X is for eXhausted

X is for eXhausted.   I was suppose to go to the airport and pick up Hubby around 10:30pm. It is now going to be more like 1-2 AM.  I am on stand by...  Son wants me to watch youtube videos about the Knights Templar. The narrator has a monotone voice...I can feel my head bobbing and weaving. I don't know when I will get home, but somehow I suspect 3am. If I am lucky~ I know a lame X, but considering it is the best I can do. Attic isn't done, but close. I gave up... He was suppose to come home Saturday. Oh, well...tomorrow is another day! 


Cynthia said…
I could see why you would be exhausted. I hope you and your family get home safely and that you will get some rest and relaxation very soon.
eXhaustion is not a pleasant feeling. Hope it passes quickly.
Loved the cat picture,

SA Larsenッ said…
I can't stop laughing at this cat! Hahahaha.... That's great.
Mary said…
I can understand the exhaustion. Hope you are able to sleep late today!
A.D. Duling said…
Hi Ella,

I enjoyed your post and the funny pic, reminded me of my cat and had to share your blog and post on my A.D.'s FAV 5 of the A to Z Challenge today! Yeppie, you are #1!
I am working my way to bonus #6 ,so if you do not see my post right away, please do check back!

Have a glorious Friday!
Hi Ella .. I can feel your exhaustion - I'd be sleeping like the pussy cat by now - I am not a night bird .. and sounds like you're being stretched by son too!

Cheers and hope you're both home safely and have had are having one great sleep!! Hilary
Anonymous said…
Get some rest. I know the feeling. I haven't even figured out my X yet
Anonymous said…
Get some rest. I know the feeling. I haven't even figured out my X yet
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE the cat photo SO MUCH! But hope you managed to get to the airport without nodding off at the wheel. Yikes.
Johanna Garth said…
Is that your cat because it is just adorable!
Kay L. Davies said…
Being on standby is no fun at all, because you have to shake yourself awake and rush off to get him.
Better to sleep like the cat is, providing the cat doesn't wake up with a stiff neck.
Take good care of yourself.
It's the worst feeling when you're tired and know you won't catch up on important things. That car says it all.

Hey buddy,
Hope you've been able to catch up on your zzz's. Sending love to you and wishing you a happy weekend!
Ella said…
Hi Jenny! Thank you, so nice to see you! Sending you loves n' wishes, too~ I have enjoyed all of your gorgeous art~ <3

Francene-It was bad. I had given up and gone to bed and he called. He told me upfront, not going to happen, but it did. I left at 12:45 and got to bed at 2:45am.
Nice to meet you~

Kay-lol, yes I agree! I slept 15 min and had to go. No fun driving... It is dark and the roads signs look neon, they glow! ;D

Johanna-No, it isn't. I know I agree, really sweet~ Last cat I had was a money cat. His name was Freckles. :D

Sherry-I had to drink some caffeine to go. Those few minutes of sleep really made it hard to be alert to go. All worked out and we are happy he is home! :D Thanks~

Writingstraight-You can do it! It is an odd letter! I'll be by later to see what you selected :D

Hilary-Thank you! I use to be a night owl, but the cycling and redoing attic n' frog wore me down. I also like to do art when the sun is shining. Funny, how things change! oooh, your castle tour I'll be by~
Ella said…
I'll be back to comment more! Family wants me to leave and go to the garden store! I will comment more and do letter Y!

Hope everyone is having fun! :D
Ella said…
AD-Thank you 5 is my luck number! I'll be by...I'm behind. I hope to catch up this evening! Family is planning on beating the game ZELDA.
I can sneak online watch and play catch up! :D

Mary-Thank you, it didn't work out that way, but I'm okay! :D

SA-I know I love that photo. It alone describes how I felt~ Thanks for stopping by~

Yvonne-No, it does drain you! Thanks, the photo really said it all!

Cynthia-Thank you! We are all doing much better :D