Being Brave

I'm trying to be brave...   I am making items, for a craft show at the waterfront.  I'm nervous, but I know I need to move forward.  I will be putting items in my Etsy store, also.  I have a lot more to make.  I set a goal.  I have recruited my daughter to assist me.  She will be my watergirl and help me set up the booth.  The goal is I have to make so many items #, then fill out the paperwork.  I have a lot more to make... Hubby is coming home this evening. Now, I'm picking up my mess... ;D   Yeah, I tend to spread things out. My favorite place is the kitchen table...yeah, I know!  
So, here is a preview of what I have been up to:

It is too hot to do much of anything outside, so crafting is keeping me busy!  I'm trying to recruit my daughter to make some things.  She hasn't decided yet...   I hope you are having a fun weekend...
be safe and if you are on the fence, do something different and be brave!  :D


I am happy to have made a Saturday visit to your world. Very busy but so constructive...All that while trying to shelter from the heat outside:)
My oh my, I would love the sun to visit me here in windy and rain soaked England. We have had a dreadful month in June. The wettest June on record.
Enjoy your great weekend Ella. I have my writing to keep me warm:)
I'm sure your craft will be just great Ella, Good luck.

Kerry O'Connor said…
You have a real knack for bringing bits together and turning them into an end product, Ellen. It takes vision to do that so well. Good luck with your project.
Arlee Bird said…
You are quite the industrious lady. Hope you have big sales and establish a strong reputation in your field. Your hard work deserves a nice pay-off.

Wrote By Rote
Heaven said…
You are very diligent with these craft ~ I wish you a happy weekend ~ We will be at the beach tomorrow ~
Vicki said…
Beautiful preview! Be brave my friend! You are very talented and I am sure that will show.
rch said…
Hey nice stuff, it's really great to see the fruits of your labors beside your awesome writing - good luck!
Ella said…
rch-Thank you! I will share more as I get things done. Thank you! You know us creative types love to dabble in many things! I know you are the same way ;D

Vicki-Thank you! It comes in waves, doesn't it! Hope you are doing well...I'll be by :D

Heaven-Happy weekend to you! Hope the beach was gorgeous~ I filled out an application. I guess if I don't sell what they are looking for...then I will put in my ETSY shop. Yes, art was my first love ;D
Thank you~

Lee-Thank you so much! I'll be by...tried earlier, but had issues posting?! I will try again... :D

Kerry-Thank you! My husband thinks I'm just messy~ I have to prove him wrong, lol Thank you so much~

Yvonne-Thank you for saying so~ :D

Eileen-I will be by...I know I have yet to post my PUnited poem~
I started playing catch up this weekend. But we had a lot of bad storms. I had to log is my day to read all poets contributions! I love that your writing keeps you warm,...that was beautiful! Here you can have some heat ;D I'd be happy to share!
Wow Ella, Best Wishes on your show!!!!
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