Hare Way to the Stars

Life has been a bit crazy, this past week.  There has been some screaming, a howling hound, a large snake, and a board that wacked me aside the head, last night.  Oh, no this wasn't all in one day, all events had their own special day!  When is the moon full,  I have had enough!  I went and had my hair chopped for an interview and than they didn't call.  My family agreed, I need a more polished look, instead of hippy chick long. Am I getting too old for long hair?  I do have chipmunk cheeks. I  swore. I would never have really short hair. ever again. When I was 18, my parents were hired to   manage the Rockland Drive Inn.  Dad convinced me to come along, one Sunday afternoon, to go investigate. They had the key to the place.  We went through the drive thru window, at a burger joint for lunch.  Two toy piccolos ended up in the bag.  My brother was thrilled, me not so much. This meant they thought I was under 12.   Grrrr.....  Okay, I appreciate it these days....

Screaming happened Monday morning, when I decided to go out in the garage. And this is what I found.
This snake was leaning against the garage door.  I screamed...I don't like spiders or snakes.  I can tolerate spiders, hate snakes...hate them.  I know I traded snow for snakes...I'm not happy about this deal. I scream, my daughter and our beagle come running. I holler to daughter, "grab him, snake."  First crazy, thought I'm sweeping this big gal or guy out ....Yeah, big brave me with a Swiffer. I rethought that one.  I opened the garage door and wait. I did laundry and checked again..nothing. The snake isn't moving.  I go back inside, empty dishwasher and fill it up.   I go peek again, nothing. Third time was a charm, there is a breeze and snake is slowly moving.  Get, go...I waited and then we shut the door.  I cringe to go out there now...I was out there the night before, when it was hiding, lurking, chasing a mouse?! eeeewwwwwwwwww!

Next day more drama....no snakes, but a howling hound.  I let him out and I hear him yelp. My hound is like EF Hutton...he doesn't bark or howl much. When he does we run, to see what the commotion is.   He was tangled around my rose bush, his tail is wagging and he is howling. The thorns are poking his hind end. He hates snakes too, but I know this is a different howl.  I get him untangled and peer through the lattice, under the deck. This is what I see!

The rabbit hangs out for a bit. My hound is having a fit.  We finally get him inside.  He paces and waits to go back out, sitting near the door.  We wait a bit, before we let him out. We go and see what is going on.  The rabbit is making his escape ;D
There were three rabbits in our yard, at one time. He is getting old,  I guess he just wanted to watch and howl. 

I miss my long hair!  I have other hares to worry about, gray ones and the ones living under my deck.  
I've been working on some art. I met a girl on FB and she knew someone I knew and wanted to see my blog.  She had seen my art work in this mag.  I think she was disappointed...I don't have the normal artsy blog.   I am considering maybe I should have another one...  Yeah, right I can't even keep up with this one, lol. It is an adjustment period having my teenage daughter home from school. It is great, but I have to get up earlier or go to bed later to get some blog time.  I find it hard to read blog posts with the TV cranked up. I can handle loud music, but loud TV does me in.   Last night,  I decided I was going to work on art for a craft show downtown at the waterfront.  I have always wanted to do this, but have talked myself out of it.  I have been trying to make things on and off this week. Last night I go out in the garage, no snake that I can see. I get in the freezer,  to get a Raspberry popcycle . When a  piece of wood, from one of hubby's projects hits me above the eyebrow. Yeah, this is why you get an odd photo, for now.  I have an indent in my eyebrow and swelling. I iced it immediately, after I saw the cartoon stars and halos of light. How has your week been?  I'll be back to post two poems and I still need to thank some great, creative guys ;D  I haven't forgotten!   Have you had any critters in your house, yard or garage?   Care to share, what has your week been like?


Netty said…
I thought I had a bad week, but yours certainly tops mine......lol xx
Looks like a black rat snake, so he was definitely after vermin. (I know you hate snakes but he is a good snake.)
Think the rabbits were just tormenting your dog.
Your haircut looks nice! (Understand about the grey.) And never too old for long hair.
Janet said…
I'm 'attached' to my hair too...fam keeps saying I need a new look:) I love your blog as is simply because it is always a delightful surprise, but I know where you're coming from...you are blessed with MANY gifts to share! I LOVE the header today. WOW, and the one thing about a 'bad week' it makes us LOVE the ordinary and mundane! I can see my laundry room floor after washing literally a mountain of laundry. Now I will continue with my cleaning...here's to ordinary and mundane!!! Thank-you Ella for the smiles to put a little extra in front of the ordinary:))
E.J. Wesley said…
Snake! Oh my word ...

Rabbits are adorable. I've got pics of some wild rabbits from our trip to Tuscany that your photo reminded me of. :)
Heaven said…
Well, I have never seen a snake in my backyard yet...plus I am thinking also of having a hair cut, just a trim as I like my longish full hair.

Hope your weekend is not so crazy ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You are NEVER too old for long hair. I like what I can see of the cut and am glad it isnt short short. Yikes, what a week. Hope the weekend is better.
Mary said…
If you like long hair, keep it. As far as critters, a few times lately when I have taken the dogs outside they have spied a fox. They definitely bark like crazy when they see it, but thankfully the fox disappears very soon. I have come upon a few half-snakes on the path I walk dogs. I wonder who ate the other half. My dogs are interested, but I rush them by! I like your blog because it always has something unique. Don't change. Hair or blog.
Ella said…
Mary-Thank you! ;D It is a good change, just took some getting use to~
Yes, it is best to rush past! You are smart to keep them moving. It is nice they are little, too. I sometimes have to drag my beagle down the road. Thank you...I do think I will add more art, but I still have to write poetry!

Sherry-I have seen people pull it off and others who don't. Thank you :D Yes, it has been an I Love Lucy kind...lol

Heaven-Thank you, so far it has been good! I did witness another accident, no one hurt. I walked away... I have to go back to court for the 5th time, for one I witnessed in Nov 2011. I bet you have gorgeous, full hair. Mine is more Indian type or Asian...not sure. It is really shiny and thin. I would love full hair ;D Keep it!

EJ-I'm jealous! Someday I hope to go...I love that my photos at least reminded you. I can dream, when I go pick my lavender ;D Thank you~

Janet-Yes, here is to ordinary and mundane! lol I will embrace your view, love it! Thank you Janet! Find a photo you love and go get a gradual cut. I think I have a long bob style. It is always difficult to go. I have nightmares from my childhood. My Mom's neighbor cut hair and she was terrible at it! I had long hair after that, till the 18 yr old attitude kicked in. I wanted to look more adult. It so backfired on me, ;D I'll be by...I love your poems and your collection!

Alex-Thank you for telling me! I'm respectful of Mother Nature. I try not to harm any living thing. If it leaves me alone, all is well, lol. Nice to know he was good!
I save spiders, I find indoors and take them outside. I really try...
Thank you! ;D

Netty-Oooh, sorry to hear that! I will stop by @>----- Here's to life treating us better :D
Timoteo said…
Wild stuff. Hey, don't let anyone ever tell you that you are too old for long hair. It can look great on a woman of any age--I have seen many of them in their sixties who look just lovely with it. I know I'm too late with this, but you can always grow it back!