Ella's Challenge

Today, it was my turn at RT to come up with a poetry prompt. I chose a slippery slope, Food Porn.
Now,  now....it isn't quite like that, but it could be, lol.   One has to write a poem, about food. I also asked that they attach a memory.  I think a lot of our memories are stirred, by our senses. Food Porn is a site with amazing photos and recipes. Yes, it could be a sensory over load, but it also can be sweet or a salty memory attached to one bite.  A taste that transports you to another time, maybe dimension. No not the Twilight Zone, but the "Tastebud Zone", lol

See if you can guess what I am describing, I will share a photo at the end of this post. No cheating, do not peek....

  Residual heat caresses
 the sweet dreams of youth
I hug my plump, fluffy cloud 
wishing it was you
smouldering fire burns
I watch you
you tease me
your playfulness excites
my attention
I am smitten

The warmth of your kiss
 teases my tongue
the dance of your
 sweetness awakens my soul

(don't peek)

you are oozing, smouldering passion
I want another kiss
my memory snuggles 
as I dream of you
blanketed in a light tan comforter
I melt in your embrace
your outer shell crumbles
I remove this layer
 and watch your white heat
flame again
the sensually river of you

bubbling sweetness
my senses
I'm near a flickering flame of embers
at camp
stars twinkle as the moon rises 
and winks at me
your elixir conjures
 a love potion
your allure
your dark side
surprises me as
we look for the Milky Way
a beguiling dance
caught between
a trinity of charred smiles


Did you guess right?!

Summer camp was my memory stirred. I had a crush on this boy. Our camp had invited the boy's camp over to make S'mores.  I was the tween age of awkwardness. He was so cute, I thought he liked me, till he threw a melted marshmallow in my hair.  Yes, those fun memories of getting your braids pulled, your bra snapped and being shoved and slugged. ;D   What are your S'more memories?

Grown up S'mores look amazing, check these out.  I now want a pineapple, coconut marshmallow, white chocolate and chocolate graham cracker or maybe a gingerbread marshmallow...the combos are now endless!   These look good, too.  How about these...  or  what about those

Off to ride my bike and later maybe I can have a S'more ;D  
I took a break, when we were doing the home improvement stuff in the FROG. Time to leap to it! 



Ciara said…
That was brilliant. :) I love the prose. Oh, and I am so craving a one now. :)
Shawna said…
This is a great line: "a trinity of charred smiles" ... And your first stanza was especially delicious. Very hot. Food didn't even cross my mind. ;)
Mystic_Mom said…
S'mores! Love em! Love the open fire and the smells that say, "summer"! So very well written...and sensual too. Yummy.
M Pax said…
I did guess S'more. :D Nice poem. Made me think of summer camp, too. The photo is a huge s'more. Wow.
Kerry O'Connor said…
How deliciously gooey!
Brilliant Ella, loved the poem and oh that picture.

L. Diane Wolfe said…
I did get it right! We used to make S'Mores at my grandparent's cabin in the mountains. I don't eat chocolate anymore so I just have to enjoy the graham cracker and marsh mellow.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Such sweet memories of camp.......that boy DID like you - throwing a marshmallow in a girl's hair is how they show it at that age. Hee hee. Love the poem, and the photo makes me crave something - anything! - sweet! Now they make giant marshmallows too. I have never eaten a S'more. I know, it's shocking, but it's not my fault! It's on my Bucket List.
Teresa said…
What a great description, and I love the camp stories too. Kind of glad I made it through those years!
Karen said…
Ooooooooo, yes, through the sensuous descriptions I guessed s'mores. A yummy memory, deliciously penned!
Kay L. Davies said…
I agree with Sherry, on both counts. That's what boys do. And where Sherry and I grew up, we never heard of S'mores until we were adults.
Truly. I could say Underprivileged Childhoods R Us, except there was a wonderful lake, and fabulous hiking, and now there are a gazillion tourists ruining the whole area.
I've never tasted S'mores, either.
Great poem, Ella. Makes me hungry.
Hannah said…
Oh, I knew, Ella and I was drooling once again!! I love your memory attachment to this, marshmallow in hair...those cute but icky boys!!

Such a great write and such a fun prompt, thank you again, Ella!!
Not only am I going to sneak downstairs to make a micro-smore, I know my poem's title already. Just have to write it in the AM and post! Thanks for this, Ella! Amy
In the meantime...
Lolamouse said…
I id'd s'mores because I still love them! One of my favorite memories is of a camping trip my husband (then just boyfriend) and I took with another friend and his girlfriend. He'd never heard of s'mores so we had to indoctrinate him. After that night, he just kept muttering "mmmm, s'mores..." all weekend!
Wanda said…
Can't believe I guess it right after only reading a few lines. Great job.
kmckendry said…
Yum! I love s'mores. :)
vivinfrance said…
I guessed damper, so I guessed wrong - but then I've never had a 'smore'. Great piece of writing.
Lucious writing! Love s'mores. and I love the new ideas for combos - they sound delicious! My fam and I have food allergies so we make our own graham crackers and marshmallows . . .and it's amazing how much better s'mores taste with homemade grahams and super vanilla marshmallows - I highly recommend it, and it's fairly easy.
Now, I need to go ride my bike too before just the thought of those sweets sits on my hips.
Candilynn Fite said…
Visiting from Alex's blog.

LOL! I was thinking roasted marshmallow all the way down the line, until I got to "milky way" and then I thought, could it be? Yes, it was a s'mores. :))

Great poem!
Judith C Evans said…
You sure captured the essence of those wonderful treats we call s'mores! Heading to the kitchen...
Ella said…
Thank you Judith! ;D I bought stuff to make them, this weekend. Your honor poem, was well done. I need to write mine, now...

Candilynn-I love your name! I figured the pillow would tip everybody off~ Nice to meet you! :D

Tyrean-I bet your recipes are amazing! Care to share?! :D I have been tempted to make my own. I have food allergies, too. Thanks for the tip.. Yes, I know what you mean. One bite per 3 mls, lol okay one bite, 1 mile...
Thank you!

Vivinfrance-What is a damper? I'm going to have to look this one up...Is it good?! Do you love it?
Thank you :D
Ella said…
I ll be back to comment... Hope you are doing well
Susie Clevenger said…
Smores never had a sweeter description. Love it!! I am late responding to your challenge, but here is my response.

Melissa Bradley said…
Great, great poem! I did guess right and I swear I did not cheat. :)

I don't have any smore memories as I I never really ate them. I think I had one, once, but I am a total heathen and do not like marshmallows. Food porn for me is chocolate desserts. Specifically Hershey's Dark Chocolate creme pie. I had this at my mom's one Halloween and OMG!!!
Ella said…
Melissa-oooh, sounds heavenly! I never use to be a chocolate fiend, till thyroid disease showed up~ I love the stuff... Yes, I agree chocolate would be my food porn, too :D

Susie-I love what you did and so can relate! Great job... :D
Kim Nelson said…
Ella! You SO embraced the porn perspective, and did so with aplomb.