New Look

What do you all think?  I value your input and will be back to post.... 
Testing...the waters!

Happy Father's Day!  My kids told their father today, he was the best!  He asked me, "Do you think, so?"  
I said, "heck, Dad was the best."  lol    ;D  

Cheers to all, who are doing and being their best on every day of the year! 


Yours is set up nice! I've seen others like this and it didn't seem to work. They didn't take advantage of images the way you do, though!
Ella said…
Thank you Alex! It is fun to try something new, lol
I'll be by to see what you have been up to this weekend :D
Please Dad day...we have had fun~
Anonymous said…
This is a good change of pace and I like the new clean look. I also tried something similar and like the overall effects.
Melissa Bradley said…
I love this look. I wish I was brave enough to try something new on my blog, but I am afraid of crashing everything and never getting it back.
Wanda said…
Looks fresh & crisp.
M Pax said…
Looks great Ella. I'm getting ready to move my blog. Blah. :)
Pk Hrezo said…
It's interesting! I will have to get acquainted with it, but so far, so good! :)
Hi Ella .. I actually can't see anything except the post-type .. but I think that is something this end that I don't understand - hence my trouble commenting on embedded comment boxes -which I feel certain will happen here ..

That snake scenario .. is a bit much .. especially with the rabbit - I thought you were going to show us a python under the deck/lattice work ... so a rabbit was a little easier to deal with .. gashed heads - not so!! Short hair possibly more professional - maybe you could go red .. for the art in your life??

Cheers - I'll subscribe by email and see what happens .. Hilary
Ella said…
Thanks Hilary! Let me know, I am considering going back to my norm. I miss
the photo at the top. Thank you for telling me. I thought of that after...I wouldn't do that~ Red would be fun, but my complexion is too olive, eyebrows too black. You are cute! :D
Cheers, I'll be by to see what you have been up doing!

Pk Hrezo-Thank you, it is different! :D

MPax-It feels weird to do so, but fun to make changes! :D

Wanda-Thank you for telling me so! ;D

Melissa-I think you can back up stuff! There is always that possibility!
You could start a new blog and keep the old one... ;D

Stephen-I will be by to see! It is nice to change things up~ Thank you!
Grammy said…
Hi, it looks interesting, but I can't read what is on the extreme right of your page.
I really don't like the set up for the new "blogger" and I am resisting the change. Sometimes improvements are not really improvements. O(Maybe it's my age????) Who knows? Best regards to you, my friend! Ruby
Daydreamertoo said…
It's not as nice as your old look Ella, it all seems a lot more intricate to find your way around to your latest post. Not to make you feel on a downer but (I'm sure you want an honest opinion and not false flattery) I don't like it. Don't find it easy to navigate at all. Sorry :( And, I also miss the beautiful photo's you shared at the top too.