First Love Blogfest

 Captain Ninja Alex has come up with this unique, fun blogfest. A first of firsts, lol  I signed up with a bit of hesitation. Some of the firsts came fast n' furious, others did not. I really had to go back in the vault and sort through.  My Mom calls her memory, the vault.  She use to work in a bank. She was head bank teller.  Today we share our favorite movie, music, book, and person, your first love.  Join in and share yours!

Movie:  This was hard. I practically grew up in a movie theater, two came to mind.  No, I didn't flip a coin. Both flicks were set on the water, both stirred up many emotions and horrors.  I selected The
Poseidon Adventure.  I can remember this was the first movie I saw, where I chewed off all my fingernails, once the popcorn and Jujubes were gone. It rattled me, all the choices, the twists and turns. I am a Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgenine fan.  Ernest  can really bring the emotion to a scene.

When they redid it; I had to go, but I wasn't as keen on this flick. I enjoyed it, but the first one haunted me, for awhile and the story lines were different, updated.  My first movie crush was in latest one, Kurt Russell ;D

These are tough questions!

Music:  I am thinking favorite song.  It would have to be Kansas, "Carry On My Wayward Son".  When it comes on the radio, today.  I'll sing it, I still know all the words~

Honestly, this song was my first driving love.  My Dad use to out run the cops, back in the day of dirt roads.   Dad I out ran them for a long time, not really. I did get my first speeding ticket, 3 yrs ago, which was sad.  We had sold the Pontiac with the turbo booster, didn't get caught in that one. No, I get a ticket in a Honda.  It was a sad  I can not drive with this song on, I will speed every time ,"Radar Love" by Golden  Earring comes on the radio.

Book:  This is a weird choice for me. I love to read, but the first book that really captured my attention was "The People's Almanac".   I had my hands on the second edition yesterday. There is something for everyone in this book!

Love:  My first one was this guy that kept hanging around our neighborhood.  It was summer time and I thought he was one of the cottage people.  We have a street near ours with summer cottages, right by the water.  Then one day at my aunt's house I see him go next door.  My cousin, Kathy declares "that is Donnie."  We kept following each other in circles. I would go uptown and he would be there. I would go to the wharf, he would be there.  One day when I came home from my part time job, my brother asked me to help him make some snacks. He was having friends over.  I go to the door and it is Him.  He stared at me, me him.  Then I heard him ask my brother, "Why is Kathy's sister here?"

        My brother starts laughing, "this is my sister, she lives here."  This is how it all started, we became the Three Musketeers and  did a lot of things together, roller skating, hiking and movies. Yes, it was "More Than a Feeling" and there was sea adventure, not like The Poseidon.  He became a sailor, married the Navy. I have been tossed about on the sea of emotion marrying him, being a Navy spouse...odd how my choices reappeared.  NO, I am never going on a cruise ship! ;D


kaykuala said…
A good game to play on Ella! It's amazing that you can draw back such memories. Great narration, Ma'am!

LTM said…
I actually didn't see the Posiedon Adventure til I was an adult, but it is a fun movie. You know, the actress... zerg, drawing a blank--oh! Shelly Winters couldn't swim, and was deathly afraid of water. But she did that scene anyway. Incredible.

Yay, Kansas! :D Hope you're doing great, my friend~ ((hugs))
Ella said…
Leigh-I heard that. My Mom is the same way... She wasn't acting; it was real fear~ I really was too young to see it, at the time. I think my aunt took us ;D

Hope you are doing great! Hope your Mother's Day was a happy one! I'll be by...

Hank-You are sweet! Thank you~ I will stop by and see what you have been up to :D
Kerry O'Connor said…
You married your first love? How cool is that?
You married your first love - that is cool. Poseiden Adventure remake was awful. And who doesn't start singing when Kansas comes on the radio? (Always an easy score when playing Karaoke as well.)
Thanks for participating in my blogfest!
Paula Martin said…
Haven't seen the remake of Poseidon Adventure but the first one was awesome!
Love the way you met your 'first love'.
Rachel Morgan said…
That story of your first love is really sweet :-)
Johanna Garth said…
Was I reading that right? Did you marry your first love? So sweet!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Sigh...marrying one's first love. I wish I had done the same:)
Timothy Brannan said…
I LOVE "Carry On"! That is a great damn song, and like you I have to blast it every time it comes on the radio.

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The Other Side
Arlee Bird said…
I enjoyed the way you put this together. The original Poseidon Adventure is a great choice. I loved that movie. After I saw it I read the Paul Gallico book that it was based on and I loved the book as well. And Kansas is one of my favorite groups.
Great picks.

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out
Jamie Gibbs said…
The Poseidon Adventure. Wow, that takes me back. Haven't seen that in years. That's a survivor movie and a half!
Kristin said…
You married your first love!? Wow, HOW cool is that?! I love reading this about you.
AND want to thank you for your sweet messages about the adoption stories and journal. I am happy to move on now ;)
I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day too sweet Ella, xoxo!
HWR Curator said…
fantastic journey...

We all love something...right!
Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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Christine Rains said…
Great memories. Loved your first love story.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That Kansas song was also the theme song to the movie Heroes with Henry Winkler and Sally Field. Very bittersweet film.

I married my one true love, too.
Emily R. King said…
The People's Almanac? Ha! That's an original choice. Good for you!
Andrea Teagan said…
The Poseidon Adventure, that trailer is awesome. I never saw the movie but I might have to now. Thanks for sharing all of your first loves :)

Jemi Fraser said…
There'll be peace when you are done... Love that song! I won't mind having it stuck in my head for the next few hours! :)

Love your first love story!
Cassie Mae said…
I married my first love too :) And that story is so darn cute! I'm not hoppin' on any cruise ships either. No seasickness for moi!
Melissa Bradley said…
The People's Almanac.. I have never read it, but I'll have to check it out.

What? Not even one Princess cruise? :) Loved the original Poseidon Adventure myself. One of my mom and dad's faves. And Dad was a sailor, signalman third class aboard the USS Skagit Valley. I lived in Skagit Valley Washington back in the 90's, thirty years to the day after my father's last cruise on board that ship. Amazing how our lives intersect.
C.M.Brown said…
Ella, I loved reading your post, there was so much in there! I noticed your post below show Gotye, he is just great!
Saw him live in December at a local festival! Excellent!
E.J. Wesley said…
Hi Ella! I've got an award waiting for you on my blog. Don't worry! It doesn't come with anything attached but my sincere thanks for being an awesome blogger. :)

You can check it out here:
I think it's fantastic that The People's Almanac was your first book love. The rest are fun stories too.

Scarlett Clay said…
This was fun to read, I've never seen that movie!
Michael Pierce said…
Such a wonderful story and I love the song! Quite the classic.
Stephen Tremp said…
I remember watching the Poseidon Adventure at the theaters. It was such a thrill to watch as a kid. I had never seen anything like it at the time. the scene of the boat going upside down was incredible.
Sorry I'm late.
Nice nod to Kansas.
Some of the older dramatic movies will always be the best because they relied on good actors and not special effects!
Great choices.
Thanks for sharing.
M Pax said…
What an awesome romance you had, Ella. Neat story. The Poseidan Adventure rattled me, too. Scared me to death actually. The Towering Inferno, too. Remember that one?
Lolamouse said…
I loved Kansas! I think I know all the words to that song also! How about Dust in the Wind?
Barbara said…
I know I'm the next comment about your love - but what can I say - great story, it's wonderful that your dream came true, and you have a loving family! Congratulations on your love!

Sharing the Love!
English Speaking Zone
Love your story about your love!!
Amanda Trought said…
I remember the film, haven't seen it for many years though, will have to take another look. Love the story of your first touching to the heart strings..what an adventure.
BTW took up your tag challenge finally, wanted to get the A-Z out of the way. Great fun, blessings, Amanda
Ella said…
I will be back to comment and visit you! I have company coming and still trying to clean...yikes!!!