Imaginary Garden

 Over in the Imaginary Garden, Kenia gave us an assignment to write a poet, on a poet we didn't embrace. She asked us to use a line in one of their poems that attracted our attention, drew our respect.

 Mary gave us an assignment to write a poem about the two sided coin. The view of two points of view. I decided, to combine both.  For Kenia's challenge, I used Turkish Poet, Oktay Rifat's poem THE WIFE. 

This is what I selected that spoke to me:

  We are halves of the same apple 
Our day and night, our homes, are one.  ~ Oktay Rifat

Story of the applesby ~mahirates

 Myddle Earth
Yes, my word my middle, lol

Humanity blurred
two souls united 
one knows death, the fractures the detour the destined road
she knows disease and the beauty n' despair of its voice
he knows clean, toss and throw
 severe lessons if goals not carried out
he knows abuse
she knows creative
she knows how time changes goals
how death creates an unique view
how disease like a volcano
erupts and creates another path
he knows a different volcano
piles disturb your process and make mine dance
I want to enjoy my time alive
I know the dance of death
you know the dance of everything in its place
I see the bigger view
you see the crumbs on the floor the
fingerprints on the stainless steel
I see the beauty calling me to go outside
 We are halves of the same apple
Our day and night, our homes, are one.  
you are tart, tougher skin
I'm maybe too sweet, to likely to give in
I like calm, happy
you like order
you see the leaf indoors, the cobwebs on the umbrella tree
I see the inspiration in my head
you see the mess
you want tidy
I want to be Miss Muffet
I see beauty in motes, paint chips
and dried herbs
 you see work
 your perfume
is Windex blue
your white gloves
distract my dance of inspired
if you don't leave me bee
I might just Windex you!
You view clouds mine
you block my sun, sometimes
you swipe the dust motes dancing in the sun
I embrace them, collect their memories, 
cat n' nine tails fluff
you curse it
I take photos of it's charm
You want it clean
I want time
You  want everything in it's place
I want you to build me shelves
for this place
organize my creations
You think I collect too much
I think your view too narrow
I think you waste time on clean
I want to dance in the moonlight
and enjoy the magic a day brings
you want to Endust it all
You need Glinda's bubble
 enjoy your view
I want my bubble to burst and run free
embrace the outdoors,  the fresh, the ripeness
I want to enjoy the world
I'm trying meet you in the myddle
clean till I think my fingerprinted soul is lost
my time is not mine
someone always says they will do and then
they leave
I hold the bag, the dust pan and the flour
measured moments lost
clean till I can't smell anything but fumes
lost dreams 
what I am suppose to be...
lost in the vapors of your wishes, your life
where is the happy road of me
stuck in the myddle

* My husband and I trying to clean is like meeting in a busy intersection. We are still working on some home improvement projects, so I went in this direction.   He grew up with everything in it's place. I grew up with my Dad dying. Both parents being creative and encouraging me to be. Our home was clean, but not exactly everything in its place.

 "Life is too short to smell like Windex." ~Ellen Wilson 

Middle of the roadby ~fruitloops008


Daydreamertoo said…
Oh, I so agree with you. I like things in their place but as far as dust, I dust when I have to. it isn't going anywhere after all, is it! LOL
But, if someone uses something of mine, I like it put back where it came from then I know where it is and can find it. Chloe drives me crazy. She takes things and then you can never find them again and I mean, never, because she never remembers where she puts things at all.
keep on keeping on and meet in the myddle of the muddle Ella :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
I like everything in its place; I like drawers to be closed after use; I like clothes in the cupboard or laundry box; I like dirty dishes in the kitchen sink... I'm the only one in the family who cares about tidy, and I refuse to clear away other people's mess - the result: my study area is the only tidy place in the house :(
Ella said…
Kerry-I end up clearing others and not getting to mine! I am going to clean my mess first and maybe get to theirs ;D Life can over take one's soul and house~

Bren-I like picked up, but I also like time to create. There has to be a middle in the muddle, lol I love that Bren~ I'm fighting for myddle :D
Teresa said…
This is wonderful. It really is important to meet in the middle and realize that there isn't right or wrong, but what we are used to.
Kay L. Davies said…
A middle in the muddle...oh, yes.
My husband doesn't care if anything is ever tidied up around here. He doesn't care if anything is improved. He took years to fix the roof until I told him the ceiling would fall on his head from the weight of the water.
On the other hand, my first husband used to follow me around with the vacuum cleaner, he was such a neat freak.
I think people ought to sign a who-cleans-what agreement before they marry, so wives aren't always cleaning up someone else's mess.
Sounds like most marriages - made up of compromises.
Although I am fortunate that my wife and I like the same level of cleanliness.
Liza said…
Alex is right with his comment...sounds like most...successful...marriages. The vows should say, to love, honor and compromise. :)
Peggy said…
It is interesting how often people with these two opposing views get together--somehow we must be drawn to the "other" way of seeing things. I too am married to an everything has its place person and sometimes we drive each other crazy. LOL
Mary said…
Ella, I love this. A 'perfect' two sides of the coin poem. You characterized your ways and your husband's ways in such a way that all the details you included that brought the differences to life. It is really interesting to me how often it is that the man seems to be the 'clean freak' in the house.
Angela Felsted said…
Ella. That is a really cool project. That image of the apple goes with it perfectly. :)
Hannah said…
Goosebump Good Ella!!! Truly! You have such a great voice, I really enjoyed this piece.

"you swipe the dust motes dancing in the sun
I embrace them, collect their memories,"

Is just one instance of magic from this!!

Warm smiles to you, Ella!!
M Pax said…
I loved reading this poem. Your use of language is so marvelous.

My dream is to earn enough at writing to afford a cleaning service. lol
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, I adore this poem, it is your soul singing.........your devotion to your art and your shortage of time to pursue it really comes through. I especially love "your perfume is Windex blue your white gloves distract my dance of inspired." "I want to dance in the moonlight". "clean until my fingerprinted soul is lost" you holding the bag, the dust pan and the flour". Wow this is a powerful cry from the heart. Sing it, kiddo, and keep on trying. At some point, life will slow and you will have Time. That most precious of commodities.
Carrie Burtt said…
I can so relate to this Ella!! I like everything in a certain place, but my husband seems to be working agains me somehow. Hope all is going well with you. I meant to tell you that I have several family members with JD. I often think about you and wonder how you are doing.
Laurie Kolp said…
My husband and I both don't mind living comfortably messy. = )
Daydreamertoo said…
Did you miss my post about playgrounds from your prompt at PU. I thought you'd get a kick out of it :)
Ella said…
Bren-I am playing catch up! I will be by...we are having company coming, so I'm doing the Windex, squirrel dance, lol. Later this evening I hope to get caught up...if all goes well ;D

Laurie-Nice! :D lol

Carrie-Why is that?! I wonder...
Hope all is well with you! Thank you, I hope everyone is doing well. JD can be so difficult~ Thank you, you are sweet! I'll be by soon! :D I think of you, too and think I must visit Carrie more often!

Sherry-I'm afraid if I slow down, I'll rust, lol Thank you! ;D It is a tightrope act. I know I'm not alone trying to balance, the have to with the want to.

MPax-I love your dream, lol! I'd be afraid I would clean before they came, lol I do love the idea though~ Thank you! Next time I wish on a star, I will think of you~

Hannah-Thank you! Warm smiles back at you :D I can't wait to see what you have been up to! You have to do a book ;D

Angela-Thank you! Yes, I was pretty excited when I found it~ :D

Mary-Thank you! It was a great prompt~ I can't wait to read everyone's. I know, it is different, when it is the man. His Mom was over the top, to me. I want to have my kids remember me being playful and fun, not dusting and cleaning the floor. They do see both. I grew up seeing my family was the middle. My Uncle's wife, never did anything, but clean. It was crazy clean at her home. I didn't even want to sit down. I like myddle ;D

Peggy-Yes, I know! He thinks I'm too lax. I do think opposites attract, a lot! ;D

Door bell..i'll be back
Scarlett Clay said…
Lol, love your quote! SO true! I love that you can be honest about your differences but still have a feeling of unity in your poem (love 'Glinda's bubble'!) And those shoes are cool. :)
Ella said…
Hi Scarlett-Thank you! Yes, we share a common goal, but see it differently. It is a dance. I have danced a lot this past month. lol
I know I love those shoes, too~ :D

Liza-You are so right! ;D I love this line~

Alex-I am happy for you! It does help to have share a similar vision~ :D

Kay-Yes, wouldn't that be nice! I get left holding the chore bag more than my fair share. Where is the middle? ;D

Teresa-Thank you! Yes, it does have a lot to do with how you were raised~ I'm worried now about my kids...yikes. lol
Mystic_Mom said…
I love this write, and I love that you grew up in a house that was full of creative and love...and not perfect! :-) Such a great poem, I can really relate to so many lines! Well done, love your myddle!
Judy Roney said…
I love this poem! This could be my husband and I in so many places. I love the thoughts that we are all one but two sides of that coin. "she knows how time changes goals" So true.
Ella said…
Mystic Mom-Thank you! Perfect is an illusion, lol. ;D myddle is a good place or maybe youriddle is?!

Judy-It is true, time resets the compass and turns our journey onto another path. We have two GPS, one is for us.
GPS-Gifts, Passion, Spirit~
Thank you :D