Fool's Gold

Life has been a bit crazy, at my house. The AC is working, parts have been ordered for more work to be done. Yes, it quit on the hottest day so far this year.  We do have a window unit in the FROG. The rest of the house is central air.  My kids escaped up there with friends and played games. The kids had friends over, when the AC quit.  I figured they would want to go home. No, everyone stayed. They all crawled in the attic and hauled out the Air Hockey table, Battleship, and other board games. It did start to get a bit crazy when they decided to use Cheese-Its, instead of the puck.  Our beagle was quite entertained. There was a lot of howling, not just from our hound. They didn't put the legs on the hockey table. They just laid it on the floor and played. I would go up for awhile and then retreat downstairs to write. Writing and heat exhaustion are not a well matched pair.
 Hubby ordered new French doors for our deck. He discovered ours are starting to rot. He will take time off from work, to get them installed. Son told us earlier in the evening, his car was acting up. My daughter was selected to be Color Guard Captain! Yeah, we toasted her, with Iced cold Lemonade and made popcorn.  One mother called the school and complained. She felt her daughter should have been chosen or at least co-captain. Augh... It is true, when it rains it pours! On the way to Color Guard Camp this morning, I told my daughter to be herself and do not let the drama get to you.  I know easier said than done...

This morning I found my copy of Fools GoldI opened it at random, it said..."What do you need to let go of in your life, to make space for something new? What do you need to break or risk uprooting in order to be whole? To create who you secretly know you're meant to be?"  These words speak to me.  I find the whole creative process an emotional roller coaster, lately. I block out a few hours that I think are mine. Yeah, think again.  I have so many things I want to write, do and create. Yet, the curve balls keep getting tossed at me. Any tips on how to dodge 'em?  Why haven't we evolved to have more hands?! lol

What do you give up so you can write, create?  Sleep probably is the number one answer, I suspect!   I am cutting back on TV and sleep...
What about you?!

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness."
~Napoleon Hill


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I so hear you. I had a crazy week too, and it was nigh impossible to keep up online which is what I WANT to do.........we keep waiting for a quieter week - as my son tells his wife: "Keep dreaming." (Grrrr!)

If we waited for life to give us time, we'd never write. So we must write anyway.

Let's hope this week is a better one. Somehow I dont expect it to be. BUT! At least the sun is finally shining here and that helps a lot.
~Sia McKye~ said…
Oh, it's hot here in Missouri and will be all week. ugh. Today I need to clean the filter on the AC. I have one back up window unit in my office and the house is nestled in trees so that helps. Don't even want to contemplate no AC.

No tips for dodging what life throws. I go with the flow and make sure I allot time to write everyday and set a timer for my creative work--my non fiction writing is easier.

AC units never quit on cool days! I bet there were Cheese-Its everywhere. At least until your dog got to them.
Wood doors in this area just never last. Who thought that would be a good idea in regions that get storms and hurricanes?
I give up some TV and computer gaming time to write.
Johanna Garth said…
That sounds exactly like a summer with the kids ;) I can't believe a mother called to complai about the captain thing. That's so ridiculous and makes me wonder who these people are who have nothing better to do than worry about that kind of stuff. But, that being said, congratulations to your daughter!
Carrie Burtt said…
I understand completely Ella! Sometimes I try to make time when I can kill 2 birds with 1 when I am in a Dr's office or getting my breaks fixed....or when I am at the front desk at work and am inbetween customers. Hope this week gets cooler and better for you! :-)
Hello Ella,

My you have had a busy time with everyone. I do know how you feel when days go past so quickly and you suddenly feel that you have not had a moment of 'Me Time.' My life can be like that most of the time and I guess you are like me too. We sacrifice our wishes and me time, because we are mums, grans and wives...However when the moment of me time does arrive, it does taste good. The sound of silence:)
Best wishes, Eileen
Mary said…
Me? I give up sleep & I hardly see TV at all. It is background noise, but in the foreground I am writing! Couldn't tell you what any program was about.
Heaven said…
Between work, I think of things to write. Yes, time on the run and deadlines makes my head spin for words faster and faster..ha..ha...Sometimes, I do all my cleaning all at once, then I don't do it for some days, while I concentrate on what I really like to do.
I suppose we all get crazy weeks that stop us from our normal lives.....whatever normal is.

Most enjoyable to read.

Mary Ann Potter said…
Yes, here in NC, "It's not the heat; it's the humidity." Bless your heart. Here's to a less crazy but creative time. You asked what we give up to write and create --- since I'm retired, I don't sacrifice anything. I am not a tv watcher except for "Downton Abbey" (not even on again till January of '13) and "I Love Lucy" as I eat breakfast. Cutting it out of my life was one of the best things I ever did. I suppose I do give up something so I can create --- I give up an ordinary life! 8-)
Vicki Sheehan said…
the AC always breaks down on the hottest day...or does it just seem that way :) i too have so many things i want to do, it feels overwhelming. try to pick one small thing and see if you can complete it, it will make you feel better. try getting up early in the morning while everyone else is still asleep. good luck!
Ella said…
Hi Vicki, I'm hoping today is my day! I took daughter to Color Guard camp, this morning. It is every day, not over night. Husband is flying to west coast. Son has left for work. I went to my Dr's appointment..going to catch up on blogging and then go make one thing, that inspires me!
Lately, so much drama... court case, car issues, AC, etc. I might even leave early to pick up daughter and go on an art date. Downtown always inspires me...lots of old buildings. Thank you~ I hope things get better for you, too! @>------

Mary Ann-I love your answer! Yes, I gave up an ordinary life, too. Being a military spouse wasn't my plan... Life is never dull for me!
My daughter said that word the other day, that made me dizzy! I'm bored...I have so many ideas, I will never be bored. Frustrated yes, bored...not a word I know! I am a TV watcher, but we gave up Cable recently and bought a HD antenna. Now, I pretty much watch movies. I miss it sometimes... I Looove Lucy! My Mom says I'm a lot like her. Wacky things happen to me...
It was worth the trade! I love your art~ :D

Yvonne-Yes, I say that a lot...what is normal? Not my Thank you! :D I crave normal, but it doesn't happen for me...

Heaven-I like your idea! I have days like that, too. Get stuff done and then enjoy the next day!
I did most of my cleaning, yesterday. Just lately, something always happens on the day or time slot I have planned. ;D not today, lol Thanks for sharing!

Mary-I wonder if that is a common sign of a writer, to give up sleep?! ;D Yes, this happens to me and TV, but lately I'm craving quiet! The noise will be later, when kids and their friends are here. And everyone wants to make pizza! Thanks Mary~ I can't wait to see what you will do for the F13 prompt ;D
Mama Zen said…
I totally feel ya about the A/C! It's 104 here today.
Ella said…
Mama Zen is a Key Lime Popcycle and some rain! I hope you n' yours are keeping cool!

Yes, we do sacrifice! I think a lot of times, it is expected. We need to change that ;D Yes, the sound of silence can be sweet. My Mom is craving noise...funny, how it works~
Thank you!!!

Carrie-Thank you! I thought of you, when I was at the Dr's office today. I collected words, while I waited! :D Hope you are having a great week~

Johanna-I know, it bothered me. It bothered me for the teenage girl and my daughter. What kind of example does this set?
This girl has been at it longer. I guess it was expected, but she lacks enthusiasm. NO, I am not friends with the Mom, no chance she is reading this ;D Thank you!

Alex-It is a marketing strategy. Contractors must have shares in wood lol My husband is going to paint steel paint over it. I'll let you know how that all works out. We tried to find different doors, the seal wasn't good. You can't win...
Yes, no problem getting our hound to clean up, ;D!

Sia-I use a timer, too! It does help. The bell rings and you are back to reality... One is going off now...time to make phone calls...augh! Good luck with your writing! :D Thanks for your tip~

Sherry-I know I told my Mom, I want a normal day! She laughs at me and says, "For you, no such thing exists!" She is right...
We are dreaming... Hope your week is better! :D
rch said…
Yeah I cut back on everything just to jot a few lines, sometimes the chaos helps, sometimes it doesn't, good luck!
Ella said…
Thanks rch for sharing! I wish you good luck, too :D
Keep playing your music and writing poetry!
Shari Daniels said…
After reading your blog, I am reminded of a poem I know by Maria Howe called, "What the LIving Do,"

I've often thought that if I could quit my day job, I'd had time to write. But then, what would I have to write about? My life is my content.

When to write? I get up early before the kids are up. I write in the car when I am waiting at the train. My ideas are stirred up while I shower. And, then, I get them down, and fast. Little snippets of time. Just get it down. :-)