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I know you were thinking library books, right?!  Movie rentals...I hope not!  I was thrilled to receive two awards last month and I'm over due in mentioning them.  First up is EJ Wesley...we share the same initials, love of dogs, and the written word.  I found his blog, THE OPEN VEIN, through Alex Cavanaugh.

I find EJ's voice, real, raw and refreshing. He says what I feel, expresses the reality and truth. Yes, he opens the vein and exposes things you need to see, let breath.  I so appreciate his style and talent. Thank you Alex, for pointing me in EJ's direction!  He gifted me with this award and now I must answer the following questions..yikes!

Cute award, I love it!  Thank you EJ!  Now, the rules I have to jump through 4 hoops.
HOOP # 1 - Thank the person who nominated you.
 Thank you EJ, I love this award and the thought of being a trooper!  Go visit EJ and you will see what I mean. He is refreshing and unique; I'm so glad I found his blog.  :D

HOOP # 2 - Answer Questions    

 What is your favorite song?
Tough one!  Can I pick from each type of music I love?!  Favorite song this week or last year?     Sorry, I can't pick...you were right EJ. It is like picking a favorite child...!  

What's your favorite dessert?
 Ice cream!  Favorite is Coffee with chocolate in it.  Yes, I like me some Mocha!
I want to try the Popcorn Ice Cream with a Salted Caramel Topping.  I'm a popcorn girl...yup, corny and full of hot air! 

 What ticks you off?
People who do not respect one's time. I like to exercise outdoors when the weather permits. It never fails I end up getting captured by a neighbor.  One who doesn't exercise or has all the time in the world. I've come up with techniques for escape. The bike works best. You can wave, smile and ride away.... Usually I have eaten too much ice cream and I need to walk now, move.  I love to chit chat and be friendly, but not when my blood sugar is climbing... 

 What do you do when you're upset?
Eat ice cream and walk ;D   I usually power walk, out the door or ride my bike. 
When upset I might eat ice cream and walk ;D  I usually bolt out the door or ride my bike. Music helps, too and sometimes I write. 
Your favorite pet?
My hound, Buster is my favorite pet. I love his personality. He is a mixed breed, a beagle with freckles. He is full of mischief and fun, but will be at your aid if needed.  
 He was camping out, on my daughter's bed. He loves to lay near the window and watch the yard. Beagles are all about maintaining their schedule. He lays in the middle of the kitchen floor at 5pm, by 7pm he has planted himself near the front door. He is waiting for his evening walk.

Do you prefer black or white?
I'm a military spouse, you get use to those white walls. Funny, look at the beagle photo, black n' white. I like black clothing, when I am out doing my private eye stuff. Kidding...  I prefer white clothing in the summer and black in the winter. 

 Biggest fear?
I guess losing my creative voice. I struggle, don't we all?! 
Everyone in my life has tried to talk me out of my creative endeavors. Okay, not everyone, but most.  It is part of me.  It feels like a fight sometimes to be me. I hear a lot, "What do you want to do that for?"  It use to bother me, but I'm learning to laugh and be witty about it.  

EJ's answer was good!  Losing...I can relate to that. I have lost people I love, friends and jobs(didn't want to move).

What's your attitude, mostly?
Is this a personality eval?  lol   I get discouraged, but I'm a fighter. I get knocked down I get back up again. Isn't that a song, by Chumbawamba, lol. 
I'm calm, I want everybody to get along. I hate confrontation! I'm a green thumbed poet. Nature soothes me and keeps me calm ;D

What is perfection?
Something we all struggle with. Okay, not all, but most! We want it all, on our terms, in the proper form. My Dad was a perfectionist, I have tendencies, but you wouldn't know it, lol. I do suffer from this affliction...  It is something to strife for like the stars, but we can't quite reach it!

Guilty pleasure?
I'd say lately blogging. I'm finding it a struggle around the revolving door. Hubby comes home early, daughter has friendw over,there is lots of  loud music and now the beagle is howling about the rabbits in his yard. Yeah...blogging keeps me sane :D
Then there is Iced Coffee and crafting... I love to go sew paper together and lately having fun with Chalkboard Spray paint...lots of fun!

 HOOP # 3 - Share 10 random facts about yourself.
I will be brief.

1. My ears never grew up...they are small and I can't find a pair of ear buds that fit!
2. I have too many nicknames... Ellie, El, Ella, Turbo, Lucy, Susan Q, Weezie, etc.
    My husband sometimes teases me and calls me Hooker.  I love the paint color Hooker Green
3. I use to look like a young Sally Field and then was told I looked like Heidi Fleiss one     day. Shocking...(now we are back to hookers, lol)
4. I love to hike mountain trails.
5. I was in a major magazine back in 2001. It all started online and I ended up with a free e ticket and the big photo in a health mag.  
6. I am right handed, but have left handed tendencies.
7. I love space and so do most of the inhabits in Alaska. When I lived there I was amazed to see so many Trekkies in one place. I was going to a show and the other civic center was filled with Trekkies. ( both involve the final frontier).
8. I love many types of music, but not a country fan. Something happens midlife..you either go country, jazz or classical.  I didn't pick country. (okay, maybe not you, but most people I know). 
9. I have a rare blood type, I'm B negative...though I do try to B positive :D
10. I am like a gecko.  I adapt...  No, I'm double jointed and nocturnal, lol

 HOOP # 4 - Pass It On
I'm going to let you grab this and run with it. Who wants some string? It is silly string. C'mon! I'll be back to pass this on. I haven't decided yet...

I also was fortunate to receive this award from our favorite Ninja Captain, Alex Cavanaugh.  Most of you know Alex, but for those who don't. He is an author working on his third book, CassaStorm. His books have been best sellers on Amazon.  It is a fast paced, military stylized space venture. He is also an 
 amazing blogfest host, host of IWSG and a fun, down to earth human being. I have to thank Arlee Bird, for his A-Z blogging challenge. I never would of met Alex and most of you, if not for Arlee's challenge. Thanks Arlee!

I want to mention Stephen Tremp’s  Breakthrough, is free June 18 and 19 on AMAZON Get your copy today!  It is an amazing book, go visit Stephen and discover the adventure of Chase Manhattan!  He can host one heck of a party~  He also has another book called Opening. It is a complex, action thriller and part of this trilogy! 

Thanks EJ, Alex, Arlee and Stephen for being bloggers we all love to visit and people we are happy to know!  

I started a new blog and will probably doing more poetry over there. This blog will be more artistic or surprise based, lol   My new blog is called Ella's Font!  Come visit me~



Alex, Arlee and Stephen are great blogging buddies and have much to thank them for.

Enjoy your post.
Aw, thank you Ella! And glad you found EJ. He is a real cool guy.
Sorry about your small ears. I do like your bike trick though. I guess if they were desperate, they could jump in front of you.
And you could never, ever lose your creative touch.
Ella said…
Alex-Thanks Alex, I'm okay with my small ears! ;D They do what they need to do. My son bought me a really nice headset for Christmas, no ear buds for me. lol, I had someone tried to do that once, in Navy housing. They didn't do it again... I had one guy run after me...being a joker! He gave up and I rode off laughing. I do not yield to drunk sailors! Thank you, you are sweet~

Yvonne-Yes,I feel lucky to be part of this amazing circle of talent! You are in this circle, as well ;D @>-----

My husband is a big joker! He is the first guy I fell in love with~
kaykuala said…
Congrats, Weezie? congrats Ella. Hilarious! A lot of humor and wit in this. And a candid revelation of self. There're many links which I've not ventured out to examine. Will make revisits and try to discover more. Great write!

Jemi Fraser said…
Congrats on the awards :) Loved learning more about you. It's always good to know another Trekkie :)
LTM said…
Weezie??? LOL! That's awesome. I think you might have too many nicknames... And your ears never grew? How is that possible?

super-congrats! Have a wonderful weekend~ <3
Ella said…
Leigh-They did grow, but they are small for an adult, lol. I guess I might have to take a photo, lol. Weezie is from my middle name Louise...I couldn't say it as a child. My Mom still calls me Weezie, :D
OOoh, I want to hear yours?! <3 You, too...I'll be by soon. My brain is fried...it is 92 here, heat index=to hell's gate. ICK...I don't like it this hot... Thank you!

Jemi-Thank you! I bet a lot of us are Trekkies ;D

Hank-Yes, I do try to be funny! Thank you ;D Weezie is from my middle name Louise...
Hubby loves to tease me about crafting. They all tend to start with H(hooker, hoarder, lol) I know I have a few new ones to drop by, too! I'm finding blogging is my indulgence lately. Kids home more, more noise, more distractions.... Life is like that, lol Thank you!
Misha Gericke said…
Congrats on your awards! I love EJ Wesley. Reminds me that I have to drop by for a visit. :-D
congratulations on the awards!

for some reason i haven't been able to access comments on your previous week's posts ~ LOVE your poetry!
E.J. Wesley said…
Ella: First, you are absolutely one of my favorite new bloggers. (New to me.) Your poetry is amazing and I take it as a serious complement when someone like you enjoys my "voice". Really all I ever try/hope to do in blogging is connect with and engage people. Means a lot to know I actually do it on occasion.

Second, your "hound" ... LOVE! Wish you were close enough we could let our hounds play together. (Does yours love toys? Mine is crazy about her squeaky balls and frisbee.) Mine is a mixed girl named Alex. You're so right about schedules; her's starts with a dog bone while I make my morning coffee. As soon as the machine comes on she waits in the pantry for her treat. :)

Lastly, I'm a military spouse as well! And there are certainly lots of white walls out there in base and rental housing. :) Again, thanks for the kind words. I hope I've earned them and am glad to have gotten to know you a little better.
E.J. Wesley said…
Love you too, M! lol Best part about blogging is 'seeing' people you know in random comment sections. Seriously like bumping into good friends at the grocery store. Always a pleasant surprise.
Ella said…
EJ-It is, isn't it! Pleasant surprises are always good :D

Wow,initials, hounds, and military connections! My hound is the same way. He will lay so I have to walk or trip over him... My hound will wake me, if I don't move when he thinks I should, lol. Yes, that would be fun! Thank you, you are kind~ I have moved 17x...ick! Military life is a real adventure. Which branch?
Yes, you more than earned them :D It is so fun to connect and thank you for your kind words! Hope I can continue to earn them! ATB

Thank you Heart's love songs! I love yours, too :D

Misha-Thank you! Yes, he lights up the blog world~ I will be by to visit you! ;D
Andrew Leon said…
Thanks for stopping by and championing me for the Star Wars thing! It was much appreciated!
Wanda said…
Oh my another blog....how do you find the time :) You rock!
Arlee Bird said…
Thanks, Ella, for the kind acknowledgment.

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