W is for Wonder

I wonder what poems I will select for Poem in Your Pocket Day!  Will I make people wonder as I perform guerrilla poetry or will they laugh?  My poor daughter doesn't know what she is in for. My daughter is sixteen. I'm picking her up from school today to go order flowers for Prom and get her shoes. Little does she know, I'm planning a stop at our favorite watering hole, Muddy Waters.  Yes, that is the name of the coffee shop I frequent. I will leave some pocket poetry.  She gets out early today... I wonder why they call it half a day, school ends at 3pm and they get out at 1pm....I wonder?!


Don't look at me! by *aoao2

Maybe I should get tea, it does feel like a Mad Hatter type of day?!  Hope I'm not late... ;D

I  did a post over at Poets United today, the prompt is wonder.   Maybe I should wait and write my poem after my adventure?  What would you do and which poems would you pick?   I wonder... ;D

I'll be back. It is one of those days.  No biking today, running back up in the attic to finish my mess, run to pick up daughter,  run errands, run home write poem, cook dinner, clean up and then run to airport, to pick up hubby.  I hope you have a wonderful day :D 


Sherry Blue Sky said…
After reading your chore list, I WONDER if I'll have the energy to reply to your prompt, hee hee. I feel like I need a nap!
Daydreamertoo said…
Yes, he got his walk. As soon as the ice goes and the temp is bearable, he sits by the front door, waiting! LOL
Have a great time with your teen. Mine turned 16 on the 11th :)
Enjoy the coffee shop with your daughter and don't forget to get your husband at the airport!
Love the name of the Coffee Shop.

Enjoyed your post it was great to read.

Unknown said…
Isn't this a delight of a day? I couldn't help but write a poem in its honor! Thanks for all you do in the online writing world, Ella. Much appreciated.
Mary said…
Life is so full of wonder, and there really is such a lot to wonder about. I think I will be writing about 'wonder' tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Mary Ann Potter said…
I have your answer to the half-day question. Half-days count as full days if they serve lunch first. That means the kids don't have to make them up. Silly, yes, but that's how it is here in NC. (I taught in Wake County for 18 years.) I'm sure you had fun with your guerilla poetry. 8-)
Scarlet said…
What a crazy and hectic schedule..and on top of that, you are posting poetry prompts ~ Have a wonderful day too ~
Karen Baldwin said…
Ahh...the life of a writer. LOve the lavender in your masthead. It's one of my favorite flowers. And you can do so much with them.
candice Elton said…
Hi Ella,

Your blog is beautiful, I am a biker too. I am just heading out the door. (yah) Thanks for your comment on our blog, I know how you feel about creating, I guess some people don't have that. I am glad to find friends that do.
Happy Biking!!!
Ella said…
Em-Musing-Normal doesn't exist in my vocab. maybe when he is done with the Navy career. Somehow I doubt it ;D I do, too! I know people even bake with them. I can't go there, but I love to tuck the flowers everywhere~ :D

Heaven-Yeah, flight was cancelled...I'm on standby waiting to hear. I hate driving to Norfolk airport, so I hope it won't be during the crazy morning commute!
Thank you...I need to go view all those Wonderful poems ;D

Mary Ann-I know, but it is cuckoo to me! Thanks for sharing, though!
It is silly, lol I tried, but for some reason it was mainly men in the coffee shop. It looked like a bunch of business meetings and interviews. I went to over coffee shop and then tucked poems around prom shoes, lol Thank you!

Mary-I love what you wrote, you are funny! :D

Kim-Yes, I love how fun everyone is! I will be by~ Same to you Kim :D Thank you~

Yvonne-Thank you! I know it was funny when we first moved here. My husband's boss is Muddy Waters. His nickname is Muddy, not the same guy :D

Alex-You are funny! I won't ;D
Though there was some problems and now I have to go get him at 1am!

Bren-Our beagle does the same thing! After everyone has eaten and it starts to get dark. He camps out on the rug in front of the door. If nothing happens, he starts to visit each one of us to remind us. Two things we have in common :D

Sherry-We scored on her shoes! We were going to VA on Saturday before picking up her Dad. Didn't work that way... Yeah, I'm changing my name to Lucy ;D
Ella said…
Candice-So nice to meet you! Happy Biking to you~ I have been cleaning and reorganizing my space. Hope to get crafting and fill my esty store! ATB to you :D
Unknown said…
What a day you have planned! I hope it all went very smoothly.

I want to try my hand at other creative endeavors aside from writing. I wonder if I'll be able to channel my Muse through something other than words. Inspiring post for W.
Ella said…
Hi Melissa-There are a lot of online classes. I can suggest a few, but what are you thinking of?!
I bet you will :D