Time squeezes us or do we squeeze time?  Yesterday, my Mom arrived via UPS truck. It wasn't really her, but a piece of art work with her three year old self in it. I had mailed in for a challenge. It wasn't used and I asked for it back.  I was pleased to see Mom arrive  safe n' sound. It was for a recipe challenge.  In the photo, she is the age I was when she included me in her baking. I use to sit on a stool and watch.  I must of been patient and she allowed me to cut out a cookie. I was hooked. I started baking at age seven. I remember my grandmother spent the night. Saturday morning was my morning to get up and bake. I would sneak downstairs and start making Coffeecake for breakfast. Our stairs creak and I woke up my grandmother,  "Your Mother let's you do this?" she looked shocked.
      "Yes, I do this every Saturday morning."  Gram is getting up. She makes coffee and dances    around me in the kitchen.

     "Do you know what you are doing?" her head tilted and her eyes searching my face.

     "Yes, I do this all the time."  I'm laughing.  "I bake this cake every Saturday."

      "Show me how you make this cake?"  she smiles.

     I show her, it is a kid friendly mix.  It comes with its own foil pan and a plastic bag you dump the dry mix in, then add an egg and milk. No bowl is required. You squeeze the bag to mix the cake.  You pour it into the pan and now add the Cinnamon streusel.  It is enclosed in a pouch. You cut it open and pour over cake batter. Bake in a preheated oven.  She treats me like I'm a magic elf.  ;D 

       I sit here for the first time in years,  struggling what to give my Mom for Mother's Day. She has moved and is moving again, so I can't mail her a bareroot rose. One year, I mailed her a paint can filled with seeds to plant her own rainbow, garden magazines and other special touches.  I started to make her a May basket. She and a neighbor carried on this tradition in the neighborhood, when I was little.  I have fond memories of her lovely crepe paper creations. One year they even made Chinese Lantern type ones. They were beautiful, but my friends and I decided we liked the tea box ones better. Why?  because they held more candy ;D 

      I feel squeezed by many paths today.  I need to run to store to get her a gift and get it to the mail. Yesterday, had to run to lab and went to a favorite store, but they didn't have what I wanted. I should stay home and finish my resume, I  have a cover letter almost finished. I have to come back cook dinner and run in another direction to pick up daughter.  Everyone will eat, then pick up and then I'm off to a seminar for medical transcription. I have mixed feelings about it.  I think it would be the perfect job to fit around everyone lives, including my own, but I wonder how my poetry, art and writing will all fit in.  The dance of time and how to we squeeze it all in, so we get a bit of juice each day. A bit of nourishment for our souls....   I asked Mom, jewelry...no. Doesn't wear a lot of make up, she is fussy about her clothes. I use to be able to please her, not sure anymore.  Yes, gift cards are great, but I do like to add a more personal touch.   It was so easy, when it was about gardening...but as time marches, we all grow.  I mean go off in different directions, things change.

     Many May memories  are about flowers. We use to go pick May flowers on this dirt road. Their fragrance is hard to describe.  They are these tiny pink clusters that love to grow in near damp, woody areas.  They scent is this heady mix that you never forget. Think of Lily of the Valley for remembrance, but their perfume is different.

Then there was the year, the same neighbor and my Mom wanted to go get Lady Slippers. They are rare flowers and there was a $5 fine per flower. They had this idea to go dig up one for their yards. Lucky for me, neighbor mom's kids went.  Our moms were so enchanted with the blooms, they ended up picking them.  The roots were hard to dig up.  So, now we are driving back with $200 worth of flowers.  We see the police and duck down and hide. Neighbor mom says if caught we have to start eating the flowers to reduce the fine. My Mom said she didn't know they were illegal. Wonder what the fine is now?  Guess, I will go make my mom a Lady Slipper and write about the memories.  Headline: Sunday School Teacher caught green handed, lol    What zany memories do you have of your Mom?!  Do you struggle getting a gift or is it easy?  It use to be easy for me... I know I could have flowers delivered... ;D  I am off to the store, going to buy some Lady's slippers, a coffee cake mix and make a May basket with candy and get her this blouse I spied. Wish me luck.  Oh, I'll be sure to share this story with the headline...she remembers~


At some point, mothers become difficult to buy a gift for. Not sure what I am getting my own this year, although I need to decide soon.
One year for MY birthday I sent HER flowers and said thanks for having me. Yeah, I made her cry.
Mama Zen said…
I'm pondering the same question! It was so much easier when I was a kid.
Em-Musing said…
I finally had to tell my daughters, "No more lotion. Get me a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble." At my age, I have everything I need. And really, I don't need a gift, just time with you and a card you actually read and liked the saying in it.
Mary Ann Potter said…
My mom has been in heaven since August of 2001, and she surely left me a strong legacy. Zany memories of her? Plenty of them, including her "hockey puck" hamburgers! She was a lovely woman, but she couldn't cook a lick. 8-)
Dorthe said…
Dear Ella, this was such a beautiful post to read, and feel happy with.I lobe your memories about your childhood, and your "worries" about what to find your mother this year!! All so very much beautiful and caring thoughts,and a beautiful collage,too.
KarenG said…
For the last 20 years of my mom's life, my sisters and I would go together and get her a Mother's Day corsage to wear to church, as a visible sign that she had daughters thinking of her on Mother's Day. Oh how I miss her! Wish I could send her flowers this weekend.
Lynne Moncrieff said…
Hi Ella
What a beautiful post this is, then again, that is what we come to expect when we visit you.
In Scotland we celebrated Mother's Day in March.
Imagine this being returned unpublished, however you never know, re-submit for another challenge and it will probably catch their eyes.
I wish I had my mother to send a card to and buy a present.

M Pax said…
You have some great memories. I was never much of a baker.

I just slipped my mom's day gift in the mail. I went to the chocolate man -- an older Austrian couple who hand make every chocolate in their shop. They had pretty flower boxes for mother's day. Took it to the post office & mailed with a card.

Now I have my Dad's b-day & her b-day coming up, too. I'm stumped after the chocolates. I feel lame buying Amazon gift certificates all of the time. but they have Kindles.
Jemi Fraser said…
It's not always easy to buy the perfect gift - but it really is the thought that counts. :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I so enjoy reading your memory pieces, Ellie......and LOVE the adorable photo of your mom and how artistically you framed it. How beautiful. I worry how you'll fit your poetry and art in, too.
Scarlett Clay said…
Always enjoy your walks down memory lane, thank you for allowing us to join you...I can just picture you making that cake every Sat, so proud and serving and nurturing your family member even then at that young age! Guess who else has been working on a resum?...yep, time sure does change things doesn't it?..I feel a little squeezed myself.
Susie Clevenger said…
My mother is gone..It makes me cry every time I walk past the Mother's Day cards....

I enjoyed reading about your life..isn't it wonderful all the things that have come together to make you you..
Ella said…
I can't thank you all enough for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me. It meant a lot! Father's Day is a tough one, for me. My Dad's birthday sometimes was the same day.
I have a birthday that sometimes is on Mother's Day. I am touched by all of the responses~ Thank you!!! <3

Susie-I am so sorry n' sad for you!
Maybe you should write a poem about her. I am sure you have wonderful memories that still live on! She lives on in you~ What a beautiful statement, I think this is true of all of us! How unique and beautiful your voice is! (((hugs)))

Scarlett-Thanks for joining in! Wow, you will have to let me know how it all is going. My seminar was odd, a bit over the top. I was asked "why are you here?" The first one to speak. Out of forty people in the room, only 4 signed up. I am doing more research before I commit to anything! Good Luck Scarlett! Yes, it does...

Sherry-Thank you, you always brighten my day! If there is a will, there is a way. :D

Jemi-Well said and you are so right! Let's hope our Mother's agree :D

MPax-Sounds wonderful! I find there are interesting ways to present a gift card. Maybe a cut out star...today is your day to shine and tuck the gift card in, with some of your clever words!
Something different sets the mood, even thought they suspect what it is! Those of us who love books, love Amazon gift cards! ;D

Yvonne-I know, you do have wonderful memories and she still reaches and touches your heart! (((hugs)))

Lynne-Thank you for your kinds words! It is an unique process. You are right, one never knows...Thanks Lynne for being YOU!

Karen G-I am sorry, what about planting a pretty tree or bush in her honor! Our memories keep them close in our heart n' mind~(((hugs)))

Dorthe-You are so sweet,to say so!
I decided to use my memories as part of the gift. I bought her slippers and wrote a note about the Lady Slipper flowers. She collects elephants, so I bought her a movie with an elephant in it. I gave her old fashion candy, like we had in our May baskets and bought her a Cinnamon Coffee Cake mix. I gave her a pretty blouse, but I know she will love the memories the most! Thank you~ :D

Mary Ann-Oh, my...sounds funny, now, but not then! I know you will treasure the good times and wish you could have one of her burgers, now! Thanks for sharing ;D

Em-Musing-So well said! So true, time is the best gift of all! Thanks for saying it like it is :D

Mama Zen-It was easy for me, until she moved and now doesn't have a garden. I did find a wall garden, I might surprise her in her new place. Think of a wonderful memory and tie in the gift! ;D

Alex-This was beautiful! You are a sweet son~ I could do that on the year, my birthday falls on Mother's Day! ;D Wonderful idea~