O is for Oolong and Oatmeal

First thought was optimistic, no ocean, maybe owls.  As I was making breakfast I thought odd, two O's.

You knew I would toss in some recipe along the way, right?! lol

Oolong is my favorite tea. My first glass of sweet, southern tea(wasn't diabetic then) was Iced Oolong.
I didn't know it. We had moved into a house on Navy Blvd. My job at the daycare, lend to being care takers of this old home with groovy arch ways, but it needed a lot of work, more on the outside than the in.  Hubby n' I agreed, we were unpacking and walked across the street to get take out.  I have been back to this area...a lot changes in twenty-six years.  It was an Asian restaurant, he offered us some iced  tea, while we waited for our order.  It was the best iced tea I ever had. I normally drink my iced tea with lemon.  The menu was a fusion of his cooking style mixed with some southern traditional foods. Make your iced tea like you normally would, except use Oolong tea bags and perhaps a little more sweetness.  The south takes pride in their Sweet tea.  It is really refreshing, try it and let me know.

I don't know when I decided to add peanut butter to my oatmeal?!  I would guess when I lived in Alaska. There were a lot of cold mornings and I wanted breakfast to be warm and satisfy. Yes, stick to our ribs type, before going outside to shovel enough snow to make an igloo.  I am not kidding...
I think I read about it on a Video Fitness.  Protein diets were making their first wave.

   Make your oatmeal as it states on the box.  My favorite quick breakfast was always putting peanut butter on a slice of  whole wheat toast, so why not oatmeal?   You add a heaping tablespoon and some sweetness of your choice. My family loves it and it kind of tastes like cookies, yet less sugar than those prepackaged types. 

I'll be back. I'm off to find out about an art jury.  I know those words sound odd together, don't they.
You enter your art at this gallery and it goes before a jury to decide what will be featured.  I have heard the jury meets every other month.  You also volunteer to work a day a month.  Can't hurt to find out...

Oh, I hope you try one of my O's ...let me know if you do :D


I put peanut butter on my pancakes. I'll have to try it in oatmeal!
Anonymous said…
I recently rediscovered oolong tea - love it! Oatmeal I'm not that crazy about, maybe I'll try your way. :D
Kay L. Davies said…
Peanut butter in oatmeal? My husband would love it. I think I might like it, too. And the dog would want some, no doubt about that.
Oolong tea...we have so many varieties of tea. We're at the age where people give us boxes or baskets of tea as gifts. Must check to see if there's any oolong.
Janet said…
I am thrilled with the idea of putting peanut-butter in my oatmeal. You can skip bread that way and still enjoy yummy PB. I think I'll try it for lunch:)
I usually toast a bit of wheat germ and grind a bit of flax seed to top my oatmeal! To sweeten I use maple syrup, honey or Brown sugar.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Always something unexpected on your site! Intriguing ideas.......(now I want peanut butter toast, you're making me fat-ter!)Hope your pieces get chosen. It's a great move, to join their group, get locally known.........I love your broken-winged bird quote up top. One of my faves.
I'm not a huge fan of tea in general, although I do like Chai. Don't think I've tried Oolong.

I like peanut butter on French toast - it's awesome. :D
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I am not a tea drinker, but I enjoyed reading your O post.


I am an avid tea drinker. Something of my Irish roots perhaps!!!
My favourite is Earl Grey, especially as an afternoon drink.
I will look out for your very interesting tea brand.
Oatcakes are also a popular biscuit in Ireland, usually as a snack with fresh cheese.
Hope you are feeling bettter Ella.
Best Wishes, Eileen :)
Margaret said…
I'm a "southerner" now, so I will have to try the ice tea recipe. AND I have already put my p-butter out (fresh crushed peanuts from Fresh Market) on the counter for my morning Red Mill rolled oats :)
shelly said…
Peanut butter in oatmeal is delish. I add a little protein powder, some milk, and a packet of stevia.
Mama Zen said…
I'm definitely trying some peanut butter in my oatmeal!
Ciara said…
My favorite tea is Darjeeling. I love PB on everything, so I'll have to try it on oatmeal.
Ella said…
Mama Zen-You will love it! Chunky is amazing! One of my kids said, next time they are adding cocoa powder. Yes, No Baked cookies oatmeal...ought oh! ;D lol Oatmeal sales might be going up!

Shelly-Sounds great Shelly! I bet you don't get hungry for quite awhile :D

Margaret-lol, ;D How long did it take to convert you?! When I was home last, I laid the southern accent on my brother, he was stunned. I'm afraid I have a New England twang mixed with some southern drawl, lol When people give me an odd glance, I start speaking with a British accent, lol
Yum! Sounds like heaven~

Eileen-I love Oolong, Earl Grey and Irish tea! They all are strong and unique ;D Iced Earl Grey is good, too! Yum, now I want an Oatcake~ Do you have a recipe?!
Best Wishes to you!

Yvonne-Thank you :D you are cute!

Jaycee-Wow, that sounds good! I read about making Pineapple Upside Down pancakes! Maybe we should start a Breakfast Club ;D

Sherry-Thank you! No, I'm trying to fill you up! lol
They didn't have the new date, but I have an application. I can call later this week and find out. It would be nice. My artsy friend thinks it is a waste of time, but she said that about submitting stuff to magazines. ;D I'm listening to my inner voice~ I like to add different quotes~ Thanks Sherry!
Ella said…
Ciara-Yes, that one is good ;D
You will love it~

Janet-That sounds amazing! I use to put flaxseed in my protein shakes with fruit! I love wheat germ somehow it sneaks its way into my muffins and cookie recipes. ;D
Thanks for sharing! Let me know what you think!

Kay-Your dog will love it ;D
One time I made my hound peanut butter bones. A neighbor stopped by and grabbed one and started to eat it. I told her they are dog bones. She thought they were just diabetic cookies, lol (no sugar in them) Her words not mine~
I bet you have some! I love coffee and tea~

turtlememoir-I'm not a big oatmeal person, either, but the peanut butter elevates the ordinary ;D
Isn't Oolong amazing!

Alex-You will make your inner Ninja very happy! Yum, I have made pancakes with peanut butter swirled in the batter! They were really good :D
Mafalda said…
Hello Ella!

I am a huge tea lover and Oolong tea is one of my favourite types of tea!

It's so smooth and delicate! I especially love its fragrance. Which Oolong tea variety do you often drink?

I truly enjoy drinking Tie Guan Yin, have you ever tried it?

The taste is wonderful and it brings so many health benefits! I suffer from digestive problems, so I often drink it as it improves digestion, by dissolving excess acidity.

It can also reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, so I think it is a wise choice!


Now about Oatmeal...not a big fan I have to admit, but I'll try it your way!