Blog Anniversary...

I had a blog anniversary this month...3yrs! Where did time go?  I know it flew... I went back and read some of the posts, funny.  I still feel like I'm trying to find my place. Creativity is like a crow for me.  I tend to turn my head and run towards the next shiny object that attracts my attention.  Do you do that, sometimes?  I guess I can figure out which basket to put all my eggs in... Then I wonder, do I really have to?!   Thank you all for being part of my journey...  My goal is to comment more on your blogs. I do well for a while and then life tosses me off my path. I need Ninja skills, I guess ;D  I'd settle for less drama. 

Creativity belongs to all of us.  Some of us tuck it away and don't share, some share a lot, and some make a living at it.  I was hoping for something in between. I am finding, my schedule is changing again. Daughter's last day of 10th grade was yesterday. I'm in shock...the house was loud with teens and pizza last night.  Now, my mornings and evenings will be different.  I'm taking a few college courses and I applied for a job.  I'm not thrilled about the hours, but I use to do this job and enjoyed it. I was a Switchboard Operator.  When my daughter gets her driver's license, life will be different.   She is not ready, yet (neither am I).

I wanted to share a few bloggers who were with me in my humble beginnings.  I will return soon with poetry and I was given a couple of awards.  I want to thank Captain Alex and E.J. Wesley, for thinking of me!  :D   Their blogs are always entertaining, no matter the subject.  Stop by and say, "Hello". 

Becky Shander's art always inspires. I decided to be brave and comment on her blog and surprisingly she started to visit mine.  She has always been sweet and has a beautiful view of the world. Her art has inspired me and she told me to "believe"!   Stop by and visit this multi-talented lady~ 
Home Home About the Artist Contact Becky Shander Shopping Cart
Becky Shander
*photo via Becky's blog

Then there is Pixie...she is fun, crazy about football, good food, good books and good friends! I can't remember how we found each other?!   Stop by and visit Pixie's Pages, she varies her post and it is always interesting! :D   Pixie is behind the media scenes, she is so talented~
Pixie Pages

Jenny Lee Wentworth has a dream.  Her blog is Creativity is Happiness, so true :D
Jenny and I  have supported each other through out our creative journeys. She took a few art classes and it has changed her life.  Stop by and wish her well on her journey~  Her art will inspire you. She believes like me, we all are creative.  She has a wonderful gift~  :D
Creativity is Happiness

 Thank you everyone! You all have touched my soul, in more ways than you could ever know! (((hugs)))


Marian said…
they say it's your blogiversary! happy blogiverary to you!
Happy blogiversary, Yes Captain Alex is always there for you I can relate.

Susie Clevenger said…
Happy blogiversary!! Keep at it and keep inspiring us!
Hi Ella .. Happy Blogoversary .. and I can imagine your life is full with your daughter and teens around ..

Congratulations on three years and it's amazing how blogging friends stick around and support each other ..

Good luck with the job and creativity ..

Have a great weekend .. Hilary
Netty said…
Congratulations on 3 years of blogging, x
mooderino said…
Congratualtions, a real milestone in the everchanging blogiverse.

Moody Writing
The Funnily Enough
Happy blog anniversary! It's been a joy to watch your creativity flourish this past couple years.
Heaven said…
Happy blogoversary ~ Congrats on 3 years of blogging fun and creativity ~

Cheers ~
Mary said…
Happy three year blogoversary, Ella. How much has changed in the blogosophere in the past three years. I wonder what changes the next three will bring.
Janet said…
Happy Blogiversary and here's to many more! your blog is one of my 'quiet, happy places' I visit. You are multi-gifted and one never knows which gift you willchoose share. God bless you as you encourage others!

Your beauty shines in your genuine care for others. This is indeed a special blog.
septembermom said…
Happy Blogaversary! It's always a pleasure to visit your lovely blog :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Congrats, Ellie, and a big thank you, too. For three years you have gifted us with such beauty, both visually with your art and photography, in the words of your inspiring and encouraging poems and words, and with your outlook on life. Keep making time to follow your art. It is your gift to the world. It is also your legacy, where your kids and grandkids can know who you are, some far distant day in the future.
Lynne Moncrieff said…
Happy Anniversary Ella
It is a beautiful place to be part of. I was a reluctant blogger and it is all due to friends that I started one and thank goodness as it has allowed me to connect with likeminded people and it is such a supportive and caring and motivating environment.
Long may you be part of this world and continue to inspire us.
Monica said…
Happy Anniversary dear Ella, wow, time flies. I am happy our paths crossed in Blogland!
Monica x
P.S I'm sure you'll find your way. Dreams DO come true! xx
Mama Zen said…
Happy Blog Anniversary!
Wanda said…
Congrats on reaching another blogging milestone Ella! May you continue to pursue your creative expressions.
Daydreamertoo said…
Happy 3 year anniversary... here's to many more :)
Chrisy said…
Congrats...yes it's funny to look back...I'm a bit like you, all over the place! It sounds as if you life is changing....I hope you can work out the hours for working that suit you....don't work too many....there's too many other things to do!
scarlett clay said…
Happy 3 years! Yep, I'm always chasing those 'sparklies' too !! :)
E.J. Wesley said…
Ella, thanks so much for the mention here! Anytime I'm mentioned in the same paragraph as Captain Alex, I know I've truly done something. That guys is ubiquitous in a great way! :)

Like you, I can't tell you exactly how the time goes by so quickly in the blogging world, but it does. Congrats on year three, and here's to many more!

Best of luck on your new job search as well.

Pixie said…
Awww! Ella, thank you so much for mentioning my blog. Happy Blog Anniversary! I'm on the road, again, for work but I brought some inspirational reading for nights in the hotel room... I have the last two issues of Artful Blogging.
Melissa Bradley said…
Congrats on three years. That is awesome! Here's many, many more with lots and lots of creative adventures ahead. I gave you a shout out today my friend. Enjoy your week!
Kim Nelson said…
Nice way to celebrate... celebrate others!
LTM said…
Creativity is happiness, and you're right. It's in all of us. Super congrats on your anniversary! Here's to many more beautiful, creative years~ :o) <3
Ella said…
I'll be back to comment...
Power company is working on the system..the came to my door and told me they would have to shut the power off, for an hour. ??! I bet it will be more... I'm leaving to go buy items for daughter going to camp.
I'll be back...
Love you Ellie, I'm so glad to have met you on my little art journey! You are a true friend.
Ella said…
Jenny-Happy you are part of the creative journey! xo

Leigh-Thank you ;D 555 <3 I'll be by~

Kim-Awe, thanks...I didn't think of it that way! It is a journey for all of us! We do need to cheer each other on :D Thank you~

Melissa-I'm sorry I missed it...I'll be by! We have had thundershowers every evening and I haven't been online(this is when I play catch up) Thank you so much :D

Pixie-You will be inspired, I am sure. I haven't seen the latest issue... I hope it is drool worth ;D lol Thanks for being part of the journey~ I hope you are making time for your creativity!

EJ-Thank you, yes stepping my toe back in may take time. I have to also find an unique fit... around family and medical. Thank happy I met you along the way ;D

Scarlett-It is good to know I'm not alone on this path ;D Your art proves it...I have some catching up to do~

Chrissy-I love your advice! Thank you and your art is unique and visually stunning~ I'll visit again soon! Nice to see you visit me~
happy jubilee! I also celebrated third year of my blog back in April.
Anonymous said…
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