A Poetry Challenge

We celebrated our first Anniversary, in the Imaginary Garden this month.  We were paired with another poet to do a collaboration!   I was paired with the talented  Hannah.  WE discovered we had more in common, than we thought.  We both were born in Maine, love the same color green and nature is often our muse.  We did what I thought was the most evil poetic form...a Villanelle.  It is a tough form...some call it a killer for writers.  I think I turned green worrying how we would pull this off, but we did!    Thank you Hannah for being such a gracious spirit and good sport! I learned that pushing myself was a good thing!  We will meet, when I visit my home in Maine, someday~   YOU can read it in the Imaginary Garden...

  This explains the form:
villanelle is 19-line poem consisting of 5 tercets and a final quatrain. It requires no set meter, nor number of syllables per line. It carries a pattern of only two rhyme sounds (ABA in 5 tercets, and then ABAA in final quatrain). The first and third lines of the first tercet repeat alternately as a refrain closing the succeeding stanzas, and rejoin as the final couplet of the quatrain.

I would love to hear about your home? My state is known as the Vacation State, via license plate ;D. We are known for our lobster(lobstah), blueberries and potatoes. WE are also known as the Pine tree state. What is your state known for? What does your license plate say?


Sherry Blue Sky said…
You both did fantastically with that challenge, Ellie.......very impressive. It flows so well together, your voices merged.
Wanda said…
Happy Anniversary. I've always found team challenges tough.
Wanda said…
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Congratulations on pulling it off!
We have a lot of pigs and tobacco. Our license plates should say land of humidity.
M Pax said…
Woot! Power to you ladies for pulling that one off. Happy Anniversary!

Our license plate has snow-capped mountains and pine trees on it. We're known for salmon, wine, mushrooms, all kinds of berries, flowers, fruit, and beautiful scenery spanning from a craggy coastline to the high desert. Where I live smells like sage, juniper and cedar all of the time. It's fabulous.
David P. King said…
What exciting news! And a Happy Anniversary. :)
Melissa Bradley said…
Congratulations on the first anniversary!!

I wish I was from the land of blueberries. I'm from Illinois, the Land of Lincoln as our license plates read. Our state bird is the cardinal and we have lots of corn and soybean fields. We're mostly flat, but there are some wonderful areas to hike like Starved Rock.

I'm from Chicago, City of Big Shoulders aka the Windy City, right on the shore of Lake Michigan.
mmmm, blueberries... I want some, I need some... why aren't you sending me some? :)
My country of Vojvodina is famous for extremely caloric and delicious food, for our crop bearing fields, for soft and calm character of its people and for people taking everything easy :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Ella - a great job with the villanelle. k.
Congrats Ella, here's to the second anniversary,

Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! I live in the sunshine state and that was made clear today when I took a very warm walk.
Ella said…
Bridgetstraub-Hello! My daughter was born in the sunshine state!
Yes, there seems to be an over abundance here in North Carolina~
Thanks for stopping by :D

Yvonne-Thank you! You are cute...it is the first for the Imaginary Garden, but yes, it is my second home!

Manicdaily-Thank you, so much :D
I'll be by to see what you have been up to~

Dezzy-Thank you for sharing...I would love your people! I love calm, cool, collected types ;D
See my other post...I shared my Blueberry cake recipe! You can substitute another fruit, perhaps?

Melissa-I love what you shared! We have a lot of cardinals, soybeans and corn here in NC ;D Thank you!

David-Thank you! :D

MPax-Sounds stunning! I'm moving to your neck of the woods...
I love your description... :D
Thank you

Alex-Boy, don't we know it...humidity is killing me! I can't get use to it~ Everyone says I will... :D Thank you~

Wanda-Me, too! :D Thank you so much~

Sherry-Thank you! Our voices really did merge~ Hannah is such a generous spirit :D