Black Stars...

Black stars cluster in my hands
their diluted ink
probes the raw edges
of etymology's soil
waiting for potential green hope
I gather and toss them
planting dreams with typeset
in a fertile mind 

Steadfast tiny roots spread
 and reach for the brightest star
they cascade and climb
like black birds
reaching for the ripest berries
on paper the words wink
they encourage you
entwine in your ego
and grow into
translucent dreams

Towards the clouds they soar
spreading their midnight blue wings
and chase the proverbial symbol
 the sighted bluebird
sacred dance 
to discover the heart's view
ongoing dream

 *Black stars to me are dried seeds, sometimes when we plant them, we don't know what we will get.  There are surprises along the way.  I never thought I would be a poet ;D   

We all have to keep reaching for our stars ***


That is wonderful, Ella! You painted a very vivid picture with your words.
Johanna Garth said…
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Johanna Garth said…
So beautiful! I love the imagery of black birds reaching for black berries!
Karen said…
Planting the ground, our minds and imagination. This is a lovely poem.
Daydreamertoo said…
I LOVE that!
That you plant them and never know what you're going to get. That must bring about such wonderful surprises :)
Kerry O'Connor said…
planting dreams with typeset
in a fertile mind..

What wonderful lines and words to capture the poet's art. I loved everything about this post.
Unknown said…
I just came in from the garden, having planted several types of seeds. Ironic that this is the first post I read. I love life's synchronicities!
hedgewitch said…
Love the metaphor, Ella--so many things grow from our words. They do indeed entwine.
Lolamouse said…
I love the photo and the poem is perfect! I love the image of "black stars."
Unknown said…
The words, the picture ... it's all gorgeous, Ella!
Scarlet said…
Lovely metaphor ~ I like the black stars turning into a dream ~
Susie Clevenger said…
We plant seeds not knowing what they will become...a dream often goes beyond our limited vision...beautiful!!
KB said…
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Love the black stars and the tiny roots that climb like blackbirds. I remember once when I had my huge backyard garden, I threw a whole package of seeds, labeled Old Fashioned Mixed Flowers, into one spot. It grew the most GLORIOUS huge towering mixture of blooms ever.
Laurie Kolp said…
So beautiful, Ella. I agree with Sherry's first sentence, love that.
Wonderful imaginative poem Ella.

I was within a cats whiskers to deleting my blog due to personal family problems but thought of all the good friends I have here yourself included. Thanks for being here.
Vicki Sheehan said…
beautiful, beautiful poem...
Carrie Van Horn said…
This inspires dreams for us all Ella....beautiful! :-)
Angela said…
You are a wonderful poet!
Kay L. Davies said…
Fabulous, Ella. I love it. I'm going to e-mail you a photo my husband got of a blue/black bird, because that's what I thought of when I read this. We don't know what kind of bird it is.
Laura said…
we do indeed Ella, this is beautiful!
Herotomost said…
Weird, but if you have ever watched the cable music channel palladia, they have this wonderful art work with crows and blackbirds flying in all of these designs...for some reason this reminded me of this. I love the idea of planting seeds and not knowing what you might get...thats anticipation baby! Loved this.
Brother Ollie said…
cool take on seeds...a different look at this world
kaykuala said…
Planting seeds is the first act of creating a greens awareness. If you must not know what you'll get it doesn't really matter. In fact it's better as it prolongs life's mysteries. Great write Ella!

the smooth flow of the fascinating images creates an almost magical mystical aura around the poem. really well done.

The feelgood feeling when words fall like seeds and a new piece of writing takes root, is just wonderful.
A delightful read with great positivity :)

Monica said…
Yes, who knows where our dreams will lead us?
You're a great poet indeed! :)
Becky Shander said…
Your voice is special...and keep believing. I see many stars in your future.
Ella said…
Becky-Thank you, for such a lovely message~ Yes, believing does change our view! I see many stars in your sights and feathers, too ;D

Monica-You are right, we just have to keep listening to the inner voice that guides our GPS. Gifts, Passion, Spirit ;D Thank you~

Eileen-Thank you Eileen, it was a fun write! I love your description! It would inspire all poets to garden with words~

Abin-Thank you so much! I love your thoughts~
Ella said…
Hank-Thank you! Yes, another one of the mysteries of life ;D

Ollie-So happy to see you stop by!
Hope your journey is going well...
Miss your voice on Poets United~
Thank you!

Herotomost-I will have to go check this out! I didn't know about it...
Thank you for sharing! I'm anxious to see it :D

Laura-Thank you! :D I will be by to see what you have been up to~

Kay-Yes, I would love to see this photo! I'm curious now ;D Thank you~

Angela-Thank you so much ;D

Carrie-Thank you, I love what you said ;D

Vicki-Thank you! So nice to see you visit me :D
Ella said…
Having IPS issues...I will be back to finish commenting if all goes well~
Ella said…
Hi Rosemary! Thanks for visiting me!
What a nice surprise :D

Yvonne-I'm so glad you blog! You must hang in there~ @>-----

Laurie-Thank you! I hope to have your prompt done soon~ It is a difficult, but moving one :D

Sherry-Thank you! I love surprises like that, so fun~ I knew you would have green thumbs ;D

KB-Thank you so much :D

Susie-I love what you true! Thank you~

Heaven-Thank you, I enjoyed writing it ;D

EJ-Thank you! I will be by...I tried earlier, but couldn't respond. I will try again :D

Lolamouse-Thank you! Yes, I was so happy when I found this fit so well~

Hedgewitch-Thank you! Yes, it is nice to think of all of the entwining poets cast! I'll be by to see what you have been up to!

Kim-I love that! Thank you for sharing~ I am always delighted and amazed when things happen like that :D Hope your garden flourishes!

Kerry-Thank you! It was fun to blur the lines :D

Bren-Yes, it certainly lends the process to conjure up some magic!
:D Especially when I planted Morning glories and they were Moon flowers... ;D Thank you!

Karen-Yes, all great places to plant soulful connections ;D
Thank you~

Johanna-Thank you so much! :D

Alex-Thank you! I was aiming for the stars ;D
Anonymous said…
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