Eccentric View Tim Burton

I chose the 100th prompt at Poets United. I asked them  to write an eccentric type poem, with Tim Burton in mind.  They could use his art, poetry, movies, encourage their thoughts to fly.  If they weren't into his style, they could just write about an eccentric person they knew or had observed.

When I look at Tim's art, I see my Muse and I fighting over which avenue to choose, lol
I tried to write about the conflict of listening to one's voice when creating art. I tried to do it in Tim Burton fashion. He loves spirals, black, white and red and feels grounded when he wears stripped socks.


Crimson passion spirals like a cherry gumball
round n' round it goes 
in mist of abyss
black magic 
shadows mood
phantom's dance teases 
white steeple's principles 
rainbow light invades heart's method
as the distance thunder shakes one's 
pins of new ideas strike
they puncture like electricity
 wire frayed fragments dance

Do I lurk in the quick sand
 or gallop towards
the shards of shredded light
two paths
struck by memories
entwined like strings
in gray mattered soil
stabbed and tortured by


You captured his essence perfectly!
Daydreamertoo said…
Yes, I think you stuck very much so to his particular 'style'
I could see Christopher Walken on the white horse chasing Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow with this Ella.
Very good ...egg centric writing! :)

Your words are so full of life and certainly pack a punch with the last few words!!

E.J. Wesley said…
Big Burton fan, and your poem is spot on. Can't wait to see Frankenweenie this fall! :)
Angela Felsted said…
This is a really good concrete poem. And I too, am a Tim Burton fan. Did you see Alice in Wonderland? I really liked what he did with that story.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Johnny Depp would be a perfect choice to read this on film! 8-)
Heaven said…
What if, what if, nice play on the prompt ~

And I really enjoyed the video and yes, his being "strange" is actually the springboard of his creative films ~
Hannah said…
Awesome, Ella!!! You've really captured the. "it," of Tim Burton style!

Love this:
"rainbow light invades heart's method
as the distance thunder shakes one's
pins of new ideas strike
they puncture like electricity
wire frayed fragments dance"

Great job!
Excellent Ella, very well captured.

Love this, Ella. Especially:
"entwined like strings
in gray mattered soil
stabbed and tortured by
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a beautiful header up top! Love the poem, love the What If - may this be the year when some of those what if's get answered!!!!
Mary said…
Very nice! You caught the essence of Tim Burton!
Judith C Evans said…
Love the passion and color in this poem, and I especially like the "what if" at the end. A fun read!
Karen said…
I love it. Very "Burtonesque" Ella! "wire frayed fragments dance" my fave line.
Michael Pierce said…
I think Tim would be proud! :) Nice mood and imagery. I'm all about the eccentric and bizarre.
Hi Ella .. this is really clever - I love the photo at the top .. the modern take on pinning ... also the thoughts you've expressed here - really opening the creative spirit up - Tim Burton is amazing isn't he ..

Cheers Hilary
Wonderfully written work! =]
Arlee Bird said…
Very nice. Interesting prompt using Tim Burton. He directed one of my favorite movies--Ed Wood. It's probably among his least known, but I think his best.


Tossing It Out
Lolamouse said…
Fantastic prompt! Took me a while because I got caught up in looking at all of his art and strange poems. Have you read Toxic Boy, Oyster Boy, and all the rest? I agree with Arlee Bird that Ed Wood is great. If you watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (T.B.'s version), there's a funny reference to it in that movie too! Anyway, your poem really catches the essence of his imagination. Very inspired by everything.
Kristin said…
You always inspire me friend!
Just wanted to thank you for your visit (sorry it's taking me so long) and say YAY! So happy to have you join in The Summer of Color when you can. xoxo
LTM said…
awesome. I love it. First, I love how the poem is even shaped like a gumball machine, and it is very evocative of TB. My favorite lines: "pins of new ideas strike
they puncture like electricity"

gorgeous~ :o) <3
Ella said…
Leigh-Thank you! :D
Yes, I could use a zap right now~lol
Gray, droopy day and all I want to do is create, not run errands in the rain! lol <3 555

Kristin-I didn't have the sherbet colors, but loved the idea of it all!
I hope to jump in the next one~ I will stop by to see what you created!
Your art is sooo vibrant n' pretty :D xo

Lolamouse-Thank you ;D I did read Oyster Boy...I will have to go the movie and watch it CCF. I need to rent Ed Wood! I now am craving Tim Burton movies and chocolate of course, lol

Lee-Thanks for sharing! I will have to rent it and watch it! I have seen some of it! Can't wait to watch it~ :D

Weasel-Thank you! It was fun to read everyone's take on the prompt~
Nice of you to stop by... :D

Hilary-He is! Thank you...yes, I think he gives us insight into the childlike essence of the world~ :D

Michael-Thanks for stopping by~
Can't wait to read your book! I downloaded it! :D Thank you...I hope so~

Karen-Thank you! I figured a bit of dysfunction would work ;D

Judith-Thank you! Yes, the creative pondering of all...the big IF :D

Shelly-Thank you ;D

Mary-Thank you! I just love his unique style ;D

Sherry-Wouldn't that be nice! I hope they do for you, too~ :D
Thank you...

DE-Thank you! Yes, it was fun to go out on a limb with this prompt~

Hi Yvonne-Thank you! I'll be by...

Hannah-Thank you! Yes, I figured a lot of poets would embrace Tim! :D

Heaven-I once worked for an artist!
He played the strange, aloof worked well, for him, too~
:D I think it suits Tim~ Thank you
Ella said…
Mary Ann-Thanks for the dreamy thought, lol ;D Yes, that would be magical!

Angela-I did! It was visually I want to see it again, lol Thank you~

EJ-Me, too! I loved the preview and the premise~ Thank you...

Eileen-Thank you! Yes, creative always takes a punch with those words! :D

Bren-Thank you! I put this one in my Netflix cart! I loooved that movie~ I didn't think of that scene when i wrote this...?! Can't wait to see it!

Alex-Thank you! Now, I just need to channel his
I'm kidding! No, I'm not...I got my haircut and I don't like it~
scarlett clay said…
LOVE Tim Burton, my teenager especially loves his eccentric style, you are such a great writer, able to capture any topic with amazing detail and clarity!
Other Mary said…
Oh, this is wonderful! You've grabbed a little bit of essence here, and he crackles off the page! Well done you!
Seth said…
such a vividly descriptive poem...with so many memorable word vignettes. Having seen his amazing (!) show at MoMA, I can say you definitely captured his essence.