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Liz Lamoreux, author of Inner Excavation is having a free E-course.  I meant to mention it sooner...oops!   The biggest requirement is her book. You would get more out of the experience if you had the book, but I think you can still gather some inspiration from her online exercises. You can also join her Flickr group.  I can't find my book anywhere?  So, I am behind...nothing new there.  I feel like I'm in the dark shadows, no pun intended. I still haven't seen the movie have you?

I guess, there has just been so much drama lately, I feel drained. I could use a pint of B positive (not really).   I'm okay.  I'm just tired of being left to do whatever doesn't get done.  Kids not finishing their chores and I'm left with it all. In reality this is nothing new. I called my hubby at work and gave him my two week notice.  He was busy, so I left it on his voice mail.  He thought I was hysterical.   Someone said, I should consider  doing stand up comedy.  Maybe I will... I fear my husband played the message at work, a bit too much.  Use caution when you leave voice mail, lol

Liz shared a visual assignment. You answer questions about yourself in photos. Yes, easier said than done. I mean, never mind...   Many of the questions made me crave the  edges of my shore, where the purple Lupine waves to the sea.  My son loved to gather tons of Lupine, as a child.  I read him this book.  He would bring home a sand pail filled with shells, drift wood and Lupine. 

Here are Liz's nine questions.  I cheated a bit and added a few words. I figured some of my photos were too vague.

Question 1: Who are you?

 I know odd photo...  The bathroom light is reflected in the second mirror.  Well, my name does mean light. I was going for free spirit ;D

Question 2: In this moment, where are you?

 In this moment, I'm plotting my time(for art).  I'm taking time back, someone stole it from me...
No, it wasn't Justin   If you are thinking of the song Sexy Back and his latest win!   I'll have a give away soon....

Question 3: What are the textures of your corner of the world?


Question 4: If you had an hour alone to just play, what would you do?
 Art, writing and photos ;D

Question 5: How do you seek joy?

 Looking for pearls, along this string called life!  WE have to collect the shiny bits~

Question 6: What nourishes you?

 Memories of my childhood home.

 Question 7: When you need to simply take a breath and ground yourself, what do you do?
I use to go to the above photo, but I moved.  So now...

 Question 8: How do you nurture your creative dreams?

Question 9: Does your heart have a secret wish you want to share?

 Cast a net into your sea of memories and treasure those who are part of your journey!

(My grandparents)  Clifford n' Winona 

What about you...?  I dare you to answer these questions in words or photos!   C'mon be the B word...


E.J. Wesley said…
Love the idea of "quitting" the everyday life junk, Ella! :) Such a grind at times.

Loved your last photo. The memories of my grandparents are so dear to me. Probably because I don't have all that many. One was dead before I was born, and the rest were gone before I was a teenager. I think about them all the time and wish I could've known them as an adult.
Mary Ann Potter said…
What a beautiful idea. Your photos and responses are lovely. Rest for your soul.
That was wonderful, Ella!
And had to laugh at your voice mail as well.
Ella said…
I'll be back to visit...I have to run to the post office~

Alex-Thanks Alex! Yeah, hubby said it was pretty funny! I listed reasons why I sucks, hours never end ;D tee,hee I'm never employee of the month!

Mary Ann-It was should try it! I bet you could use a lot of your art for the answers! How gorgeous that would be ;D

EJ-It is a grind..the home brew is getting to me, lol.

Thank you! A lot of people say I look like my grandmother. I called her Nannie Nonnie. Nonnie was her nickname. I am sad n' sorry to hear that! Have you researched your family tree? What about family have they filled in any blanks? You should write about them and imagine them as you think they would be. I bet there is a lot of them in you! Mine were a huge part of my life. They lived at the end of our street. Oh, I do hope you try to recreate them...
It would be a wonderful story! Take what is best about your family tree, add a little sass and see what you get?! :D Some how with family memories, maybe letters n' photos, and tracing the tree you could recreate them! I would love to hear about it, if you do!
Simply great Ella. wonderful to read and look at.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
A wonderful your art, and the photo of your grandparents.....
Shari Daniels said…

I could so relate to your feelings in this post. Like you, my perfect evening is writing, art and photos (well, I might have a little wine or something).

I read in one of Julie Cameron's book's that when we fill the well (our creative spirit with art, writing or whatever it craves), we tend to create less drama in the rest of our days. I find this to be true for me.

It's okay if those kids forget their chores once in awhile. Love them and hug them and once again, do them with them. Soon, they are gone and you are left to the chores yourself.

I could say that your husband will help, but, he might still be laughing at work because you are upset.

In that case. . . let it go. . .

Shari :-)
Arlee Bird said…
That's a unique way to answer questions. I won't be attempting it right now.

Wrote By Rote
An A to Z Co-host blog
Anonymous said…
Looking for pearls, along this string called life! WE have to collect the shiny bits~ I like this very much. Its great to know you a little better.
scarlett clay said…
Enjoyed your photos and self-revelations, I love the pearl analogy so much. We love 'Miss Rumphius', too, such a great book!
LTM said…
oh my goodness! These are gorgeous photographs, and I love the questions!

My favorite picture is the one of you w/the camera lens. That's a cool shot (#7). I love that "cast a net into your sea of memories and treasure those who are part of your journey." Gorgeous. :o) <3
Wanda said…
A very creative way to answer question. Love the snapshots of your life. Hope your weekend is good one.
Anonymous said…
I've made those calls! Life can be very hard especially if you have a need to write and just no time. Good luck! you 're doing well, really! Beautiful pics and clever words. k.
Susie Clevenger said…
This is a beautiful idea and I love your photo responses.
Ella said…
Hi Susie-Thank you! I'll be by to see what you have been up to! I need to write a poem for Toads and PUnited...It is so hot here in the south...ick!

Manicdaily-Thank you! Life is like that for all of us, at times :D Thank you so much~

Wanda-Wish we could grab a Cherry Coke ;D It is a hot one, here!
Hope you have a great weekend :D

Leigh-Thank you! Liz is insightful. It is a great book ;D
Thank you so much ;D <3 555

Scarlett-Thank you, so much! It is a great book~ My son wanted to do as Miss Rumphius. We called him Lupine Larry, lol

Stephen-Thank you! Yes and stars, too right ;D

Lee-Thanks Lee, I thought so, too!
I understand ;D

Shari-Thanks ;D Husband is out of town on Navy business, now. I'm holding the fort down. I'm pretty low key about chores. I know it is all about balance. When Mom is happy, everyone is happy, right?! ;D ?! lol

Sherry-Thank you! Yes, I love that photo, too! I wish I had listened more to all they shared. I do remember quite a bit ;D

Yvonne-Thank you! It was an interesting idea! You would like Liz's book, lots of poetic offerings! :D