but will come visit you~

Alex-I know those two words should not be together, lol I haven't decided yet. My son advises against it. He knows someone who tried it and the water didn't run out. It is suppose to....eeewww
Thank you...I hope you are doing okay!

Yvonne-I loved your post! Thank you! Thank you~ You always make me smile :D I will be back by to see what I have missed~
Hi Ella .. you need to check out Clarissa's post on

So watch out!!!!!!!!

I love the poem and the way you blend everything together .. great KLMN ..

I do hope you're feeling better for O - the Olfactory one ..

Cheers Hilary
Mary Ann Potter said…
The poem is absolutely wonderful, but I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. Your answer just might be a neti pot. Worth looking at.
Sarah Paul said…
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