Wake Up to Wonder

"The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you find in the ordinary things. " ~Veronique Vienne

I woke up to wonder, okay, I didn't. I woke up to my daughter saying, "C'mon Mom, we have to go. I have to tape flags this morning, before  class starts." 

"Yes, I'm coming...be right there."  I drag myself to the car.  She is driving and I have had only a few sips of my Breakfast Blend.  I guess I didn't need it. I was wide awake sitting in the passenger seat, while she drove.  She did well, but I can see more gray hair, every time I ride with her.  ;D

I drove back home. She texted me "we are getting out early."  She wanted to drive in the city...I  let her.  Photos above were my view, when I did get back home. I went outside to water my garden and flowers, it was already sauna warm.  Soon, it became Hot spring hell.    How did your day start out?
Is it hot where you are?  Wanna trade? ;D


Janet said…
Do I wanna trade and chauffeur a young driver...no thanks;) Still recovering from the first two and NOW the hard part is letting them go...alone!

...as for the heat, I can only imagine cause its ninety in Canada!
Janet said…
p.s. those pics are gorgeous!
Gail said…
Beautiful pictures.

We are experiencing record three digit temps and no rain!!!
kaykuala said…
Beautiful pics, Ella! Our part of the world is always hot,humid and rainy. We can do with the 4 seasons. If only! It would be fun!

Sherry Blue Sky said…
I woke up to wonder too - wondered how I was going to pry my eyes open, and whether or not my legs would hold me up when I slid them reluctantly over the side of the bed! hee hee. Love the photos.......not hot here. Still cool. The Summer That Never Was.
Mary Ann Potter said…
I wake up when my 3 roosters start crowing from their cedar tree. I am so blessed by this farm that everything is a delight. Yes, it's hot up here outside of Stem and Shoofly, NC, but it's still beautiful. A quiet day and an even quieter evening.

Loved your description of your daughter practicing her driving! I imagine she's a delightful girl!
Kay L. Davies said…
No terribly hot weather here — yet. But it will come. So far, I haven't had to water anything in our yard, but I intended to water tomorrow because I'm going out to the west coast on Sunday. However, there is more rain in the forecast. Very unusual for this, the desert part of the prairie.
Your daughter's driving reminds me of teaching my youngest brother to drive. I taught him in my car, with an automatic transmission, but insisted he also learn to drive Mom and Dad's standard. He was not impressed at first, but when he bought his first car, it had a standard transmission. LOL
Mary said…
95 degrees here during the daytime. I walk dogs early a.m. and after sundown. I don't mind hot, but I am concerned for the farmers. Everything is so brown...this is not our usual weather.
Our summer has yet to show, still been getting floods in various parts of the UK. Yet the pollen count is high.
Have a great week-end
shelly said…
This past week it rained in Florida to the point of floods. But the last couple days have been sunshine and blue skies.

Becky Shander said…
Wow, a dragonfly visited you? I think these little guys are a good sign that something wonderful will happen (or is happening), mostly having to do with the inner spirit. And I love the quote...it's so simple and true.
Ella said…
Becky-Yes, in my yard! I love what you shared, I hope so I could use a bit of magic~ Thank you for sharing! :D

Shelly-I hope you didn't have any damage. My daughter was born in Pensacola, FL. I saw how crazy it looked on the news...scary! Happy you have blue skies and sunshine! I hope all is well~ :D

Yvonne-Pollen count has been high here, too! I have allergies; I hope you don't~ The saying where I live is: "If you don't have allergies, you will"...
Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :D

Mary-It is scary, I know... So far the fields around me look good, but they won't if this continues~
I live near farm country. My tomatoes have blight from the wheat harvest(it takes 5 yrs for it to go away). I do the same morning and evenings outside, it is too dangerous otherwise~ Take Care!

Kay-Be safe! You were a good teacher! My brother taught me how to drive a standard. I always drove an automatic. We had time before I went to Adak, Alaska. He taught me before I left. I was thankful...it was Junk Yard Wars over there! :D You are a good sister~

Mary Ann-It sounds wonderful! :D
I bet it is gorgeous~ Yes, I am blessed, my daughter is a delight!
Thanks for sharing and your kind words~ @>------

Sherry-I love your wit! :D I am sending you some hot air, I mean sauna heat and sunshine! I know I have seen summers in Maine,like that...huh?!

Hank-Yes, I have lived in a few places that only had two. Alaska had Spring and Winter(Fall lasted two weeks and Summer was 3 days)!
Hawaii had Spring and Summer...lots of rain. When we had fog, it would bring volcanic ash, so it was called Vog!
It is crazy isn't it! Thanks for sharing with me :D

Gail-Same here, it is hard to function...almost like a Winter blizzard, best to stay inside! Be safe! Thank you~ :D

Janet-You have had your fair share, then. This is my second child, my last one...but I'm older. They are 7 1/2 yrs apart...wasn't planned. I blame the Navy, lol. I know right..the alone freaks you out! I hope you are staying cool in your part of the world! Thank you :D
Cheryl Klarich said…
I have four down--one to go!! (drvers)... Can't quite bring myself to take last one for his permit...

Beautiful pictures!!