R is for Romance, Response

Mary over at the Garden challenged us, to write a poem about a movie. Sounds great except I am also challenged with combining it with letter R.  I decided to go with romance. I haven't really seen any romantic movies, lately, but my daughter was watching one on Showtime, Letters to Juliet.  I don't want to ruin the movie, but  I chose to write about the wall of letters.  There is a Juliet Club ; people actually write letters and put them on this wall in honor of the spirit of love. Yes, it is based on Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet.  Some letters ask for advice, some support, but all letters are answered by  volunteers. These women are named Juliet's secretaries. There is even a prize for the letter, that best expresses the theme of love.  In the movie they made a faux wall out of bricks, all of this takes place in Verona, Italy. The tourism industry has even created a balcony and statue of Juliet to add to the charm.
All in the spirit of love!

Here is my poem:

Love opens tenderly 
like a pale pink rose
unaware of star crossed dance
 tender moments stolen under shadowed moonlight
 riddled with sweeping 
emotions under the arches
of Casa de Giulietta
woeful questions
in youth
answered in the east
their aligned fate
touchstones reveal
flourished light
of seven lost years
under a dark cloak of 

dig the dust that lies here in
sorrow's home
umbrella catches brine 
and its
yearnings scribed on heart's parchment
tender, fragile thoughts
inked in passion's prose
a legacy of
culture's bridge
and bridal murmurs
all trembling in 
the whispered wind
what if
gives light
to hope's embrace

I mentioned seven lost years(It was suspected that Shakespeare either became an actor or soldier. There was a timeline of seven years nothing was written by him).
I mentioned woe, because it is used a lot in the play.  Dig the dust is on Shakespeare's gravestone.
Beware:  I know some of you will laugh, when I had offerings listed. Yes I thought of pigeon poo...in the movie Sophie's boyfriend ignores her a lot. This was my reference to him. lol


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow this is a beautiful poem, Ellie. "Dig the dust that lies here in sorrow's home". Wow, what a line that is. You have captured love's beginnings so well.........
De said…
I loved that movie!
And I LOVE these lines, especially:

"dig the dust that lies here in
sorrow's home
umbrella catches brine
and its

Kay L. Davies said…
This is absolutely lovely, Ella.
Peggy said…
Nice write--takes love on some less expected paths I think. I like how you worked in all the Shakespeare things and I enjoyed learning about the wall of letters. If I am ever in Italy I will have to go there!
Mary said…
Ella, what an enjoyable write! I haven't seen that movie, but I think I would enjoy it...even moreso after having read your poem.
Kristin said…
inked in passion's prose
a legacy of
culture's bridge
and bridal murmurs
all trembling in
the whispered wind

I love it all so much! And this is piece is my favorite. I didn't know that Shakespeare too 7 years off - you are so clever!!
Thank you for your sweet comment today!
Hannah said…
I need to watch this!! This is great Ella so many great words/lines this I really enjoy:

yearnings scribed on heart's parchment
tender, fragile thoughts
inked in passion's prose

Kerry O'Connor said…
The movie reminded me how many people spend lifetimes searching for perfect love, and how lucky we are if we get to experience it at all.

I loved your poem, and all the clever allusions.
Wonderful R post.
The poem was awesome and a pleasure to read,

Anonymous said…
Great lines Ella, "If courage gives light to hope's embrace," brings tears to my eyes...I have often times felt the need for more courage but your poem reminds me courage has always been with me, for hope has always been with me. Thanks for such a tender reminder of how human we all are and how courage and hope play hand in hand. Lovely, lovely read Ella.
Pigeon poo! And didn't realize Shakespeare went seven years without writing any plays.
Heaven said…
I love romantic films and plays Ella...if it makes me cry, the better...I specially like yearnings on heart's parchment ~
Susie Clevenger said…
Your poem is so beautiful. I need to see the movie. I am in love with love so anything romantic pulls me in.

I went with my sense of humor on my poem.

Daydreamertoo said…
An Ode to love indeed.
'On hearts parchment.'
Lovely imagery all though this :)