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The talented, generous, Hannah Gosselin of Metaphors and Smiles shared some photos with us for a prompt.  Creative people tend to be expressive in many art forms. If you aren't keeping testing the waters, you might find another way to express your soul.  Besides it is fun to keep pushing the boundaries.  I'm late to this party, but decided better late than never. Here is my contribution. I chose Hannah's fiddlehead photo.
 Copy Right © 2012 Hannah Gosselin
Furled Fists
by Hannah Gosselin

nature's throwing fits
in soft-fiddled-fists
felted origami
I love what she wrote, so beautiful!
Here is my take on the prompt~

in cool 
of green 
sun bleached
mysteries hidden
inner musings 
furl, hold and bend
papery murmurs surround
 the amazed fronds
outlined dreams remain 
in tender thoughts
 the first steps are timid
the journey of unfolding
 her dress frilly n' lush
 a shade of spring lime green
coated in filtered light
her beauty unfolds
a sacred dance of truth
we can't remain tight in the bud and live
one must extend and cross over into the whirlpool's wind
as freedom blurs
the edges of

The amazing Kenia challenged us on Wednesday to write a poem based on poet, Vera Pavlova.

Here is one of her poems:

 Let us touch each other
while we still have hands,
palms, forearms, elbows . . .
Let us love each other for misery,
torture each other, torment,
disfigure, maim,
to remember better,
to part with less pain.
~Vera Pavlova


Today's challenge may sound a bit crazy but I hope you can still find it enjoyable. I like the idea of poetry that moves, instead of sitting on shelves inside books. What I ask of you is  to write a poem to the world. You can address it to mankind, or to a more specific subject: your children, your parents, a neighbor that is kind toward you or another one who's unpleasant; a workmate, a boyfriend/girlfriend you lost touch with, a passerby, the woman who works in the shop around the corner. 
Kenia asked us to write a poem, like a letter to the world. I chose to write to Artists. I am not just talking people who actually paint, but all who create.  You know who you are....
Maybe I could post this as my Poets United contribution?!  

Dear Artist,

Sometime life is dark like compost and coffee grounds. 
It can be bittersweet
I want you to embrace it all 
Tear off your bandage
Take a blue breath  of
 the sea, the sky, and twilight's kiss
be amazed like free floating butterflies
glimpse the arms of those you love
their fingerprints paint your soul
Listen to the watercolored rain
Time to face the page, the canvas, the empty promise
pale roses like lovely faces will bloom
it might take time, but do not quit.
Your spirit spins like rainbow light
time to plant the fragile sepia bulbs
dig deep
whispers of hope will grow
don't let the cold iron bars block their light
puddles of memories will collect like milky pearls
stitch them in your mind and wear their shine
grey mauve light tickles you
protect your voice, like a love song
don't let others poison your view 
casting their opinion like river rocks
weighing your spirit down
wave to the trees and open your arms
to the soft spring air 
fold the timeworn blanket
tuck it away
don't let the coldness chill you
free your soul's anchor
be open to the crumbling soil
its humble beginnings
scatter the packet of blooms
 onto the black canvas
of dark earth and midnight sky
see the patterns shift
by the Morning glory and moonlight
Remember the briny shore
 where the fractured sea glass tumbled
carrying you into the now
dance n' twirl your fingers around the sunlight
wear it's  translucent ribbons on your hands
Remember the confetti each seasons brings
go outline your dreams with green chalk
remind everyone  to use their own compass
Watch for the notes the universe gives you
Be brave and follow me
 there is work to be done!

Love you,
 your Intuition

I'm also suppose to be brave and leave my poem, for others to read!  Tomorrow I will go get my favorite Iced Coffee and leave my note, somewhere creative!  ;D

Systematic Weasel is working on a publication, called Vagabonds. He is looking for submissions...time is running out for the first issue, so be sure to stop by!
Please check out this post:
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Thank you Weasel for this opportunity ;D


Mary said…
A beautiful post, Ella. I don't know where to start commenting; so i will say simply that I agree with you that the universe gives us notes. We just need to look for them in our environment. They ARE there.
Susie Clevenger said…
Ella, these are so beautiful..You have painted nature and life with so much color. How wonderful to leave such a work of art for others to find...
Dave King said…
Wonderful post. So many gems!
shelly said…
These were all very beautiful poems. I really like the one on intuition.
I couldn't write one but your poem sure encouraged me!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love both your poems, Ella. The curled fronds of fern seem to contain so much that is hidden, and come in a green which is so difficult to describe in words, and I think your letter to artists is inspired. I adore the rosebud border, and so appreciate the effort and thought behind your words.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
These are all SO beautiful. But I especially love your letter to an artist - so many beautiful BEAUTIFUL phrases!!!! I think you should also hang this testament to creativity above your desk, to inspire you. It is so good!!!! Especially "life is dark like compost and coffee grounds"......"take a blue breath of the sea, the sky"..."your spirit spins like rainbow light"......."dark earth and midnight sky"....well, you get the picture. I ADORED this poem!!!!!
Hannah said…
Ella!!! This is a feast for poetic souls!!! Artistic ones too!!! What a pleasure this has been.

I love what you did with the photo...especially love this segment:

"papery murmurs surround
the amazed fronds
outlined dreams remain
in tender thoughts
the first steps are timid
the journey of unfolding"

Such beauty and I love the metaphor to the budding artist within us!!

Your second poem is a painting in words indeed!! I really, really enjoyed every color and image that you so thoughtfully placed, Ella.Darkness compared to coffee grounds and compost...bittersweet...perfect!! So very beautiful! Smiles to you!
I'd love to sleep on lush patches of green.... velvety moss
Grace said…
I enjoyed your poetic sharing specially your letter to the artist by your intuition ~ Very meaningful and uplifting to the soul ~
Helen said…
I have tucked your letter to artists away in my heart, in my memory bank. Thank you.
Ella said…
Thank you all for your sweet comments! I will be back. I'm waiting for the
It is loud right now! I know by 11pm...I will have a bit of time to linger and enjoy what I read! Mornings and evenings work best for me. What about you?!
Cate Masters said…
Gorgeous photo, and lovely prose.