Dear Thief

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Dear Thief,

    Why me, why my package to my Mom?  Was it because it was long distance?  Was it because of the weekend?  Were you desperate?  Why did you cut me open and make me feel raw and naked?  Seeing my memories. Memories that were mine and my Mom's.  You cut the box open and read my handmade card, all the memory cards I attached to each one of her gifts. Then you took half of the box's contents, ripped off the mail  price code. Perhaps you thought my Mom wouldn't notice, but she did.  She thought my package was odd,when she received it yesterday.

     Yesterday, she called and thanked me for her Mother's Day package.   I said, "what did you think of this note, that?"  All of the gifts had special tags attached. I wrote about a memory relating to the gift I selected.  She laughed and said, she loved everything. She loved the Somerset Studio magazine and my Sunshine banner. She knew it was about her and the neighbors giving sunshine baskets to shut ins, people who had been sick or sad. She knew I had written an article to go with it, but it didn't get published. We talked about it....  "How did you like the elephant, I tucked in?" 

                   "What elephant?" she sounded puzzled.

     My Mom collects elephants, she had to part with some to move into her new place. This elephant was the movie, Water for Elephants.  She hadn't seen it. She had car issues, the garage she took her car to had burnt down. She had to find another garage, so did everyone who had their business there.  It took a month to get her car done. Parts needed to be ordered and she wasn't this garage's original customer. She didn't go downtown much this past winter. I knew she couldn't get the movie in the REDBOX anymore, so I purchased it for her.  I wrapped it special, with popcorn and her favorite Lindt chocolate bar.  YOU took her  movie, the pretty blouse in her favorite color, sage green and the handmade card, the check for her to go treat herself  to Chinese food, a special coffee and her favorite sandwich, a Reuben.    I suspect YOU work at the post office.

   Why do I think that?!  The postage sticker was removed and the box was taped differently.  I had filled her package and she noticed the candy bag, with the special May basket was cut.  So thief, you used a box cutter and gutted my package, took what you thought of value. You took half the box and removed the postage, so she wouldn't think it odd. It was odd...we always look at the postage.

     See, we have mailed things a lot in the past 27 years.  Me, being married to a man who made the Navy his career and altered my life plan, by all this moving.  I grew up in small town America, where everyone knows you or a family member, you are connected to.  Mail has been my main connection with my loved ones. It has kept me sane. A way to keep connected, share our memories,  and our love.  I have mailed odd things and received a few odd ones, too.  When I was in Maine,  I mailed hubby car parts. He was on and island off the coast of Alaska.  It was cheaper for me to buy parts and mail them. I supplied hubby and friends with parts for their junk yard war type vehicles.   I have received odd mail.  I mailed my husband Christmas. on a Navy Destroyer.  He received 10 packages. When he was in Bahrain, I mailed him food to enhance his Thanksgiving dinner. One year my brother mailed me a dog for my 25th birthday. We couldn't have a pet where we lived, so he mailed me a Pound Puppy. I took a photo of my stuffed dog tied to a fence, named it and mailed it back.  It was a big joke, I mailed him lots of photos of my puppy.  My mom mailed me a squash from her garden, angel food cake pans, and lots of photos. I mailed Mom volcanic ash, when Mt. Spurr erupted, while I was in Alaska. It helps your garden grow.  One year Mom mailed me Lilacs, from Maine to Florida. One of the worst scents ever is to receive a cooked bouquet of lilacs. She didn't consider the humidity and heat on my end.   My uncle mailed me Lily of the Valley plants one year on my birthday. It birth flower for the month of May.  My Mom mailed my son a dinosaur that growled. She took the batteries out. When I received the box, I opened it and put the batteries in and wrapped the package for my son.  "Grammie mailed me something that growls?"  He was three and got a big kick out of the package. I had tucked it back in the original mail box.

      I have never had a problem with the mail till yesterday, when Mom received her gift box. You stole from us, but you can not have our memories. Yes, you violated our privacy, stole her gifts, but you did not steal the love that was enclosed in that box. I will do another box, I will mail it to her old address, where there has never been a problem. I will mail something again to her, but it will always be insured.  Peace of mind should not have to cost more money, but in this case it does!   I know you will do it again, the sad thing is are you someone I use to know?  I lived around that area. Are you someone so desperate that you really needed these gifts?  Why couldn't you leave the card or toss the check back will have a hard time cashing it.  Maybe in your criminal state, you had no grabbed what you hoped would be cash.   How many others did you steal from this week?  How many other Mother's Days did you ruin?  Thanks postal worker!  There is no way anyone else did was an inside, in house job. 

Sincerely pissed,
A daughter


Sherry Blue Sky said…
That so sucks. Stealing a MOTHERS DAY GIFT? I am outraged. You put together such a thoughtful array of small pleasures for her.........oh that is maddening. Even worse that it does appear to have been the post office...I wonder if people lose some of their social security cheques...........
Ella said…
They knew the box wasn't insured. I doubt mine was the only box violated. It is sad! I am thankful we discuss our packages. I wonder how many times a parent or loved one has just said "thank you" and no discussion of the gift(s). The idea of it and the fact the stole the movie, blouse, and handmade card bother me most. I will be watching to see if they cash the check. Mom thought it might of happened in between. I wouldn't have reached her, without postage. The price with the code was not on the package. It was taped back up in an odd way, she noticed. She is familiar with my way of doing things. I thought about mailing a fake package, for them to open. I still might. No, not a snake, lol
Just a note to them personally inside a dvd case with some monopoly $. Mom will be told, if I do! Thanks Sherry! I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day~ @>----
Ella, that is terrible! File a complaint with the post office. They won't be able to do something, but it will mark a red flag that someone along that route is stealing.
Mary said…
This is awful, Ella. I do not blame you for feeling SOOOOO violated. I would too, also heartsick for having stolen happiness from both the giver and receiver.
Wanda said…
Oh wow, that's horrible Ellie. I can understand why you would be pissed. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry this happened. Having something so personal stolen stinks. I had a camera stolen when my son was in kindergarten and we lost so many special memories. Thinking of you and sending love. Happy Mothers Day my Friend.
Christine Rains said…
Oh no! How awful. Such a special gift and some thoughtless thief stole it. I hope you still have a wonderful Mother's day.

Recently I had a book stolen out of a package. There was another book in it that was mailed on. Why one and not the other?
kaykuala said…
It is sad, Ella! Even in desperate times,it would still not be justified for them. What more when those given the trust had failed miserably.
But I must confess your brilliant write was such an eye opener, such a sweet thing! To think you went through so much with the post people before, it was sacrilege to discover how they failed your family. Sad! And such a pity!

Haddock said…
This happens many times all over the world, and it hurts more when there is a sentimental value attached to it.
Do you think the thief is reading this?
Crumbs Ella - you said it so well - my golly gosh I hope someone is feeling remorseful today. Sadly I suspect their glee will have gone and they'll be messing with others' lives via the postal packets ..

That is just terrible and I feel for you all - especially as you obviously put so much extra love into creating a wonderful Mother's Day gift ..

I'd post this as a plain letter to the Manager at the local post office at your Mum's ..

With a great deal of horror thoughts .. big hugs of empathy - Hilary
Lorraine Lewis said…
ella i am so sorry that this happened. how very sad that someone can be so cruel! i saw that you won the blog giveaway and i was so happy it was you- happy mother's day sweet ella!
You turned a disturbing experience into a wonderful read. Well done. I hope it was cathartic to have written it.
Ella said…
Madeleine-Thank you, it truly was!
I hope you had a lovely holiday!~ ATB

Lorraine-Thank you! I won really?!
Happy Mother's Day to you~ It was so sweet of you to come bringing great news~ :D Hope you enjoyed your day!

Hilary-Yes, it was crumby alright!
Well said~ I suspect this will continue! My Mom fears if I report it the wrong person will be accused. I have another plan ;D
Thank you~

Haddock-I believe you are right...we just don't hear about it! If they had taken the magazine, then I would be worried. I was in it and had marked the page. I think they were only interested in things that appeared to have a $ connection. Gosh, you never know...?! Kind of creepy!

Hank-Thank you! Yes, it is a federal offense~ Kind of bold and stupid to attempt it, in my opinion! I have been fortunate over the years. Just the timing truly sucked~ Thank you for your kind words :D

Christine-That is kind of creepy!~
Geesh, what is going on at the postal service?! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words~
Hope you had a lovely weekend~

Jenny-How horrible! One can never replace photos, this is so sad~
Happy Mother's Day to you! Thank you :D <3

Wanda-Thank you! Yes, it smarts a bit, to think of someone looking through your memories, like that!
Thank you; I called Mom she had a nice day, but was still upset~
I will fix it ;D

Mary-Thank you! Yes, that is how it feels~ Words in letters and cards are private, it feels strange. It will be odd to go to the mail again, but I will. I will be insuring packages, now~ Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!

Alex-My Mom doesn't want me to. She thinks her mail carrier will get the heat, not the intended party. I'm torn... I do think a letter to the postmaster will details, might suggest it was on the inside. Thanks for your suggestion!
Scarlett Clay said…
I'm so sorry about that, oooh what a horrible person to do that. I agree with Alex, I would SO make a fuss about this, so so sorry :(
Daydreamertoo said…
That sucks Ella. No-one can be trusted anymore. I've posted things to the USA that have gone missing too. Such a shame to have put things in there which were only of value to you and your mother. All I can say is, the person who stole them must have needed them more than your mother. Pity them. Feel sorry for them because they will have to live with all their sins. It has taught you a valuable lesson, whatever you send now send by recorded delivery.
That really does suck!
Apart from that, I hope you had a wonderful day yourself :)
Ella said…
Bren-Thank you! Yes, I tried to turn it that way and see they must of needed it~ It is really sad!
I hope you had a wonderful day :D

Scarlett-Thank you~ I just mailed another package this morning, not to that post office, but her at her old address. Yes I insured it~ It is a crazy world we live in~ Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :d
Laura said…
Oh Ella, this breaks my can someone be so cruel. I'm so sorry this happened...but you are right, your memories cannot be stolen.
Kristin said…
WHAT a shame! I am so sorry to hear about all of that - and happy that you sent off another package! BUT I think you should - send a new fake one that is, if only for your pleasure!
I loved reading about all of your mailed things over the years and I only hope that the new present gets there with better luck, xoxo
Ella said…
Kristin-I have been thinking about that ;D Thank you, I mailed them to her old post office box. Fingers crossed and toes, lol

Laura-Thank you, It was awful to discover. Then I wondered, how many Mother's just say "thank you" and no discussion. I guess it was bound to happen, but the timing sucked! Thank you~
Lolamouse said…
I am so sorry that happened to you and your mom. It's awful. It's especially sad because one bad person can ruin the reputations of so many good, hardworking, honest people. The folks who work in our post office are so nice and go out of their way to get our packages to us. Hope you had a good Mother's Day despite this mess.
Ella said…
Lolamouse I do agree. There are soo many really nice people. Thank you, I hope you had a lovely day, too.
Amanda Trought said…
So sorry to hear about your package to your mum, I would definitely report it, its a pity there wasn't a way to track the packages journey to pinpoint who handled it. Sending hugs your way, Amandax