Think Tank Thursday Poem Honor

I selected the prompt Honor, for the Think Tank Thursday this week. Honor can mean so many things. I thought of the military, my Mother n' Father, my marriage, our neighbors and we should honor ourselves.  

I remember when my son was a Cub Scout. We lived in Pensacola, Florida. On Memorial Day the scouts were asked to participate,by putting flags on the grave stones on the base, NAS Pensacola.  I volunteered to help, too.  It was a moving experience. We all felt it, that day, proud of the people who sacrificed so much. You could feel a presence that day...  After all the scouts and parents finished putting the flags on the grave stones, there was a ceremony.  It was a moment to pay respect and remember their pride, the honor and the sacrifice of so many.   I remember all the scouts saluting the flag that flown high n' proud that day and the grave stone flags that waved in the wind.  This memory still moves me today!

Military Gravesby ~SilverWaves


Young scouts 


a hill

not far

from the city.

They come to 


a sea of

red, white n' blue.


Freedom waves

 for the

 lost n' found.

  Small hands 



 respect on each


  They learn

to remember

the souls

who gave the

ultimate gift.


like proud little soldiers



  The wind

snaps like a sail's mast

in a storm.

There is a faint whisper

do you hear it?

My eyes pool

as I watch

young scouts

paying respect,

pride ripples


a sea of honor.

The wind blows strong

a faint whisper







  We won't forget!






Wonderful tribute and poem! And putting out the flags was a wonderful thing for the Scouts to do. Hopefully they understood a little better the sacrifices those men and women made.
Mary said…
Ella, your poem resonates with me. Three of my grandchildren have a career military father. It has been ingrained in them from young on to appreciate the sacrifices other military have made. They grow up knowing the signficance of Memorial Day.

I do think children need to be taught to remember and honor, that a day such as Memorial Day is not just a day to picnic.
Wonderful tribute Ella, thanks for sharing.

Scarlett Clay said…
You are able to write in so many different styles and send off so many different emotions with your writing! You are such a great writer!
"My eyes pool", too. :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a beautiful and moving poem, Ellie.....reminded me of our November 11 Remembrance Day when my son was ten, and a Cub Scout, and how proudly he marched in the parade, chest just bursting. Lovely to think of the young boys carefully putting a flag beside each gravestone. Awesome.
Ciara said…
My middle son and husband are participating in this with scouts tomorrow.
Sherry Ellis said…
Great post for Memorial Day!
Judith C Evans said…
It is important for kids to understand the sacrifices others have made. Wonderful tribute!
shelly said…
Nice poem as always!
Beautiful poem Ellie! Happy long weekend!
Old Kitty said…
Awww how lovely! Wishing you a peaceful and happy Memorial Day! Take care
Hi Ella - what a lovely evocative poem - so full of thoughts that transcend us to honouring all -

Have a very happy weekend .. Hilary
Candilynn Fite said…
What a beautiful poem, Ella! Happy Memorial Day. :))
Melissa Sugar said…
This was such a moving and wonderful tribute and poem. I get teary eyed when I remember how young these brave young men and women are who fight for our freedom and give their lives so we can enjoy the liberties that we so often take for granted.

Thank you for telling us about the touching and wonderful experience you shared with your son and the scouts.
Sue said…
I enjoyed reading this and have similar memories that move me.

Melissa Bradley said…
I remember the first time I attended a military funeral. It was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had. I was choked up the entire time, I could barely speak and it was funeral for the nephew of a friend. I had never known the kid, but I grieved his loss right then, a loss for us all.
Carrie Burtt said…
A wonderful post, and a beautiful poem Ella! Love this!!! :-)
LTM said…
that poem is just perfect for today. Thanks for remembering us. And that's a beautiful way to teach kids and honor the fallen at the same time.

((hugs)) to you, Ella! <3
E.J. Wesley said…
Beautiful tribute, Ella. I'm married to an officer, and can't say thanks enough for this kind of support. Means a ton. :)

Hope your holiday weekend was aces!

Amanda Trought said…
Beautiful poem as always Ella
Ella said…
I'll be back to comment and visit everyone! This is daughter's exam to go pick her up! :D
I'll be back~
Kim Nelson said…
Precious, those scouts. Admirable, their commitment to honor.
Kim Nelson said…
What an appropriate piece to repost today, Ella.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Children have so much to give to a community when they are shown their integral part in it, and their link to the past, as well as the future.
WabiSabi said…
What a wonderful tribute. Children are our most prized possession! And you have captured your pride in their goodness!
Grace said…
Lovely tribute ~ Thank you ~
Laurie Kolp said…
So appropriate now... thanks for sharing this again.
Herotomost said…
These kind of traditons resonate in hearts that long for some of the comforts of our youth. This is a proud poem and one of the keys to remembering what is important.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is lovely, Ellie, and it is good to read something positive this morning, in the midst of so much heartbreak. I am so proud of the first responders of last Friday. Wonderful, the heroes who serve.
Susan said…
Nice memory, remembrance, tribute this side of CT tragedy and this side of a new year. Let's here it for the children who take an extra step to notice . . .
Hannah said…
like proud little soldiers
The wind
snaps like a sail's mast
in a storm.

Goosebumps...oh, Ella, so special thank you for sharing this with us. hugs soul sis. xo
Laura said…
so beautiful dear Ella.
Kay L. Davies said…
A lovely write, Ella.
kaykuala said…
Such a moving tribute Ella! Young people learn better with hands-on experience such as this. Adults are movers who provide the impetus! Wonderful write!


lovely tribute.childhood is a time when at least such heroism does not seem impossible.nor remains mired in skepticism and cynicism of later years.
a lovely tribute the first time and again, now. *hugs*