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First, I want to thank all of you who commented, on my Mother's Day gift post.  I did find something online I thought I would share with all of you.  A sentimental type gift and another one that is what I call a green art form.   Check these out:

Magic beans, that grow into a message. What a clever idea and a delightful, sentimental way to express, the growth of your love.   There are several sites that sell these. I found them on Amazon.

They even have a Happy Birthday one!  I want to wish Yvonne, from Welcome to My World of Poetry Blog, Happy Birthday!  I feel honored to share this day with you and your granddaughter.
What else do we have in common?  Birthdays, poetry and today I mentioned a squirrel on my Poets United prompt?!    I know you love slides, I'm the swing girl. ;D   I hope you have a wonderful day!
Best Wishes @>----------

The other is a woolly plant pocket for your wall.  Check this out here. Your walls can bloom flowers!
I have to get one for my Mom. I didn't have time, but she is moving into a bigger apartment and I know what I am going to buy her.

 * photo via Wally One

For the prompt#96 News, I decided to use my horoscope, from Freewill Astrology.  Rob Brezsny writes some zany, insightful and colorful scopes.  I thought it would make an interesting poem.

I did my poem Austin Kleon style.
Don't worry ...I will write it differently...yikes, what a mess mine is.

I will try to get back and write another poem. I have to go pick up daughter from school and run her to the college. They are having a performance there tonight. She apologized for having it on my birthday. I said, "Are you kidding?  How wonderful to see a colorful performance on my day!"   She is a Colorguard. 

Our minds harbor pockets of imprints
They rise up and render us to psychic versions

You know the drill:
 give and receive love
aspiring actions

Put yourself in the path of beautiful art 
and creatures
Exercise your imagination
your mind's eye
with wonder and vitality.

Eliminate junk words
saying things you don't mean
Stop scornful assertions

Before you sleep
review your day
 your memories
Be alert
moments you
strayed from

Sit in front of a turned-off TV
make up story that
harmony speaks
this tale aloud

Take on job title
do something everyday
to cultivate grace and intrigue

Ask questions
if you're an artist
your aesthetic into public places
memorize poems and slip them
into conversations
program your cell phone
Vivaldi's Stabat Mater in C Minor
Scrawl passages onto walls at
public lavatories.  

If you are curious; I was!


InnerMedley said…
I love it! I'm doing mine Blackout Poetry style too.
Today is your birthday as well as Yvonne's? Wow, I didn't even make a cake or anything. Ninja fail...
M Pax said…
A most happy Birthday, Ella! The wall planter is cool. I was stumped as to what to get my dad, but maybe he'd like that. Shrug. He loves gardening. His birthday is later this month.
Daydreamertoo said…
Happy Birthday Ella!~! I hope it's one of your best yet!

Loved the post as usual. Loved the prompt over at PU too. Have a wonderful night.
Great post Ella, oh and a Happy Birthday to you too. strange sharing so many things.
Hope you had a grand day, I did.

Yes Alex where's the cake?????



Fantastic word flow and wonderful recollection of the activities for a day...A superb and very prompt response!!!

Eileen :)
Mary said…
Happy birthday, Ella. What a cool poem you wrote with that technique. I think it would be hard to write something that makes sense. YOU accomplished it well!
Ella said…
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Ella said…
Thank you, we had German Chocolate Cake..yes, I had to ride a few miles for a couple of bites. Yes, it was worth it~ I wish I could give you all a slice :D No, it is not my fav, but it was good! I rather have popcorn, lol.

Thank you Mary! Try it...you might be surprised! Hint: read the paragraph or article first before you attempt it ;D

Eileen-Thank you! :D I look forward to yours. I think I am going to attempt another one, but use a different section of the paper!

Yvonne-I know right! You love music, so do I...what else?! ;D
Happy to share this day with YOU!

Bren-Thank you! It has been a busy day, but I like it like that~ Tomorrow, I'm making time for some art! ;D You are sweet~

MPax-Thank you! YOU could always get him some seedlings and a gift card to the local green house! :D

Alex-Ninja didn't fail! Kick some candles off my cake and all is well, lol Kick 5 yrs off, will ya?!

InnerMedley-So happy you joined in!
I loved yours~ Let's do it again, lol
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Happy Birthday, Shiny Girl! I am astounded at how well you did the news poem. It is like your newspaper was sending you direct messages. Cool idea........I could never make such a hip poem out of what's in our local paper.......we are SO Hicksville here!

I LOVE the magic beans - how cute is that? I should get some for Zenny.
Shawna said…
I love this line: "They rise up and render us to psychic versions"

And this: "cultivate grace and intrigue"
Ella said…
Shawna-Go read yours and below on the Freewill Astrology site...sometimes his words astound me~ Try it and see! :D
Thank you~

Sherry-lol,it did feel that way. In fact the past three weeks have been like it was directed right at! Like wake up Ellen, lol~
Yes, you could...go look at your horoscope...do it! Go to the site I mentioned you will be stunned and look up Zenny's, too. I wonder if we couldn't engrave on beans, plant them and this would happen?! I'm might go get me a packet and see. If I think I can make it, I won't buy it ;D
I know I'm smitten by magic beans, tee,hee
Susie Clevenger said…
Happy Birthday...what a fun poem. My poetry is always marked through when I write it..lol
Grace said…
Happy happy birthday Ella ~ Your post is full of hope and beautiful things...Cheers for another year of fun, love and all the things you wish for ~
ooh, I'm loving those beans! And I love plants in my house.
Johanna Garth said…
Those magic beans are so cool and thank you for the beautiful message this morning!
Jo Murray said…
Lovely post and poem... and a big thanks for the Vivaldi.
Hannah said…
What a really entertaining post, Ella!! I love that you used to live in Brunswick BTW!! Such a cool coincidence!

I love the sprouting personalized beans and the wall plants! Thank you for the link to those!

Your poem is really great I can relate to the part about slipping poetry into conversations...I had quite the reaction when I tried that out (by accident) the other day. "Oh, well...yes, good." Ha ha

I love this part:
"Be alert
moments you
strayed from"

That really made me stop to ponder.
Thank you, Ella!
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I'll be back to comment~ I know those are some cool, magic beans :D
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful post Ella! We really do need to recognize the beauty around us and within us. Living in the moment is beautiful as is pondering on some forgotten memory that made you smile.

I am really happy to be your friend Ella...have a happy day!!